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Changing day from Wednesday—I may even move it to Friday again, eventually.

How can you treat someone who doesn’t accept they are ill?
“Laws are being passed in the USA that make it possible to compel people to receive treatment for health problems they don’t believe they have.”

Nasa astronaut Leland Melvin claims he witnessed an ‘organic, alien-like’ creature in the Space Shuttle payload bay but officials dismissed the sighting as ‘ice breaking away from the ship’
“-Engineer Leland Melvin spotted the object in the space shuttle Atlantis
-Nasa’s explanation at the time was that it was likely ice that broke off the shuttle
-Mr Melvin dismissed claims by a UFO enthusiast that this was a cover up
-The Atlantis shuttle flew 33 missions during its service before retiring in 2011”

This is what being in love looks like – in pictures
“Photojournalist and videographer Stefania Rousselle asked strangers to share their most defining and life-changing love stories.”


NASA reveals the nine astronauts who will blast off from US soil for the first time in almost a decade as crews for SpaceX and Boeing’s manned capsules are named
“-NASA has revealed nine astronauts that go to space aboard American capsules
-They will fly on flight tests of Boeing CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX Crew Dragon
-The SpaceX & Boeing crews: Eric Boe, Chris Ferguson, Nicole Aunapu Mann, Bob Behnken, Doug -Hurley, Josh Cassada, Suni Williams, Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins
-The launches will mark the first crewed missions from US soil since 2011”

European vegetable sector in most serious crisis since 1978
“The European vegetable processing sector raised concerns last month about potential losses to crop quantity and quality as a result of the very hot summer and prolonged drought conditions in all leading European production regions. Today, these regions have been affected by exceptional weather conditions, where crop evaporation levels have been exceptionally high, many watercourses have run dry, and extraction of irrigation water has frequently been restricted.”

Meteor causes 2.1 kiloton explosion over early missile warning radar at US Air Force base in Greenland

Discovery Channel treasure hunter claims he’s found evidence of an extra-terrestrial spaceship while exploring ancient shipwrecks beneath the Bermuda Triangle
“-Explorer Darrell Miklos has been using secret maps created by famed NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper to find shipwrecks in the Caribbean
-Diving at an undisclosed location near the Bahamas he found what he believes is the first evidence of an extra-terrestrial visit to earth hundreds of years ago
-What he thought could be an ancient shipwreck turned out to be huge USO (unidentified submerged object)with 15, 300ft long obtrusions jutting from its sides
-‘It was a formation unlike anything I’ve ever seen related to shipwreck material, it was too big for that,’ Miklos tells DailyMail.com
-Miklos’ discoveries have featured over two seasons of hit Discovery Channel docu-series Cooper’s Treasure”

elongated skull mayan 7000
See below

“Human remains dating back as far as 7,000 years have been found in a cave in southern Mexico. Experts believe the skeletons belong to the earliest-known ancestors of the country’s ancient Mayan civilization.”
“One set is thought to be around 7,000 years old, while the other two are estimated to date back 4,000 years.”
(It sure is interesting how at the time the 4,000 year old humans died, they had a 3,000 year old skull next to the bodies. And of course the elongated skull is interesting…)

Popular Kind of Meat Might Lead to Mood Swings and Mental Illness
“-Beef jerky with nitrates added was linked to a host of concerning mental changes, including mania in humans and altered behavior and brain gene expression in rats
-People who were hospitalized with mania were 3.5 times more likely to have eaten cured meats like beef jerky than people without a history of psychiatric disorders
-Rats fed beef jerky with nitrates experienced mania-like hyperactivity and irregular sleeping patterns, along with alterations in brain pathways that have been implicated in human bipolar disorder and changes in intestinal microbiota
-Nitrates in processed meats may influence mental health by altering inflammatory processes and gut bacteria”

The volcano solution to global warming isn’t such a cool idea, study finds
“Scientists are pondering what might be called the volcanic solution to global warming.
It would be the ultimate desperate measure, a climatological Hail Mary, and possibly a very bad idea.”(…)
“People can’t command volcanoes to erupt, but they can more or less mimic the effects of a volcano through technology.”(…)
“The basic idea is to use aircraft, or some other means, to spew sunlight-reflecting aerosols into the stratosphere and change the albedo – the reflectivity – of the planet. It goes by many names: solar geoengineering, solar radiation management, albedo management, albedo hacking.”

