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New Profile Posts

  1. Laron
    Just finished putting together a Reiki Level 1 manual for my students.
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  2. Linda
    Linda MargRose
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  3. Linda
    Linda Athena
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
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  4. Linda
    Linda Avril Oenone Soul Healer
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  5. Linda
    Linda Sherri
    Happy Birthday!
  6. Linda
    Linda ArtemisLuna
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  7. Linda
    Linda Tim Moore
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  8. Linda
    Linda Sam Vause
    Great picture
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  9. Linda
    Linda Rogue Watcher
    Happy Birthday!
  10. Linda
    Linda NoLongerAsleep
    Happy Birthday!
  11. Linda
    Linda GrannyPerson
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  12. Laron
    Webserv er for transients and RT was just down for about 10 minutes. I just resolved it.
  13. Linda
    Linda Daniel
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  14. Laron
    Laron Tania
    Happy Birthday!
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    2. Laron
      We didn't get enough people for the Peru trip, as only about half could commit, so I plan to go next year if I can and just go, not rely upon numbers. I am however attending a Hathor workshop in Seattle in September with a few transient folk and a few others. It's a sound based intensive type of workshop.
      Jul 10, 2017
    3. Tania
      I'm sorry the Peru trip didn't work out - must somehow not be the right time - maybe timing wise something about " settleing in " more then new adventures/ stages. For a writer / musician Seattle and soundbased makes perfect sense
      Jul 18, 2017 at 7:52 AM
  15. Laron
    As a reminder, if you want to change your forum name then let me know!
  16. Laron
    Laron Inko
  17. Linda
    Linda Tania
    Happy Birthday!
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  18. Linda
    Linda Venus
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  19. Tristan
    Got the love bug BIG time!
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  20. Linda
    Linda awais
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  21. Linda
    Linda Gina
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  22. Laron
    Working on the Black Knight satellite article.
  23. Laron
    Laron Lois
    Happy Birthday Lois! =)
  24. Linda
    Linda Inko
    Welcome to the Roundtable!
  25. Linda
  26. Linda
    Linda Lois
    Happy Birthday!
  27. Laron
    A new transcribed QHHT session from Sian in Perth will be posted this week.
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  28. Laron
    Enjoying my first ever Independence Day...
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  29. Linda
    Linda AngelicView
    Happy Birthday!
  30. Henda
    I am offering for free here in the forum card readings for all the group. I will post them in the Forum or on Transient.
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    3. Linda
      Me, too. If you posted in the Psychic Phen. Board, I think more people would see your offer.
      Jul 4, 2017
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    4. Laron
      That sounds great Henda! (The description on the psychic board mentions that it also includes tarot)
      Jul 4, 2017
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    5. Henda
      I could not download the card
      I will try another deck
      Jul 4, 2017