A Solar Flash: Be Ready For Some Unexpected Happenings


By guest contributor Broder BilalWe do not necessarily have messages but we are preparing greatly for those times that are ahead and certainly your next Advance.

And the next Advance is going to be determined by those things that do happen in the next several weeks here as we are finding it.

So be ready for some changes. Be ready for some unexpected happenings. As we said earlier be ready for the unexpected because that is what is coming for you.

Certainly in your next Advance it is going to be those things that are going to occur that will not be expected necessarily by most of you here. So just a hint as to what is coming”.

This is not a ‘the sun shining’ as you have come to understand it but an energetic event that is going to occur. A solar flash you might say that will occur. And this will happen over the entire planet over a period of time.

It will not be instantaneous although for some it will be instantaneous, if you can understand here. For some it will be a somewhat of a drawn out event, others it will be miraculously instantaneous.

And you will move into those higher vibrations in the very moment that you are in at that time. