Last Quarter Moon Phase Begins | Astrology Forecast, July 6, 2018


last quarter moonWe are entering the last quarter moon phase today, a time to make readjustments if necessary to our plans and projects, perhaps through matters that have arisen from the last full moons cathartic energies.

This can also be a time to reap the rewards of what we have been working on or close off a project or plan.

This is not typically a favorable time for launching something new, as our “audience” may be critical or uninterested.

Yesterday was quite powerful with Rx Mars in Aquarius opposing Venus in Leo, bringing a bit more excitement than some of us may have wished for, but still rather a stimulating day for the emotions and self expression.

For many of us it was a positive and rather motivating day with Sun trine Jupiter. This energy is still around in fact.

Today Venus in Leo is trining Vesta in Sagittarius which is especially good for our self expression, helping us shine our inner light out for others to see and enjoy, encouraging them to reflect their own special qualities.

This aspect brings a sense of pride in self and our accomplishments without holding back on what we can offer, as Vesta when in a positive aspect will protect us on all levels of being, keep us strong and safe from harm even if on some level we feel afraid or uncertain.

It gives confidence to be exactly who we are in all our inner and outer glory.

This is strongest for Librans, Taureans, Leos, Sagis too,

Uranus however is conjunct to Juno so there is the unexpected around just now on family and relationship matters, security zones, old patterns too, as this aspect will reveal much, and shake us out of a rut regarding those security zones, as we may suddenly find out more than we had bargained for, so many of us could be changing habits , routines and even diets when we find out things are not quite as we had believed them to be.

The past comes knocking with this one but in ways that help us make a quantum leap into the future.

Aquarian and Taurean type people will feel this most but this one is for everyone as it involves outer planets

The Sun in quintile to both Juno and Uranus emphasises the above aspect and facts, a quintile being an aspect of empowerment and enhancement, meaning that whatever skeletons come out of the closet today – they are all good, all for the best.

The Sun and Uranus are telling us we are all part of the grand plan and that we are all equal, but at the same time we are unique beings with our own special talents, qualities and history, so this is a time to celebrate that.

Leos are very much included in whats going on in the heavens today along with the rest of us.

The moon is in Aries so it’s “Green lights go” for Arian people, and the rest of us can use the energy to make moves in the directions that feel right, but remember it is not the best time to launch any new projects at this stage but rather try to use the energy at present to carry on with current projects and enhance them if we need to – make the changes and feel proud of what we have done so far.


About Janne’s Astrology: Your birth chart is a map of the heavens when you were born as viewed from our home planet Earth. Culture and location can influence the differences in two people born at the same time on this planet. We use 10 planetary bodies including the sun and the moon to interpret a birth chart, also including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — relative new comers to astrology and there are still traditional astrologers who will not use them.

The planets have unique energies that affect us in similar ways that the moon does with tides and cycles here on earth, including tectonic plate movement. At the time of birth the heavens imprint our very natures and set the patterns for our future with “promised” events unfolding as the heavenly bodies continue to move around the zodiac in their transits, some moving faster than others.  Different astrologers use different methods, some taking into account the precession of the equinoxes, some using ancient techniques and some using more modern.  I use a mix of both.

You can find additional free astrological based forecasts from Janne via her Neptune’s Magic Facebook page here. Janne also offers detailed personal readings. You can find astrological discussions over on transients’ community forum, The Roundtable

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Thank you Janne. I always look forward to your astrology insights, they are comforting and helpful. Please do not stop. Hope you are managing the energies well.

I must admit the energies have been tough since the full moon for me as I struggle with Capricorn energies at times a lot due to my own planetary patterns…

Interesting! I struggle trying to understand somebody from that sign, tough period too (years actually) -specially for somebody like me from the sign of Aries.

I struggle with Capricorn energies at times a lot due to my own planetary patterns…

Oh bless your heart Janne. I am Capricorn with Cancer ascendant. That is tough too. You are Pisces are you not?


Janne said but if you are born early in the sign of Aries you are experiencing Saturn’s square aspect which will bring some chickens home to roost and a bit of hard work maybe Click to expand… Very good assessment Janne! Thanks! Not born early in the sign of Aries (12th degree actually), however, Saturn is currently opposing my natal Uranus in the 4th house (which incidentally trines my Moon in 12th and is in sextile to my Mercury in the 2nd -yeah a powerful configuration in my natal chart there giving me intuition, empathy, love for the occult/mysteries, etc.).… Read more »

i try to understand but astrology seems not my matter i understand the best, but i know my birthday approches, and i swith a lot from side to side
Yes, I’m hoping for a better 7 year period with Uranus in Taurus, specially when it hits consistently the Uranus-Mercury-Moon natal configuration mentioned above.

Here’s hoping for that too Carl!

Hailstones Melt
i try to understand but astrology seems not my matter i understand the best, but i know my birthday approches, and i swith a lot from side to side

Alain, are you on the cusp of Cancer/Leo in your sun sign?