The bizarre link between tornadoes and the Arctic ice sheets: Scientists discover number of twisters in the US has dropped as sea ice retreats
“-Study of 30 years of data revealed possible link between tornadoes and ice loss
-Arctic sea ice affects the path of the jet stream, and its retreat causes a shift
-Instead of taking usual path, jet stream takes a path farther north when ice is low
-Researchers say this can reduce the conditions favorable for tornado formation”
(And this ties into the die off of the krill in Antarctica)

Trapezium - At the Heart of Orion
Trapezium: At the Heart of Orion (Image Credit: Data: Hubble Legacy Archive, Processing: Robert Gendler)

(Above) “Near the center of this sharp cosmic portrait, at the heart of the Orion Nebula, are four hot, massive stars known as the Trapezium. Gathered within a region about 1.5 light-years in radius, they dominate the core of the dense Orion Nebula Star Cluster. Ultraviolet ionizing radiation from the Trapezium stars, mostly from the brightest star Theta-1 Orionis C powers the complex star forming region’s entire visible glow. About three million years old, the Orion Nebula Cluster was even more compact in its younger years and a recent dynamical study indicates that runaway stellar collisions at an earlier age may have formed a black hole with more than 100 times the mass of the Sun. The presence of a black hole within the cluster could explain the observed high velocities of the Trapezium stars. The Orion Nebula’s distance of some 1,500 light-years would make it the closest known black hole to planet Earth.” — NASA Photo of the Day

New smart mirror creates a 3D model of your naked body to help track your fitness and record how your figure changes over time (but it’ll cost you $1,300)
(Great, something else for hackers to crack!!!)

Massive rogue planet crowned with a glowing aurora and a magnetic field more than 200 times stronger than Jupiter is found wandering the galaxy and was spotted using radio signals

Oldest tools found outside of Africa rewrite the history of mankind: Ancient artefacts in China suggest our ancestors left the continent 2.1 MILLION years ago

Health & Nature

“Four years ago, a young boy had a large part of his brain removed. In the years that followed, he showed neuroscientists, once again, how adaptable the brain can be.”

(Above) “There are about a hundred trillion microbes living inside your gut — protecting you from infection, aiding digestion and regulating your immune system. As our bodies have adapted to life in modern society, we’ve started to lose some of our normal microbes; at the same time, diseases linked to a loss of diversity in microbiome are skyrocketing in developed nations. Computational microbiologist Dan Knights shares some intriguing discoveries about the differences in the microbiomes of people in developing countries compared to the US, and how they might affect our health. Learn more about the world of microbes living inside you — and the work being done to create tools to restore and replenish them.”

Here’s how much protein you really need
“Athletes do need more protein—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need supplements.”

Passenger captures incredible moment plane flies over billowing smoke from the California wildfires as apocalyptic scenes from the ground show total devastation


Australia: Police can access My Health Record without court order, parliamentary library warns
“Advice from independent researcher contradicts health minister and raises more privacy concerns.”

Diet Sodas Tied to Dementia and Stroke (April 2017 dated)

Three problems with the debate around screen time
“The cycle of moral panic around screen time and technology use feels endless. Here are three issues we need to address before we can move the debate on”

Okra – One Of The Most Powerful Natural Remedies Against Diabetes, High Cholesterol And Fatigue!

Wearing boxer shorts boosts sperm count, scientists say
(Old news—should be titled boxer shorts “still” boost sperm count!)

These are the best bird photographs of 2018
“Audubon Photography Awards announces the winners of their annual competition.”



Despite Clear Evidence of Harm, Mobile Phone Industry Fights to Keep You Ignorant of the Risks
“The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified cellphones as a Group 2B “possible carcinogen” based on the evidence available in 2011. Since then, the evidence of harm has grown significantly
-This year, two major studies have been published showing cellphone radiation causes DNA damage and increases your risk of cancer and other health problems
-Researchers are urging the IARC to upgrade its carcinogenicity classification for cellphones from a “possible” to a “probable” human carcinogen based on newer evidence
-For the past 25 years, the telecommunications industry has led an orchestrated PR campaign aimed at misleading consumers, journalists and policymakers about the science of cellphone radiation
-Of 326 cellphone safety studies, 56 percent found a biological effect from cellphone radiation while 44 percent did not. When funding was analyzed, it was discovered that 67 percent of the independently funded studies found a biological effect, compared to just 28 percent of the industry-funded studies. This funding bias creates a perceived lack of scientific consensus”

Doctors Issue Warning To Parents About Risks Of Consuming Processed Meats
“The Facts:American Academy of Pediatrics issues warning to parents about kids consuming processed meats. Processed meat products are carcinogenic and should be avoided, especially by pregnant mothers and children as they are more susceptible to these chemicals
Reflect On:With awareness comes change. Should packages of hot dogs and lunch meat come with a cancer warning in the same way that cigarettes do in order to raise awareness? How can we stop supporting these products as something we turn to regularly?”

Life, Art & Entertainment

Between two continents: Snorkeling in Iceland
“What’s it like to snorkel between two tectonic plates in glacial waters? David Whitley squeezes into a dry suit—and explores a whole new (in-between) world.”

