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Promoted Chocolate - food of the Gods


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I do love chocolate. I had the most wonderful cup of hot chocolate in a cafe in Paris. It was so thick and creamy - I still remember it some 20 years later. Then there is chocolate mole sauce, which a complex mix of chocolate and peppers that goes on top of enchiladas. A friend brought me some chocolate from Germany - it was like a different food compared to the chocolate here. Locally, I love a chocolate bar, named "Kitchen Sink" because it contains chocolate and peppers. So, yes, I do love chocolate.

I found this recipe on the Sacred Science site for Sacred Hot Chocolate. You might give it a try.

The author of this site has spent a great deal of time in Central America and Mexico studying ancient healing traditions and foods. This article describes the healing properties of chocolate / cacao, as well as sharing the recipe.

A Maya legend tells us that whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony. Some shamans therefore consider cacao the “food for the shift.” It represents the new order of love and peace, which is being cultivated right now.


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You had me at chocolate.... Love the stuff. In cakes, ice creams or just fudge. Dang now you made me hungry...<3<3:p:D

Sam Vause

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Well, if there's any topic guaranteed to catch my eye, it's chocolate. I do enjoy drinking chocolate (there's a french bistro near us that features it, in several flavors, nearly all the time - I like the chili version). Here's some recipes to make Drinking Chocolate: https://www.google.com/search?q=drinking+chocolate+recipe

BTW, my doctor told me that my sleep would remain uninterrupted should I start enjoying a small piece of dark chocolate just prior to bedtime - he's right (again). I enjoy the Dove Dark Chocolate small squares product, I suspect there are many fine other brands available around the world.


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Wow, I knew about dark chocolate having lots of iron (and contemplated that it may be one reason it seems to be a disproportionately female favourite) but now I can also consider getting in touch with the 'spirit of cacao' when I enjoy it, as well as all those other spiritual benefits<3

Unlike you, Sam Vause, I keep my chocolate intake a morning habit or risk a restless night. In that respect, I consider you a lucky guy:cool:

The recipe sounds divine.
Having it with water rather than milk is also news to me.


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Dark chocolate (in small doses though) can be very healthy. Lots of antioxidants for example.


It occurs to me: One of my current fav bands has a song about chocolate addiction. But I will refrain from posting it here to avoid some shocks and might post it later on the Music thread. :D


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My friend Anna initiated me into dark chocolate and ginger. It is a ritual, a couple of squares of dark chocolate and some sliced root ginger in syrupp. Eat the two together. Yummy!

Much of the chocolate for sale in the UK now is not chocolate at all, but sickly, sweet copy cat stuff. Many times I have read "chocolate flavoured" YUK!

Lovely little piece Linda. Thanks.
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So glad to know chocolate is part of The Shift!! Yes!
Linda , chili chocolate is my favorite type. Yum!


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I want to try the recipe:

Sacred Hot Chocolate

(makes 1 serving)

10 oz. hot water (almond milk can be substituted for beginners)
2 Tbsp. raw cacao powder
2 Tbsp. honey
1 Tbsp. organic coconut oil
1 tsp. maca powder
¼ tsp organic vanilla extract
Pinch of cayenne
Pinch of cinnamon

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