First Concepts on the Restructuring of the Earth


First Concepts on the Restructuring of the Earth

In the previous article we had mentioned that we were going to deal with several blocks of concepts from a more technical point of view, to try to understand and express what changes occur in every system that is in position of changing evolutionary level, or change of cycle; we will begin today seeing some of the macro concepts that occur in every planetary system that goes through the same processes through which the Earth is passing, and it has to happen.

All planets are co-dependent

We have already talked, in articles of the year 2017, that the planet is co-dependent on other planetary spheres in an energetic framework where what can happen in one of them affects the rest. We have already commented that our solar system is governed by a major star system, in this case, our star depends on the “metaphysical,” “energetic,” “cyclical” and evolutionary level of Alcyone, the name we give to the central system of the constellation of the Pleiades. Therefore, all solar systems, and there are many, that are at the energy level linked under this central point of reference, are interdependent with each other and, therefore, as if it were a huge cosmic domino, what happens in a chip (planet) when it “falls” affects not only the solar system to which it belongs, but the entire domino (the set of all the planetary systems within the same star system -the one from Alcyone).

In this way, each planet within this chain cannot choose which rhythm to carry, when to move from one octave to another, when to make a “frequency” jump or when not to do it, or in any case only up to a certain point, since there are some margins that allow it to delay a little if necessary, as in our case, but, in general, it hits it when it hits it like a domino that cannot fall when it wants it but when the dynamics of the previous chip are pushed and the force to fall on it, and this in turn generates the movement to fall and influence the next one. When this happens, and is what has been happening forever, and is what is happening now, the planetary dynamics of level change must be executed by their logos (the souls-consciousness that govern these planetary bodies) so as not to damage or delay or create disharmony in the rest of the chain.

We are already in the note RE of the octave of change

At the point where we are now, the Earth is receiving the influence of the flows and energies that force it to change, causing that, in turn, the change of the Earth influences other planetary systems that need our passage of one structure to another to take advantage of the inertia generated between the electromagnetic fields of the planets to be able, in turn, to continue advancing.

The times of change are very broad from the human point of view, and can be understood as “windows” of passage within the octave for the structure of the Earth, not as something that happens in a day and you get up and suddenly the reality of your planet is different and we have all “ascended.” It does not work like this, it may be that for very high levels of our galaxy a change of these characteristics is a cosmic flicker, but for our planet it is a process of decades and we still have at least two to complete it.

How is this calculated? It is calculated, or better said, calculated by the Higher-Selves along with Kumar, as the planetary soul calls itself, according to the speed of modification of the structures of the entire planet within the octave of change. That is, if the evolutionary change begins in a DO, until it reaches the next “DO” of the next octave, it cannot be considered that our planet has completed the process of frequency hopping.

As now the planet is in the note RE of that change, according to the estimate of the Higher-Selves that are, we are, incarnating here, and according to the speed of change that has taken until now, we have said in several articles that it is estimated that we still have about 20 or 25 years until we reach the total transformation of the planet in the final “DO.” I hope you understand.

Readjust our entire structure to the “new” Earth

What do we do in all that time? For just as Kumar is preparing a whole new mental, etheric and physical framework that corresponds to the mental and etheric reality of the 15.6Hz matrix and, in the future, to the physical framework that does not yet exist but is “solidifying” and “Materializing” for it, we, already tuned to line 42, must adjust our entire structure completely, also, to the frequency equivalent of the mental structure of the new matrix to which we are already pre-tuned if we are on the line 42, to the frequency equivalent of the etheric structure of the new Earth if we are with the etheric body in line 42 and, for the moment, wait, because we have no physical structure for the new reality nor line 42 available for that plane.

Thus, the processes that we have explained throughout the past year to move our bodies to the timeline 42 have already tuned us to the lower minimal vibration of the line 42 to resonate with the mental structure 15.6Hz if we have our mental body in 42, with the appropriate etheric structure if we have the etheric body in 42 and, for the time being, with the energetic part of the physical body also tuned to line 42, since the “solid” part of our organic body cannot move to a time line that has no “physical” base substrate for it.

Diagram - First Concepts on the Restructuring of the Earth


                                                                                          Structure of the Earth “in formation” reality 15.6Hz

Current structure of the Earth,                                   Superior Planes – are the same as those of the m. 7.8Hz reality or “matrix” 7.8Hz                                   Mental Plane – already existing and formed

Superior Planes                                                              Etheric Plane – already existing and formed

Current Mental Plane      L42                                       Physical Plane – forming

Current Etheric Plane

Current Physical Plane

The structure on the right is superimposed on the left; they are not occupying two different places in space, but two different frequencies, therefore, one “co-exists” on the other at different vibrations to which we have not yet agreed to be able to “transfer” from one to another.

How to move a boat through a channel on two levels

As an example, so that it is better understood, when a ship has to pass through a channel that has one part at certain height and the other at a higher level, first the level of the lower channel in which it is located is elevated, the water going up to raise the boat to the level of the channel to which it has to cross. Then the floodgates are opened, and the ship, which has been “elevated” previously to the level of the site to which it will pass, can now cross when given permission to do so.

In the same way, we have to raise and level our mental and etheric structure with the mental and etheric structures of the destination point, something we are doing going up each time towards higher levels of the timeline 42 and, when the time comes, it will facilitate the “transfer” from one reality to another at the point when everything is ready for it.

The other bodies that we have not mentioned, the emotional one, for example, must also move to 42 and adjust to the frequency levels existing between the etheric and mental structure of reality 15.6Hz and, the causal one, adjusts to the frequency levels of the upper part of the mental structure of the 15.6Hz

In summary

Well, now let’s summarize to close loose ends

  • The soul-consciousness of the Earth is creating a new structure in all its planes because it is time, in order to sustain other evolutionary processes and other levels of consciousness and energy. For us, this structure we have called the matrix 15.6Hz due to the base vibration that it has (the equivalent to the Schumann resonance).
  • There is already a causal, mental and etheric structure for this new “reality.”
  • The missing process to complete the structure at 100% is the materialization and solidification of a “tangible” reality equivalent in all senses to the physical and material reality that we have now but at a base frequency that is double the base frequency standard for our current reality.
  • People who are on the path of change from one reality to another, from one evolutionary level to another, will have to adjust, are already adjusting, their causal, mental, emotional and etheric structure to the new frequencies, whose first step is the anchor to the timeline 42.
  • The physical and organic body is currently maintained in the current reality of 7.8Hz (or the vibration that it has at this time) although the energy part of the same physical body is also tuned in line 42 ready to be “anchored” to the future “solid” reality of 15.6 Hz when it is “ready”.
  • These changes occur in parallel with the current structure of the planet, for those on line 33 nothing changes, so they are still connected to the mental structure 7.8Hz, to the etheric structure of current reality and to the physical structure that now it is the only one that exists.

With this in mind, we will begin in the next article to discuss the changes in the planet in more detail to understand how a new reality is created over another already existing, and we will see some points of the processes that are currently underway on that 15.6Hz physical plane that is still under construction.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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