Best Ways To Get Your News Without Relying On Facebook
“The Facts:The way people get news these days is changing. Facebook is no longer a viable option to learn about current events and news, as publishers have been shut out of the newsfeed.
Reflect On:Have your habits been to get all of your news from Facebook? If so, switch it up and subscribe to mailing lists. Or better yet, go to websites directly to get your news.”

What video games in schools can teach us about learning
“Southgate primary in West Sussex is one of many British schools bringing games into the classroom, with staff seeing benefits for parents as well as students”

Fahrenheit 11/9: first trailer for Michael Moore’s Trump documentary
“The Oscar-winning film-maker returns to the big screen with a look at life under the ‘last president of the United States’.”

(See below)

The National Gallery Lets You Sleep with a Masterpiece, For a Price
“Museums are finding new ways to make money but the National Gallery decided they wanted to sleep on it.”

Steven Seagal is now in charge of Russia-US relations. Is there anything this man can’t do?
“He has become a cryptocurrency mascot, made three films, written a novel and floored an aikido team in the past year alone. Soon he will put his diplomatic skills to use for Putin.”

Strange Happenings or Human Error
“The Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious stretch of ocean between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the tip of Florida, has allegedly, throughout the years, swallowed a horde of unsuspecting ships, planes and people.”

A PhD should be about improving society, not chasing academic kudos
“Too much research is aimed at insular academic circles rather than the real world. Let’s fix this broken system”

Fallen stars: the dark history of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame
“With the West Hollywood City Council voting to have Donald Trump’s star removed, other problematic celebrities could face a similar fate.”

20 of Europe’s best ice-cream parlours: readers’ travel tips

Breaking Rules Frees Up Your Mind, Makes It Easier To Be Creative
“Want to compose a great symphony, write a classic novel, come up with a brilliant new app? Cheat on your taxes first, or on your poker buddies. It’s easy–and fun, too. That’s the unsettling implication of a new study released by the Association for Psychological Science and conducted by business professors at Harvard University and the University of Southern California.”

Metaphysics, Spirituality & The Shift In Consciousness
Including secrets revealed…

Blue whale mysteriously washes up on beach
“A dead blue whale washed ashore a beach in Japan and experts say it’s very unusual.”

Ancient olive branch unearthed in rock fragments in Santorini proves ‘cataclysmic’ Bronze Age volcanic eruption took place a century earlier than previously thought
“-The 3,500 year-old olive branch was compared to modern-day examples
-Scientists now better understand the species and its unusual growth patterns
-This allowed them to better date the sample with radiocarbon dating techniques
-This revealed the eruption likely took place between 1,627 and 1,600 BCE”

Some classic, vintage UFO photos
“Here’s some light entertainment to break up the monotony from quick-dying threads which, I’m sure, this one will follow. I’ve been familiar with the photos for decades and I’ve never read any debunking on them. These photos were all taken with old cameras using emulsion film. You probably have a few other favorites so go ahead and include them in your replies. The more, the merrier. Just photos, enjoy and don’t get into flame wars over them. All comments welcome.”

Softball-sized hail hits Colorado Springs, 8 people injured, 8 000 claims for damage to homes and vehicles

North Korea’s heatwave described as unprecedented natural disaster
“The North Korean government has called on its people to wage an ‘all-out battle’ against a record heatwave as the country’s already fragile crops face drought and the authorities struggle to respond. The heatwave is expected to last throughout August.”

(Psychic reading by Lynn) Antarctica (And a Little More)…
“Q. Is there an ancient civilization on Antarctica? Supposedly, Hitler sent people there to search for one and that may or may not be true. But there are areas on Antarctica that have been shaded out on Google Maps. There must be something significant there if it has been obscured. Did Admiral Byrd discover something significant there? Many suggest that it is an urban myth. I believe something significant is there or the government would not restrict the satellite pictures and physical access?”

The Deeper Truth Behind Why Infowars Was Banned By Social Media Giants
“The Facts:Platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify and Apple have all banned Infowars and Alex Jones. These bans came within hours to days from one another, all citing an end to ‘hate-speech’ on their platforms. Twitter has chosen not to ban.
Reflect On:What is considered hate speech today? Is it the job of social media sites to politically lean? What precedent is set with a ban like this? Might this extend to less extreme voices? Are we not able to think and discern for ourselves?”

CONSCIOUSNESSWho Lucifer Actually Is & Why They Are Here (Part 6: Insubstantiality of Luciferianism)
“The Facts:Through the testimony of Hidden-Hand, there is no indication that the Lucifer group soul actually consider Luciferianism or other related esoteric traditions as being part of higher spiritual truth.
Reflect On:Can esoteric practices like Luciferianism have any substance at all if their very nature is grounded in duality?”

