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Process Of Building One Reality On anotherThe formation of one reality over another, an evolutionary structure of “higher order” over an existing one, in any planetary sphere, always follows the same rules, processes and procedures, since it is a “standard” protocol for the planetary soul consciousness and those beings and hierarchies that assist, proceeding according to the “manual” of manifestation and structuring of the different planes, structures and components that lead to the “upgrades” when, as we explained in the previous article, “it is time” to put the necessary steps to endow the conscious life of a planet with a network of “experiences” of a higher degree.

In general, what usually happens in other planetary spheres is slightly different from what is happening for us, here on Earth, where, for most of humanity not being “ready” for that gradual “step” of evolutionary level, it has to coexist in two multidimensional structures during a certain time, when simply, in general, on a planet where the conscious life of it had been adapted to the level of consciousness necessary for the change, the modifications in the structures would have occurred simultaneously with the changes of the tenants inside, so to speak, the equivalent of remodeling your house while you are inside it and getting used the new paint on the walls, the new distribution of partitions and furniture and the new energy that they emanate; while us, we are isolated in a corner of the house while preparing the new one without being able to pass to it, and then, only those who, from that “corner” have adapted to the vibration of the new construction, will be able to make the change. Our current “corner,” reality or matrix 7.8 Hz, which is the only one that our senses perceive, is nothing more than that little “piece” of the structure of the Earth, which already encompasses reality 15.6 HZ in all its planes and levels except in the physical or more solid of them.

The processes of forming one structure over another

Well, hoping that more or less is clear the coexistence of these two dimensional structures, and what exists in each of them and what is still to be completed for the new, we go forward with the following point: How do we start forming a new “house”, a new mental plane, a new etheric framework, “on top” of one that already exists?

In a way, the answer is simple, since they are at different frequencies they do not bother each other and they can co-exist. Even so, what are the basis of these new scaffolds that have to establish a new mental structure, a new collective unconscious for those in the temporal line 42 and a framework of etheric scaffolding for what squeezes in, projected and manifested from the collective unconscious 42 by those connected to it?

The answer is that it is based on other artificial structures created specifically to prop up the planet during the transition from one frequency level to another, so that it does not “break” anything that could damage, cause alteration or disruption in the reality base for the majority of people connected to the 7.8Hz matrix that have to see their reality and their day to day “unaltered” even though, literally, all of their planet is undergoing a total remodeling.

Therefore, the premise is not to cause any disruption, or the least possible, in existing structures, so that no one connected to them will notice the slightest energetic fluctuation, as far as possible, because changes are noticed or perceived around us even if we do not know what we feel or perceive, but especially it is also done as “discreetly” as possible so not to facilitate attempts by those who control the system of life on the planet to destroy the new structures by accessing them from the existing ones.

This has caused that they have been built, supported by the “walls” of the current mental plane, in the points of the planet where they were less “visible” and less eloquent, the initial scaffolds that allowed little by little that the matter of the mental plane flowed until they create a base or framework sufficiently settled to be able to completely fit into the framework or mental plane of reality 7.8 Hz and that could no longer be destroyed or manipulated (because was protected for it). Likewise, in order to create a new etheric structure, etheric “scaffolds” were created in different points of the planet’s current etheric plane so that they could support the “etheric energy” in such a way that it could “solidify” a new etheric lattice, which, once formed, it is easily coupled to the existing one without the possibility of being destroyed or manipulated.

In this way, putting temporary structures for each plane, creating the structure of that plane and coupling the plane to its position above the current plane 7.8 Hz, it has been possible to build, in the last six decades or so, all the new reality or matrix 15.6 Hz from the causal plane to the etheric plane.

And now the physical plane is missing

So, what about the physical plane? If this process is like this, how is the solid plan of the new reality to be built? Because it is being built the same, that is, in the current physical plane, in its counterpart energy, physical-energetic “pillars” have been created in different parts of the planet that are the ones that are sustaining, at a physical-energetic level, the construction of what will be, when the transition is completed, the “solid” and “physical” reality of the new evolutionary level (the “solid” matter has different energetic coatings, still forming part of the “tangible” plane to our way of understanding of the frequency gradients of the structure of the planet).

This makes the control system, the races behind it, power groups and others, also desperate to dismantle all these scaffolds that maintain the process of solidification of the new physical reality in motion, because if this plane is not consolidated, no human being can take the step or transfer to that new level of play, because, as we have mentioned, it is almost as physical and tangible as this, simply vibrating at the double of the “base” vibration that we have had all these decades for the 7.8 Hz matrix.

These scaffolds, then, are also hyper protected, and some movements in certain parts of the planet on a physical level, are destined to cause alteration in places where some of them are located. By destabilizing some specific areas of the planet, Yemen is one of them, as an example, it can slow down the “materialization” of that 15.6 Hz physical plane, because the area where the “scaffolds” that will support it (although do not see them) is in permanent disorder, chaos and entropy triggered at the energy level. In addition, if we take into account other already complicated factors, such as the presence of certain points and dimensional vortices in certain points of the planet, or the struggle for the control of areas with physical and energy resources, they make this last part of the creation of what needs to be mounted the most complex, hard, subject to fluctuations, delays and all kinds of alterations that change the speed of the octave that sustains the construction, and that makes it possible to move from one note to another slow at times, faster at others, stagnant, accelerating, etc. Hence the difficulty for accurately estimating “when” this last point of preparation for change will be ready.

Even so, the forecasts are optimistic. The relative tranquility that is breathed in the line 33 at the moment, gives place to an acceleration of the work processes for the construction of the new physical reality, and once the 15.6 Hz physical framework is ready in certain percentage, it will be able to remove the connection structures with the current physical framework 7.8 Hz, since the separation between realities does not have any point of union with each other or bypass, so that it is “impregnable” (at least everything that is can) to what does not have to be in the new reality. In this way, as we said in the last article, it will only be necessary to raise those on line 42, put them at the height of the “door” of physical reality under construction, anchor their etheric bodies from line 42 to the structure etheric 15.6 Hz, anchor your mental body from line 42 to the mental structure 15.6 Hz, and at the “right” moment you can do the transfer in the same way as when a pallet of whatever it is has to be loaded on a truck, prepare the hydraulic platform at street level where the pallet is (soul on the line 42 lower levels), move the pallet to the platform (tuning the entire structure of the human being to line 42), the platform is raised with the pallet already attached to it (rise of the structure of the human being to the highest levels of line 42 parallel to the frequency levels of the matrix 15.6 Hz) and then the pallet is pushed from the hydraulic platform (line 42 levels its higher) to the inside of the truck (new reality, matrix 15.6 Hz).

I trust that we can now conclude with these last three articles the process of change that is taking place and how it was built, and is being built, the structure to which we will “pass” in some years, whatever they are. There are some open points that we will deal with at another time, such as, what happens with the old structures once the population has transferred to the new ones? It is a complex issue, because in a planet where all its population “changes,” simply the old structures disappear, they are dismantled, the quantum particles that form them break their bonds and return to the “quantum substrate” of Creation. But in a planet where most of the population stays in the “old” structure, and only about 5% goes to the new one, the project is much more complicated for the planetary logos and it goes through maintaining a “period,” with both realities and structures working in parallel as long as possible. We will see this topic later when we have touched on other concepts about the frequency changes in our energy system that has to be given and this knowledge is already more established and integrated.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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