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David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #2

Here you have another new delivery of the questions that you have sent me via twitter.

90 Is suicide a valid outlet to this matrix? What would I find? Does the manipulation game continue on that plane? Would impotence be the same as on this plane?

Any departure from the life system on Earth is valid, removing all attachment and mental and emotional programming in this regard, removing all taboos and associated beliefs, removing everything that implies a value judgment associated with leaving a vehicle you are using for the decision, will or, in some cases, manipulation of the individual for it. That does not mean that it does not have consequences in other levels, but, again, nobody marks it as “good” nor does anyone mark it as “bad.” When we abandon a game by any method, a life, before in advance, we had marked as an approximate limit for the duration of it, it is possible, it does not always have to be this way, that we leave agreements, experiences, pacts with other people, half lessons, and the whole network of interactions with those who depend on our presence to be able to use us as catalysts of their own evolutionary processes. Something similar to when you are working in a group with other students in your school in the university and, to do the tasks of the university you distribute different actions and the help that you are going to give each other to study, to do the exams and homework, etc. And suddenly one of the group decides to leave the university, making the rest have to reparametrize the assigned tasks of the one who left “ahead of time,” change the agreements between the members of the group, re-decide how to work together without the presence and help of the missing one, etc. In this way, the one who “goes,” who had “committed,” so to speak, to a certain evolutionary work with people around him, will then have to “compensate,”, in some way what he left halfway. In this way, the next incarnation from the linear point of view of time, one brings with it more outstanding “duties” and things that were left unfinished, without mediating any reproach, value judgment, punishment, or anger on the part of absolutely no one at any hierarchical level or by our Higher-Self.

Then, what would you find in the period between incarnations? The same as all the others, there are no changes in that aspect. When leaving each existence there are many healing processes, recovery, rest, study, preparation for the new entry in the subject, etc. The manipulation exists up to a certain level, since there are areas of non-physical planes semi-controlled by some of the races in power, others not, but there is also much more help and protection from those we call our guides and, in general, they are periods of a lot of rest and feeling “at home”, because literally, we are at “home.” Having disappeared the “character” played in the last life, you have a more open level of consciousness, you are more aware of what happened, what happened to you, why it happened to you, etc., so more than impotence, which is dictated by the difficulty of physical reality on the planet, there is learning, understanding and integration of the lived and experienced, which, complemented as far as possible with the healing of emotional wounds and deprogramming by elimination of the mental body, makes things look more calm and relaxed in another way.

91 The natural evolutionary path of the human being should have been evolution from the animal kingdom, separating from the group spirit to become an individual consciousness and thus receive the divine essence or particle. But without losing its connection with the natural kingdoms. In this intermediate stage the Anunnaki intervened with their genetic experiments, as mentioned in the articles of Gardeners of the Earth, creating the human being to serve him as an unconscious slave and reservoir of energy, totally disconnected from his natural environment. The question is, do all human beings have physical bodies resulting from genetic experiments and that carry in part the reptoid genes? Do these genes of the invaders condition our nature? Did all human beings receive the divine spark or was it already attracted to the hominids before the genetic experiments?

There are two ways by which a human soul is formed and can be individualized to co-direct a physical vehicle and its energy system. The first way is the one you mention, a portion of the group soul of some of the most advanced species of the animal kingdom is sufficiently individualized to be able to “animate” a human body, receiving then a link with a Higher-Self that acts as coordinator and, then, that soul that comes from some animal species enters into a superior “level of play,” endowing itself with a causal body that the lower kingdoms of nature do not possess and being controlled and managed by a Higher-Self for the rest of its evolutionary period in the Earth.

The second way through which a physical vehicle, a human avatar, receives a soul is because a Higher-Self creates it directly to be able to link the body and energy system, thus, the Higher-Self with the help of different hierarchies that assist the planet in the management of the whole system of life on Earth form a soul body from scratch, the Higher-Self connects with it, and the whole then connects with any physical body with its energetic system. Thus a “new” human being is born, something that evidently has not happen for eons because all those who are here have long since been endowed with our soul by our Higher-Self or our soul comes from lower levels and we were linked to our Higher-Self.

