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Lady Nenari Princess
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Sep 14, 2017
Nov 27, 2016
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September 13
Home Page:
Canada and the earth
Spiritual Mentor, International Author and speaker

Lady Nenari Princess

Shimmering Soul, Female, from Canada and the earth

~May your heart be guided by Love and your songs echo this same heart~ Nov 27, 2016

Lady Nenari Princess was last seen:
Sep 14, 2017
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      Welcome to the RT!
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      2. Lady Nenari Princess
        Nov 28, 2016
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    2. Lady Nenari Princess
      Lady Nenari Princess
      ~May your heart be guided by Love and your songs echo this same heart~
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    September 13
    Home Page:
    Canada and the earth
    Spiritual Mentor, International Author and speaker
    Known as the Princess of the Sea, the “Diamondlady” of Lemuria who brings the Love and Light to the world in all ways through the gifts poured through her hands and through the beauty of her song, Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea (Nenari Anne Diamond) is a universally celebrated singer, author, speaker, and spiritual mentor within the resonance of True love and Spiritual Oneness.

    As an Ambassadour of Love and Light, Nenari brings forth the Diamond energy of Lemuria to this earth within infinite ways. She is currently the author of several books including "Life Long Learning ~ Transforming Learning", "Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience”, “Song of the Princess”, "Beloved Troubadour", and “WoW ~ Words of Wisdom from the Princess, A Satsang of the Heart with the Sangha Books One & Two”; and has appeared on various radio shows and within articles of international publications. Nenari has had her own regular featured column for the India Newspost and has also been a contributing music writer for Gonzo Online, writing in-depth pieces from the heart of our musicians to touch, move and inspire you to see the real, raw, vulnerable, and from the heartness of the musician behind the music; being totally naked and exposed, revealing all and holding back none, and their legacy that they desire to leave for us all. In addition, Nenari is also Music Manager/Publicist for Chris Madsen, in addition to other artists on the journey.

    Nenari is also the Founder/Director of The Diamondlight Spiritual Oneness Centre and the creator of the Meditational Hypnosis course which combines both methods to help heal and transform lives. As a gifted channeler, healer, seeing your soul and its path from the age of 6, Nenari who was originally raised Catholic, would sit in church and would see spirit guides, loved ones who crossed over, and auras. As a spiritually gifted reader, she has over 30 years experience in channeling Spirit, dream interpretation, aura, and many other forms of readings.

    As a Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master, Chakra Therapist, and Meditational Hypnotherapist, Nenari has a unique way of channeling through The Master Artist (Source) tapping into the soul and being the clear conduit for healing in all dimensions. Diamondlady is also a spiritual minister with a doctorate in Divinity through her extensive study of the spiritual realms and
    wisdom that pours through her being.

    A songstress since the age of 8 and a channeler/writer since the age of 12, Nenari’s gifts through song and prose are a testament to not only her life’s journey within this life, yet also is the legacy of all ages pouring through her very being. Having also experienced 12 NDE's (Near Death Experiences) in this life, Nenari has a unique connection with the Master Artist we know as Source/Spirit/God/All That Is (whatsoever you choose to call such).

    Nenari provides satsangs, spiritual circles, workshops, seminars around the world to help assist others on how to remember the spiritual beings of Love and Light we all are and to get real and clear in all your relationships. As a clear conduit of the Divine, Nenari channels the wisdom of Spirit within multi~dimensional ways to inspire each soul to develop their own inner voice of the soul of who they are and brings the gifts of Infinite Healing, Absoulute Love or Soulful Love, Light, and Peace to all whom she inspires. She enkindles souls to experience the light within them by empowering all to connect with, trust in, and follow their own souls guidance
    free from the illusions of limiting beliefs.

    Nenari’s healing Love and Light seeks to remind us that when you live from your heart, it is your soul guides you rather than the illusion of this earth that we call as fear and doubt. To be living from your heart, from your soul, and your intuition, free from limitation, is to bring bliss and Absoulute love into your life experience and within the lives of all those whom you inspire which in turn illuminates the universe in an infinite circle.

    By simultaneously experiencing our Oneness, as well as, our individuality, Nenari's vision is that of seeing this earth dimension as simply whole, perfect, and complete as it IS (Infinitely Spiritual); where Absoulute Love is seen as the natural resonance that occurs when we let go of fear and the illusions of limiting beliefs and step into the OM, the One Moment of Love and Light.
    For more on her beautiful creations, please visit her websites at
    http://www.diamondlady.net and http://www.soulsongsatsangoftheheart.net