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Another day in the life of a Spiritual Man

Discussion in 'Psychic Phenomena, Intuition, Mediumship & Tools' started by Kontufuto, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Kontufuto

    Kontufuto Shimmering Soul

    Hehe....my new blog of the day: Every day I contemplate a clear picture of my place in the cosmos in my meditations. Clarity is striking when I intend it to happen. How easy it is to just float along and 'smell the flowers' of the energies around us while still other 'things' breed or manifest beyond our vision...our awareness. But, yeah, I am happy to just float around. I've done a lot of that in safe space and during my manifest moments. Lately though my urge is to discover more and more.

    For those following some of my other threads visits to the moon have had rather interesting ramifications and so another visit was in order to perceive something more...something less 'floaty' and clearer as to ideas and intentions. But this is in no way something in stone. The intuition behind it all is only possible with subtle perceptions and with others input. The point here is that one can do anything...perceive anything...challenge anything if you are willing. Toughen up and arrive at your destination combats not just the elements but ones own convictions as truly my rationale in the overall scheme of things. And acknowledged is a thing of beauty!

    The topic of this thread is somewhat misleading because when I venture out into the cosmos I leave behind my gender. I take only my intent as the spirit, as I am, is who I am. So the traveling does move in harmony with the consciousness of others. This has been validated so many times but the latest empirical testimony is evidence in the extreme.

    The latest venture is my credo for 2018 which is being kind to others. Instead of reacting or being critical I open who I am but also extend who I am in truth and not in theory or belief. So saying you will be kind requires the action of being kind. How the ego likes to fight it..pulverize the idea of kindness and love. I see the seed of consciousness destined to absorb ego and leave its power 'by the side of the road' knowing it is there but also rendering it inactive or at best 'there'. These have been my thoughts...my desires...my expectations as the world resets itself to become the true consciousness we all know we are within. It feels right and true and this is where I am headed.
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  2. CrystalSong

    CrystalSong Illusion Investigator

    Kindness is not a hard stretch for you Kontufuto, but I think you can take the embodiment of it to very pervasive levels and move it out into your auric field so that all who encounter you are literally in a field of kindness - be it passing through or a conversation.

    Oh, on a side note I met a Druid yesterday who bent a spoon with his mind once, he went to a seminar and everyone was shouting at their spoons "Bend!!! Bend!!! Bend!!" and part of it turned into liquid metal and slooped over like taffy. He said it's really changed his relationship with metal, which he had once thought of as a solid which had to be forged in fire to be shaped.

    So anyway this idea of a field of kindness emanating from you and touching others is such a simple thing. But you know that. :)
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  3. Kontufuto

    Kontufuto Shimmering Soul

    Thank you CrystalSong for your post and suggestion(s)! You are awesome, you know! I've already put my idea of kindness into motion in my home turf. I am filling the void with love and kindness!! I am already getting acknowledgement from a new acquaintance!

    In the grandiose scheme of things my mantra is truly what I said above: "...The point here is that one can do anything...perceive anything...challenge anything if you are willing. "

    Now I'm going to find that spoon!!
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  4. Linda

    Linda Sweetheart of the Rodeo Staff Member Global Moderator Administrator Board Moderator

    Some of my best work is in the grocery store. People respond so warmly to a smile and a kind word.
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  5. Kontufuto

    Kontufuto Shimmering Soul

    Oh wow, Linda! Yes! Mine too! When I stroll down an aisle or someone with a cart...there is this respect thing going on and there is kindness galore! And one time recently I was deciding on a brand of ice cream and struck up quite a conversation with a couple about coupons and different prices and qualities of ice cream. Simple things like this make me a true believer that love and kindness are golden! Thank you for sharing!
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  6. Kontufuto