When the different races that experimented with our physical bodies and energy systems did it, they started practically from scratch manipulating the initial life forms that were on the planet that did not bear any kind of resemblance to what we are now. We have reptoid genes because races like the ones we call Draco, Anunnaki and others have that configuration, but also because it was a saurian, the Trodoon, which was used as a “base” for the genetic manipulation that led, much later, to the birth of “homo sapiens”. The trodoon was introduced by other exoplanetary groups when plant and animal life was planted on the planet, when it was being terraformed, then the trodoon, by Draco manipulation, became what the Sumerians called the Manu, a saurian “very advanced”. The Manu was manipulated by Anunnakis and became what the Sumerians called the “Lhulu,” the closest thing to an initial prototype of a human being. With time, the Manu and the Lhulu crossed, they mated and they were modified several times, appearing what in the Sumerian tablets they call the “Lhumanu,” from where the word “human” is born. After several more manipulations of the Lhumanu, which gave rise to the different “homos” known by anthropologists, came the “last model” that for us is the “homo sapiens,” with all the DNA baggage from many types of races and beings: hominids, reptoids, avian, amphibians, mammals, insectoids, etc. Some Higher-Selves present in the system of life on Earth linked with the first manipulated trodoons to become self-conscious saurians, and from there, they have continued to link through the successive waves of manipulations and changes to which the physical vehicles were subjected to. That makes that some people can still access the experiences that their individual souls may have had when they occupied a trodoon, a manu, a Lhulu or a Lhumanu in any of its models to this day.

92 Thank you very much for the articles and answers. I would like to ask you how to be a parent and a spiritual guide: How do you protect your child from the attacks your family suffers because of your work? I have not seen material about education. How to educate children so they do not lose potential. Realistically I am afraid to introduce these issues to my children on the one hand to avoid that they don’t integrated into their school, that they become “rare” and due to the complexity. Thanks.

In my case, well, it is a little particular because of the siege and harassment to which I am constantly subjected, so I need, for the work that I do, to make an effort and work on my personal protection and of mine at very high levels and sometimes in very complex situations. Therefore, my children are also subject to many manipulations to destabilize me, my environment and others, as well as being who they are and having their own missions and purposes. So, how do I protect them? Working directly with their team of guides and their Higher-Selves, with who I am in constant communication, who more or less I perceive, and with whom I can design at all times the necessary protocols so that they have a normal life and according to how old they are. I spend many hours a day doing energetic healings and this is something that everyone who has children and knows any technique for it, I also imagine that has done, is doing or sees the need to do it, since the new generations are the ones that will continue at a higher level all the work of preparation for the evolutionary change that we are beginning now or continuing from those that preceded us.

Then, the “spiritual education” that I give to my children goes through explaining everything I know appropriate to their level. I tell them about their Higher-Selves, I talk to them about energy, I tell them that they have a soul and a spirit as well as a physical body, etc. I use analogies, I use things that they see in cartoons or that they can understand. I explain things in the most neutral way possible, so that they don’t conflict with what they hear in school, I explain that they have to be open because other people will give different explanations and things like that. Over time, they ask me questions about what they do not understand about the world they live in, and I give them the “physical” explanation as well as the “metaphysical” explanation and I do as I can and how they let us so that they grow as open as possible and with a belief system the least programmed as possible so that, when they can, they take charge of their own growth having a communication with their High-Selves that allows them to obtain the answers they need.

93 Can there be a program that keeps us from doing sports? I believe that I have been marked as “dangerous” by the control system since I was born, and that everything separates you from doing spiritual work is correct, but I have experienced the same thing.

In general, each person is separated, manipulated or blocked from what may represent an inconvenience, problem or danger to the system, to the extent that person has “entry doors” for it, is not aware, does not take counter-manipulation measures, etc. Therefore, if you notice that they block you in something; investigate why, what benefit you can get out that can be “uncomfortable” or not go in favor of the control system. On the other hand, investigate if the blockade is self-generated, subconsciously or whatever, because many times we blame the system of life on the planet for things that we have generated, attracted, created or manifested in our lives due to fears , programs, beliefs, karmic memories, etc.

94 How can I correlate planes and densities? It is known that in 3D there are seven planes. In the next evolutionary step, 4D or 5 Dimension, are they the same or different planes? Would the physical cease to exist and would there be another level above the adic?

