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Ancient Prophecies and Ancient Teachings Decoded

Discussion in 'Consciousness Exploration & Spiritual Development' started by R Moore, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. R Moore

    R Moore Shimmering Soul

    I would like to thank this forum for allowing me to post my teachings here over the last year. This is likely the last installment to the series and it goes into the common thread that goes across many ancient prophecies.

    Thank you again,


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  2. Stargazer

    Stargazer Realized Sentience Staff Member Board Moderator

    Thank YOU for sharing them with us! They are “mind-expanding” to say the least! :)
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  3. Laron

    Laron Healing Facilitator & Consciousness Guide Staff Member Administrator Board Moderator Creator of transients.info & The Roundtable

    Feel free to create a thread with all of them in the one post. The more text you write to introduce them, the more people will find them through search engines.
  4. Alain

    Alain Astute Creature

    that goes the right way, hope i get all the informations in the first attempt :)
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