    Kontufuto Shimmering Soul

    Something interesting came up for me yesterday. How important it is to match frequencies to truly see the energy and its importance! Specifically, I met a woman who expressed her spirituality to me and low-and-behold it turns out she was a multi-generation Psychic! Not only that she was cognizant of her past lives, able to do OBE's, touch healings, predict various phenomena, but was also light-years ahead of the happenstances of the environment and social mores! Totally left me speechless because I didn't pick up on any of this. So...for me....the challenge (new) is to stay in the present and look beyond appearances and predilections...like beyond the veil sort of thing! And I am still in a state of Wowness!!
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  7. Carl

    Carl Ancient Consciousness

    Well put Kontufuto! I too have run into what could be considered very, very evolved individuals that from their outside appearance or social status very few could suspect or perceive that such depth existed in them. They appear to be at such spiritual level that even advanced students of the occult have initially problems perceiving their true nature. Very humbling and enlightening experience if you get to meet one of them I think.
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    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  8. CrystalSong

    CrystalSong Illusion Investigator

    Great story Kontufuto! And Well Noticed!
    It brought back a really strong memory of finding an Illuminated One in the most unexpected of settings.

    I'd gone to a theatre production at the Boulder Theatre and at intermission stepped out onto the streets for some fresh air. When I'd first arrived the sidewalks were filled with people in their finery, chit chatting excitedly waiting to get into the theatre. It was sunset.
    Now as I stepped outside again the scene has changed most surrealistically.
    The side walks were filled with the night people and homeless people, with jewelry and wares on blankets in front of them. Chatting with one another, smoking cigarettes and trying to stay warm.
    One woman, with an incredible African accent and ribbons wound into long dreads and many layers of cloths was selling some sort of African version of a burrito and bottles of water. Fascinated I approached her to smell her food and ended up buying one of them to sample. A tall thin black man with dreads came up and made light commentary on the evenings energy in a deep purring resonate voice. I was captivated.
    We chatted, while the African woman continued selling her delicious food. Everything that came out of his mouth was multilayered and deeply profound and connected to Oneness, I responded at the level it resonated for me and very quickly I realized I was talking with a Fully embodied Spirit, a Saint/a Sage/God personified. Right there on the streets among the Night People and homeless!
    I looked around me to see if others had keyed into this, all were consumed with their own concerns or conversations and didn't notice...except the woman in the dreads selling food, I gave her a look like "are you getting this?" she gave me a knowing nod, she hadn't missed it. In that second she and I exchanged knowing glances he disappeared, moved off to another group of people to dapple Love, Light and Hope.
    I returned to the theatre as the lights blinked their 2 minute warning, my aura still tingling and vibrating from the encounter and rejoined the civilized folks of my town......it was like leaving Wonderland.
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  9. Kontufuto

    Kontufuto Shimmering Soul

    Carl: To be upfront here: What you said tells me there COULD BE individuals, likely many of them as well, who either fail to see the importance of whom they are or have this clandestine thing going on. I know I like my quality-time to do my meditations and partake in society mores even if its just shopping for ice cream and yip-yapping with the locals! I'd rather not go to that 'sector' of society where people do their secret kind of stuff as that can get either creepy or similarly freeky-deeky! Makes my skin crawl actually! It has the basis of evil intentions and no-one really wins with that in the overall scheme of things!

    I much prefer the gentle soul who is coming of their own and has the gumption to handle other people's intentions or energy if course and inharmonious. I prefer the 'straight-up' approach and if availed to see it head-on and deal with the consequences or experiences IF THAT IS WHAT IS BEST under the circumstance. I could go on-and-on and on and the actuality of the situation is that it is easier to just read people...either their mind..their pictures/images they put out when it can be done. Those with shields and protectors are great and needed and vital for those dealing with those who have less copious minds who like to ponder and dabble in unsavory contemplations and activities!
  10. Carl

    Carl Ancient Consciousness

    There are others too than incarnate in very humble environments or purposely frequent unsavory places in order to raise the consciousness of the inhabitants of those environments -obviously they have to look like them in order to be accepted and their message be heard. That is perhaps their mission in life since it takes all kinds of advanced souls to raise all the levels of humanity.
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