Well, this question is very broad so let’s make an introduction. The solar system, like all solar systems, is formed by a series of planes and structures where the particles of a denser plane have a lower vibration than the particles of a higher plane. The solar system to which we belong has seven macro planes, seven Russian dolls one inside another where we have already mentioned the names we use for each plane in other articles and more or less their characteristics. The Sun that we see is the central point of that solar system in the physical plane.

Then, the spatial-temporal dimensions we already understand more or less, we know well the four first dimensions, being the fourth one that allows us to have a temporal line of events on which the sacred plot of each person is based. Our sphere of 3D consciousness perceives the fourth dimension only towards the direction we call future but we could perceive time in reverse, however, it is not done so that new realities and experiences collapse and as far as possible, do not change what has already been experienced.

Our three dimensions, like a compact block, move inside another larger 3D block, the movement from a point x, y, z of block 1 to a point x2, y2 and z2 of the largest block 2 that contains the time, the duration of the displacement between those two points. There is no displacement between points of the 3D because all the frames (temporal instants) are static, so nothing can move in 3D. 3D is a frame, a picture, an instant of frozen space and without movement. By putting the instants together forming a “comic” or an album of photos taken every quantum of time and moving the consciousness aspect of each particle from one quantum to another, you get the temporal movement, time is born, and it becomes the fourth dimension for our perception.

The box that contains everything we know as a universe is a 4D box, we only have to upload a number in our coding, because we consider that we live on a 3D planet and it is not correct, because that would be a static and frozen planet in time. We live in 4D in our day to day and with the structures we know.

Now, the fifth dimension. If the fourth is the movement of the 3D box from one point to another of that enormous box that is the universe, the 5D is the movement in all directions of that 4D box giving rise to parallel, perpendicular, crossed, feedback lines, loops, etc. Many 4d time lines, crossed with each other, of all 4d systems throughout the universe, are a closed 5d system of this universe. The vision of a 5d being is the vision of all static 3d time frames moving on its 4d time line, and seeing all those 4d time lines across the universe. We only see the 4D box, we cannot see “upper boxes” because at the level of space, they do not exist, but at the level of movement.

A 6D would be the movement of all the temporal lines taken as a single line, like many lanes of a highway and to be able to see them all from all angles, something that you cannot see from a 5d since you see only the direction of all the temporal lines and the flow of frames or temporal quanta. We leave this 6d at the moment because it is already very complicated to get an idea about it.

The relationship between planes, matrix spaces and dimensions is as follows. From the physical, etheric and local mental planes of each reality, only 4 dimensions can be perceived. So if you are in the physical plane as a human being, you are an elemental of nature or a local astral or mental entity, you can only perceive the 3d structure plus the movement of it in the temporal line in which you are like the 4d.

From the global mental plane that unites all the parallel realities of the planet and from the causal one can perceive the 5d, because you can see all the temporal lines that are flowing simultaneously in the lower planes. From the causal and higher mental, which are almost united, you see all the futures of all of humanity and of each person simultaneously and that is where the 5D sphere of consciousness of each human being is located.

From the higher planes we call buddhic, atmic, etc., more dimensions can be perceived but it is very difficult for the human brain to conceptualize them. Now, parallel dimensions. The use here of the word dimension is confusing, so we must speak of parallel realities, copies and clones of the previous structure existing parallel to each planetary sphere like ours, which has similar structures and laws of evolution.

The planes or levels of the planet should not be called higher dimensions but matrix spaces, or multidimensional planes, because they are energy structures that sustain life in each of these frequency levels although from each plane you can perceive more and more space-time dimensions. Then, the evolutionary level of each being depends on how many dimensions it is capable of holding or capturing with its sphere of consciousness, and depending on that, its “residence” is adapted to the lowest plane from where that number of dimensions is perceptible.

The subject is complex, and later we will break down these sections into smaller concepts and little by little we will be able to understand the structure of our planet, galaxy, universe, etc.

A hug,

David Topí

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Hailstones Melt

I relate to the explanation about the early manifestation of reptoid influence, and thank you very much for the explanation of the names of the various phases. It all makes complete sense. I have had a colour vision of one Reptilian who is actually a female Saurian. I relate to her as a Saurian. She had a gentle nature, and was of red and green colouring. I know her nature was gentle and not aggressive, because the image I saw of her was beaming (smiling big).

Thanks for sharing HM!