Homeless Man Exemplifies The ‘Action’ Required For Manifesting
“The Facts:David Casarez, out of money and homeless in Silicon Valley, went to the streets with a stack of resumes and inspired an overwhelmingly positive response in his search for a job, with the slogan ‘Hungry 4 Success’.
Reflect On:What does it take to inspire people to care about our lives and our goals?”

Natural Law (Part 2): Spending Our Spiritual Currency Wisely
“The Facts:According to Mark Passio, There are two ‘spiritual currencies,’ time and attention, that form the basis for what we manifest in our lives, in accordance with Natural Law.
Reflect On:What is preventing us from deciding to stop giving our time and attention to those things that do not serve us and instead devote our time and attention to those things that elevate the quality of our lives and consciousness?”

Science & Technology

“Stonehenge’s famous pillars came from a place far, far away. That much was known. But now, archaeologists have found another well-traveled feature at the monument: 10 ancient people buried there who definitely weren’t locals. These cremated remains were discovered in the Aubrey Holes, a series of 56 pits at Stonehenge that were named in honor of the 17th-century antiquarian John Aubrey, who first wrote about them. All of the human remains were moved into Aubrey Hole 7, which was then re-excavated in 2008.”

Ancient lake holds secrets to Mayan civilisation’s mysterious collapse: study
“While analysing sediment under Lake Chichancanab on the Yucatan Peninsula, scientists found a 50 per cent decrease in annual precipitation over more than 100 years, from 800 to 1000AD. At times, the study shows, the decrease was as much as 70 per cent.”

Did MUSHROOMS tunnel through these red gemstones? Living fungal micro-organisms made their home deep inside garnets, strange tunnel like patterns in the minerals suggest


Bike to the Future! Stunning ultra-sleek TMC Dumont motorcycle has record-breaking 36-inch hubless wheels and is powered by an AIRCRAFT engine

Artificial intelligence can now help write Wikipedia pages for overlooked scientists
“The tech could be used to increase the representation of women scientists on Wikipedia”

NASA is sending a spaceship closer to the sun than anyone has ever gone before where it will endure 2,510F heat

The weirdest things we learned this week: skin-peeling soup, secret drug toilets, and a chlorinated ocean
“Our editors scrounged up some truly bizarre facts.”

Ancient meteorite that was created during the birth of the solar system 4.5 BILLION years ago provides clues that could reveal the origins of life on Earth

The rapid growth of the Chinese internet — and where it’s headed | Gary Liu
“The Chinese internet has grown at a staggering pace — it now has more users than the combined populations of the US, UK, Russia, Germany, France and Canada. Even with its imperfections, the lives of once-forgotten populations have been irrevocably elevated because of it, says South China Morning Post CEO Gary Liu. In a fascinating talk, Liu details how the tech industry in China has developed — from the innovative, like AI-optimized train travel, to the dystopian, like a social credit rating that both rewards and restricts citizens.”

How to build synthetic DNA and send it across the internet | Dan Gibson
“Biologist Dan Gibson edits and programs DNA, just like coders program a computer. But his “code” creates life, giving scientists the power to convert digital information into biological material like proteins and vaccines. Now he’s on to a new project: “biological transportation,” which holds the promise of beaming new medicines across the globe over the internet. Learn more about how this technology could change the way we respond to disease outbreaks and enable us to download personalized prescriptions in our homes.”

Quote or Poem

“The movement of human beings off the planet out into the Universe; first the Moon, and then Mars, and then who knows where, is just beginning and there is nothing that can stop it.”
—Alan Bean

transients.info’s Roundtable Forum Thread(s) Of The Moment

A Great Philosophical Piece About Dent & Cryptocurrency Investing


10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story by Dan Harris.

“Nightline anchor Dan Harrisembarks on an unexpected, hilarious, and deeply skeptical odyssey through the strange worlds of spirituality and self-help, and discovers a way to get happier that is truly achievable.

After having a nationally televised panic attack, Dan Harris knew he had to make some changes. A lifelong nonbeliever, he found himself on a bizarre adventure involving a disgraced pastor, a mysterious self-help guru, and a gaggle of brain scientists. Eventually, Harris realized that the source of his problems was the very thing he always thought was his greatest asset: the incessant, insatiable voice in his head, which had propelled him through the ranks of a hypercompetitive business, but had also led him to make the profoundly stupid decisions that provoked his on-air freak-out.

Finally, Harris stumbled upon an effective way to rein in that voice, something he always assumed to be either impossible or useless: meditation, a tool that research suggests can do everything from lower your blood pressure to essentially rewire your brain. 10% Happier takes readers on a ride from the outer reaches of neuroscience to the inner sanctum of network news to the bizarre fringes of America’s spiritual scene, and leaves them with a takeaway that could actually change their lives.”

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