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I am a PhD in French Linguistics but with a trans-disciplinary training. And have been teaching French for several years now. That ended on 2011 few months before I see changing coming my way. I had personal issues few years ago from 2006 till 2012 when I saw my old world crumbling down. This led me straight to Reconnective Healing, those Frequencies of Light and Informations which helped me be who I am today and see myself beyond the veil. I am still discovering my self and my potential as a volunteer here working to help around me and help my self too with it. I am a Starseed from The Pleiades, Sirius and the Orion Constellations where I have been during some astral travelling with my guides. I am also a channel of The Golden Crystalline Light Of Grace. I received this energy few months ago from my spiritual guides in Orion who were 6 Priestesses and healers, I was the 7th. And it is a 777 vibration from a 9th density. My number of destiny is 7. I discovered on 2017 that since 2007 I received another soul. It was the trigger of many changes in my life. It happened during an astral projection to a high dimension meeting a soul who asked me if I wanted to quit my life and change for another one. I did not understand at the beginning and thought it was a being who wanted to take me with him. It was my new soul. I never forgot that deep feeling of divine love and inner beauty. I remember when I talked about that experience, people thought I were becoming crazy. That event took me 10 years to really feel the person I was and the one I became. The old soul stayed in me with the new one for a while until 2013 when I received my Reconnection. The process since that day has been accelerating. Transient is a gate, a home for us all. And it is the beginning of a wonderful and magical journey. Love You so Much <3 [URL]http://www.henda-zaghouani-praticienne.fr[/URL]
The Blue and the Red Lands

Out of Body Experiences: The Atlantis Cycle, New Timelines and Space-Lines

Introduction I had out of body experiences in Atlantis during the last months. I have been shown my past lives in the old city of...
An Astral Travel and Visions from a Pleiadian Starship

An Astral Travel and Visions from a Pleiadian Starship

Introduction On July 19, 2017, I had an astral travel in a Pleiadian starship early in the morning from 5:30 to 10:30 am. I was...
Alignement To The 6D Template of Love

Alignment to the 6D Template of Love

Entering The Template of Love You are entering a new multidimensional Template of Divine Love and it is burning all your previous ways of thinking,...
The New Earth and the Evolution of Humanity - A QHHT Session By Alba Weinman

Visions of the Upcoming Waves on Earth during Astral Projection in Parallel Lives

Introduction As an astral projector, I have access to lots of information about our multidimensional reality, and the parallel lives we are living in. Astral projection...
Astral Projection

Astral Projection: Out of Body Experiences in Parallel Lives — Information And Tips (2/2)

Introduction to Astral Projection  Astral Projection, Out of body Experiences and parallel lives  Astral projection, out of body experiences and traveling in parallel lives are tools for...
Information and Tips on Out Of Body Experiences

Information And Tips on Astral Projection

Introduction   Tips on Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences can be very helpful to understand the process. In this first part, I will talk...
Meeting The Giants of Stonehenge - transients

Meeting The Giants of Stonehenge

Introduction An out-of-body experience happened to me few days ago. When I returned from it in my physical body I was surrounded with a Druid...
Out of Body Experiences: The Rise of the Light

Out of Body Experiences: The Rise of the Light

Introduction During the last months, I had frequent OBE's for almost every night. It has been occurring many times, and I was sent in two...
A New Gaia Portal (February 17th, 2017) | An Energy Update By Henda

A New Gaia Portal (January 17th, 2017) | An Energy Update By Henda

January has been a very intense month to begin the new year. We had at least 4 waves of energy that came on earth...
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Healing a Soul Mate From University During An Out of Body Experience

During an Out of Body Experience I met a friend of mine who lives in Tunisia. He is a soul mate and I wrote...
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