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  1. Anaeika

    I LOVE this new nut & seed butter

    First of all, I want to say that I do not sell this nor am I getting paid for this. I found this new HEALTHY item at my local Costco, and I absolutely LOVE the taste of it. There’s no peanuts, which is good because peanuts can have microscopic fungus on it & could contribute to yeast overgrowth...
  2. transients

    The “Surprisingly Dramatic” Role That Nutrition Plays in Treating & Curing Mental Illness

    transients.info submitted a new transients.info article. The “Surprisingly Dramatic” Role That Nutrition Plays in Treating & Curing Mental Illness By Kalee Brown via Collective Evolution (December 7, 2016 It’s no secret that within the pharmaceutical industry lies a blurred line between...
  3. Henda

    Your Body Needs these minerals if You Crave These foods

    Why do we crave some specific food from time to time ? This article gives some information about it. You will probably smile ate yourself haha ! Your Body Needs These Minerals if You Crave These Kinds of Junk Food "Most folks don’t realize that mineral deficiencies make them crave junk food...
  4. Vickie

    The supplement industry is IN DENIAL about its huge heavy metals problem

    By Mike, The Health Ranger Although most nutritional supplements are very safe, effective and affordable, there is a "fringe wing" of the industry that routinely sells nutritional products that are loaded with toxic heavy metals. Today, I'm going public with details about that huge problem...
  5. Lorna Wilson

    Kundalini and Diet

    Very interesting information...... Digestive system problems are common with kundalini awakenings because the energy and enzymes are being diverted away from the digestive system and into the transmutation/substantiation process. So it is harmful and counterproductive to overburden the...