Space Weather & Earth Change News | Suspicious0bservers (Ben Davidson), June 8 2018


Here’s the last seven days worth of earth change and space weather news from  Suspicious0bservers (Ben Davidson). Ben is what the online community would consider an amazing self-taught expert on space weather, so while his short videos are informative from a news perspective, his interpretations of why things occur are priceless as he teaches us all so much about these aspects of life.

On top of space weather and earth changes, these videos from Suspicious0bservers cover additional areas including natural disasters, tsunami alerts, toxic spills and also energy from space — gamma ray bursts, galactic alignments, geomagnetic storms, coronal mass ejections (CME’s) and more.

Galactic Field, Volcano Update, Hurricane | S0 News Jun.8.2018

1) Energy from Space | The Shift Has Begun:
2) Earthspots:
3) When Volcanoes Almost Killed a Continent:
4) Electroquake | Amazing Story:
5) Top Science News Playlist:…

Today’s Featured Links: Exoplanet System:… Jupiter Lightning:… Mars Articles:…… Galaxy Field:

Little Ice Age, Angry Ben, Frack-Quakes | S0 News Jun.7.2018

Featured Today | Earthspots:

Today’s Featured Links: May US Climate:… Alpha Centauri:… Mysterious G-objects Hidden by Dust:… Hurricanes Slowing Motion:… Solar Wind to ENAs:… Bridges in Frack-Quakes: Little Ice Age Cooler Than Believed:

Problems in Science, Volcano Situations Worsen | S0 News Jun.6.2018

Today’s Featured Links: Carbon Dating Issue:… Systematic Cosmology Errors:… Mars Science Press Release:…

Geo-Engineering & Volcano News | Evening Update

Sun, Moon, Stars, Meteor Spotted Before Entry | S0 News Jun.5.2018

Today’s Featured Links: Maybe Not Planet 9:… Globular Cluster Surprise:… The Moon and The Day:… Massive Star Surprise: Mars Ice South Pole:… Suffer Dioxide Plume from Fuego:… 2018 LA:…

Geo-engineering Event, Volcano Alerts | S0 News Jun.4.2018

Featured Today ~ “When Volcanoes Almost Killed a Continent”:

Today’s Featured Links: Erg and Dark Hills:… Sept2017 GLE: Satellite Problem for CDM:

Meteors, Solar, Temperature Discrepancies | S0 News Jun.3.2018

Featured Today! Top Science News Playlist:…

Today’s Featured Links: Ion Charge and CME Strength: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Mexican Aurora in 1859: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Global Birkeland Currents: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Temp Discrepancies: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Canada Cosmic ray Monitoring:… Spring/Autumn geomagnetism:…

Geomagnetic Storm, Weird Space Image | S0 News Jun.2.2018

Today’s Featured Links: Pluto Dunes:… Hubble’s Multi-Interest Shot:…

Solar Eruption, CME, Big Hail, Bow Energy Transfer | S0 News June.1.201

Today’s Featured Links: Cosmic Collision:… One WIMP Takes a Seat: Solar Wind to Heat:… Gravitational Wave = Smallest Black Hole? [lol]…

Ben’s Links

For a ton of great videos, click our name and find the playlists at the bottom of the page!…

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Links for the News:
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GOES Satellites:
BARTOL Cosmic Rays:…
GONG Magnetic Maps:…
Kiruna SWx Station:…


Over on’s Forum, The Roundtable, we have a thread dedicated to incoming energies on our board, The Shift in Consciousness & The New Earth, where we keep an eye on all topics energy related. Feel free to drop by.

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Hailstones Melt
I loved having the links all in one place. I also note Ben’s indignation and anger and proactive phoning up the USGS got something changed in their reportage of the recent Kilauea events.
Thanks , Laron, so much info, and as Melt said, good to have it all in one place.
I love having feedback.

I know people don’t get time to follow some things every single day, and it can be hard to find the links he mentions for some, in each video. Hopefully this makes things much more convenient for people.

I also note Ben’s indignation and anger and proactive phoning up the USGS got something changed in their reportage of the recent Kilauea events.

He continues to make a difference!


I had a harder time than I ever would have thought finding his daily updates. So thanks for having found them and placed them ‘in order’. I haven’t had time to check these things much recently, so am glad to not have to spend what time I do have searching. Probably because it was on his home turf so he was able to be terrifically specific and precisely informed, I’d particularly loved his reporting of the ongoing Kilauea eruptions, how he links it to other events on other plates across the world, incoming galactic energy, etc. I look forward to… Read more »

Hailstones Melt
The ghost forest story of the CSZ was new to me. Thanks. The animation of the strength of the tsunami was very informative, especially how waves of greater than one metre would have hit parts of South East Asia below Japan, and all along the northern aspect of Papua New Guinea, with slightly less strong waves hitting the coast of northern Queensland in Australia. Then it makes you stop and think about those smaller island communities way out in the Pacific, like New Caledonia, etc.
I’ve listened to Ben for several years. He’s gone from someone pitching wild ideas to having them accepted by more established folks, which is a huge leap in such a short period. I’m always heartened with his sign off – "No Fear" – somehow I feel better able to walk out the door into whatever comes.