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Channels From a Tree


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Last Sunday, February 10, 2018 I was in the forest again to conduct a distance healing session for two persons. So here are the messages of the trees :

"If You are Me
You are also You
I am You
You are Me
Infinity as ONE
All the healing we share is You & Me & Them
as They share what we have for Life to be Love"
A Friend of mine when reading this message received another one I thought it is interesting to share as it brings another vision of the tree's potential in terms of healing

Dear Tree Spirit,

Since you are grounded, more than any other sentient being, and since you are high, higher than most of us around you, you have an excellent focus.

We know you focus on the infinite, the unconditional. We also know the enigmatic 'If', the ultimate riddle we need to solve while living on this planet. 'Íf' is the product of human modelling, on what was (supposedly) versus what may be or shat should have been. Thank you for pointing out the paradox as a hint to solve this riddle.

The key is to change, dear tree, to make us see what is lacking. Let's change the 'if' for a 'when', and we are healed in a single breath.

When you are me, you are you at the same moment.
When I am you, I am me at the same moment.
Here we are, re-united, in a sacred embrace"



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You are bringing out the tree huggers in all of us with this one, I suspect<3

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