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Blockchain antics

Discussion in 'Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies' started by Bill, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Bill

    Bill The magic has always been within you. Staff Member Global Moderator

    The last week to 10 days has seen a lot of action in the pricing of various crypto currencies. First they were hammered down quite a lot (BTC briefly fell below $2000USD/BTC). And then the last 48 hrs have seen a nice recovery to above $2700. Much of the market action was tied to a critical decision the blockchain miner community had to make in regards to technical details and the worry was that they wouldn't reach an 80% threshold of alignment and there could be splits in the way blockchains operate. A lot of technical details in this to make your head hurt.

    But all this appears to have settled and markets are feeling more confident again...but keep in mind this is a volatile space and big swings are to be expected until the growth phase settles...and that's a long way off.

    For some perspective on this, see this article: http://www.coindesk.com/bip-91-locks-means-bitcoin-not-scaled-yet/

    How high could it go? Not surprisingly, opinions vary. Here's one: I’ll eat my d**k on national TV if bitcoin doesn’t surpass $500k in 3yrs – John McAfee https://on.rt.com/8i5z https://twitter.com/RT_com/status/887733274696536065/photo/1

    Entertainment abounds.
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    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
  2. Laron

    Laron Healing Facilitator & Consciousness Guide Staff Member Administrator Creator of transients.info & The Roundtable

    Great information. Thanks Bill!
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  1. Bill

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