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Out of Time
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Dec 15, 2017 at 1:29 PM
Sep 5, 2016
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Oct 6, 1983 (Age: 34)

Out of Time

Visiting Paragon, Male, 34

Out of Time was last seen:
Viewing thread Celebrate the Immanence of Light: Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot, Dec. 14, Dec 15, 2017 at 1:29 PM
    1. Anaeika
      I have a Norse answer to you: none so good they are worth all. None so wicked they are worth not. Lizard lives matter /snicker
      1. Out of Time likes this.
    2. Linda
      Hey there - have a Happy Birthday!
      1. Out of Time likes this.
    3. Linda
      Slayer, I like your avatar - real men rescue bunnies.
      1. Maryann, Out of Time and KarlaSM like this.
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      3. KarlaSM
        Omg now I understand what your avatar means. No wonder why I was drawn to play this game named Ori, where the main character looks very similar to a bunny but with goat feet. In this game there is another being that is like a mother figure that embraces the light in the form of this bunny-goat little girl. Bunnies represent the most tender and innocent part of the self, which is the gateway to the heart. How is that?
        Jan 18, 2017
        Out of Time likes this.
      4. Out of Time
        Out of Time
        The Doom Slayer is a very interesting character and represents an unique shade of the spectrum between light and darkness. He is insurmountable before the hordes of demons, making the ones who play with fear shiver when speaking his name. He doesn't feel pain, only anger. And the bunny is the key to his softer side :).
        Jan 18, 2017
        KarlaSM likes this.
      5. Out of Time
        Out of Time
        I know that in Ancient Greece rabbits were considered a symbol of love and fertility. They are cute creatures. When I was little, we used to have several in the village where I grew up. Unfortunately, we ate them :(
        Jan 18, 2017
        KarlaSM likes this.
    4. Stargazer
      Happy Birthday, Slayer! May it be your best birthday EVER! :)
      1. Out of Time likes this.
    5. Linda
      Happy birthday to you.
      1. Out of Time likes this.
    6. Maryann
      Good to see you here :)
      1. KarlaSM likes this.
      2. Out of Time
        Out of Time
        Thank you, Maryann :)
        Sep 6, 2016
        KarlaSM and Maryann like this.
    7. Linda
      Hi there and welcome. There is a How To manual in the Universal Discussions board if you have any questions.
      1. Out of Time likes this.
    8. Ben
      YES Brother! Как си?

      Great to see you here mate :)
      1. Laron likes this.
      2. Out of Time
        Out of Time
        I am fine, bro, thank you. I hope you are doing good too :)
        Sep 5, 2016
        Laron and Ben like this.
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    Oct 6, 1983 (Age: 34)