Past Life Regression Articles

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A Future Earth, ET Assistance, An Ice Age & The Crystal Tower | A QHHT Session by Andy Sway
In December 2015 energetic healer and past life regressionist Andy Sway conducted a QHHT session with Jīng in California, USA covering a range of topics with the Crystal Tower really being the focal point here.


Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of War | A QHHT Session By Laron
Conducted by Laron, here is a past life regression session focused on Cloud Cities and the scars of war, as well as a number of other topics.

A Land Scarred, Tree Talk And A Rescue Mission | A QHHT Session by Laron
In this past life regression, Kristy has a unique experience come up where she rescues a brother from creatures on another world, in addition to a number of other experiences.

Life as an Eagle, Earth Dragons, Multi-dimensional Trees | A QHHT Session by Laron
An intriguing past life regression session with Henda, a reconnective energy healer and intuitive based in France, focused on Earth and beyond.

September Frequency Peak, Wave X, New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 9
This is the 9th past life regression session that Laron has conducted with his client Lai which covers a range of different topics, such as a broadcasting center in space delivering packets of information to Earth, the September frequency peak, status of the shift in consciousness and a lot more.

Bees, Dolphins, Angels, Volunteers & More | Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 8
A past life regression covering a range of topics as experienced by Lai outside of this plane and dimension. This is part 8 of The Cosmic Journey of Lai.

Talking to Dolores Cannon, Simultaneous Timelines, New Earth & Source | Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 7
Talking to Dolores Cannon made this a special session for Laron and Lai. This QHHT based past life regression also covers a range of other intriguing topics.

New Earth, Source, Shift in Consciousness, Volunteers | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 6
From Jan. 2015, this QHHT based past life regression session has a focus on the new earth, the webbot, traveling in higher dimensions, and much more.

Sekhmet, Volunteer Classes, Imprint Lives and More | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5
A detailed section on Sekhmet; who constructed the Great Sphinx; Lai experiences a starseed and volunteer soul group class before arriving on Earth; spirit guides who leave once a human has developed to a higher spiritual level, expanded information on Dolores’ imprint past lives, and much more. This is the 5th Cosmic Journey of Lai article based on the QHHT / past life regression sessions Laron has conducted with Lai.

The Shift And The Different Levels of Consciousness | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 4
This session explains well a number of different aspects that Laron has focused on in the past in relation to the shift, and brings them together to provide a fuller picture, on top of so much more. The information that came through around the different levels of spiritual development in relation to the consciousness of the individual, seems to stand out as very important for people to understand and to learn about.

Joan of Arc, Pleiadians, Mary & Jesus, Multiverse & Lots More | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 3
From 2013, here is part three of the QHHT (past life regression) based Cosmic Journey of Lai series. A range of intriguing topics are covered.

Multiverse, Grid Consciousness, In-Between, Karma & More | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 2
This is part two of the Cosmic Journey of Lai series, based on information obtained through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis past life regression method originally taught by Dolores Cannon.

The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 1 | A QHHT Session by Laron
This is one of Laron’s very early QHHT (past life regression) sessions as a past life regressionist. It’s part of a series of 9 with his client Lai., which will very likely be featured in a future book, as more sessions will be conducted when they next meet.


Ivan’s QHHT Experience | A QHHT session by Mirela Vukman Neylan
Ivan, one of’s readers, shared this QHHT experience with us which Mirela Vukman Neylan conducted back in early 2015. This past life regression session also includes a message from his higher self for those regulars of


Merging of Parallel Timelines & the ‘Dark’ Influence | A QHHT Session by Sian Chua
(July 6, 2017) Sent back in time to the same life just lived, in this QHHT past life regression, Judy finds out information about parallel timelines and the influence dark beings play on our world.

The Creation Of Universes: A Creator Being | QHHT Session Info From Sian Chua
(Jan. 30, 2017) This past life regression (QHHT) session conducted by Sian Chua in Perth, Australia, covers a number of topics in relation to creation, but also free will and the purpose of why we are here. A lot of other information surrounding this comes up, including the time we are in (the shift in consciousness) and how we can take advantage of that, plus how the end of astrological age cycles can be a bit different each time.

The Light Temple of Mu and the Precession of the Equinoxes | A QHHT Session by Sian Chua
(April, 2016) Sian Chua’s partner Richard is the client in this past life regression session which was conducted by Sian using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method back on the 7th of April, 2016. Richard finds himself as a High Priest in Mu, Lemuria; the session develops to cover aspects of the shift in consciousness and new earth situation, as well as the second coming of man, or son of god — relating back to the Light Temple of Mu.

Melanie the Creator Being: Anunnaki Soul Contract & ET War | A QHHT Session by Sian Chua
Part one of a three part series of QHHT / past life regression based articles, conducted by one of the worlds most experienced practitioners, Sian Chua, with her client Melanie.

Jesus’ Creation, ET Abduction, Blood Lines: Melanie Creator Being P2 | QHHT Session by Sian Chua
This is part two this three part QHHT series with Melanie Robinson and Sian Chua as the facilitator.

The Shift, Reptilian Planet, Earth Changes & More | Melanie the Creator Being — Part 3
This is the third article covering the two QHHT past life regression sessions that Sian Chua facilitated with Melanie, in Perth Australia. This session was conducted in January, 2016.


Earth Guardians & Higher Self | A QHHT Session By Steven Jones
A group of beings healing the earth after nuclear damage, a grid system connecting us all, some ET info on the vehicles we inhabit, and other conscious aspects connected into the client.


Orb Consciousness & The Connectedness of Life | QHHT Session by Tai
The topics covered in this past life regression session range from the experience the client Lorna has existing as an orb consciousness; the process that beings use to enter and leave the third dimensional earth realm as a spherical shape; how everything is connected and what makes up that structure; existing as water and soil and how both have a form of consciousness, and the realisation that we all come from one source.

The Auditorium| A QHHT Session By Tai Ashley-Jones
Dolores Cannon’s life purpose and advice to QHHT practitioners, volunteer souls, belief systems being removed, earth changes, the new earth and more.

Talking With ET ‘Tsan-Ta’ | A QHHT Past Life Regression Session by Tai Ashley-Jones
This past life regression session involves Tai bringing her client Steve back to a moment in his current life when he had an ET encounter.

A Life At The Time Of Yeshua | A QHHT Session By Tai Ashley-Jones
This Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session had a life come up for Steve, the client, which happened to be in the time of Yeshua (Jesus) and provides some insight into the situation surrounding Jesus’s life leading up to his crucifixion, as well as what went on with those who were spreading his teachings.


Ascension & Walking with Jesus | QHHT Session Info by Vickie Acklin
A past life as Joseph—Mary’s husband, a Pleiadian influence, and information on the shift in consciousness and ascension process in this QHHT session.

Ascension And The New Earth | QHHT Session Info From Vickie Acklin
Topics include, working with energy at a pyramid in Egypt, learning about healing, information on the new earth and how life functions there, an explanation of the ascension process and how it takes place in a practical sense on Earth and answers around being taken on board a ET based spacecraft.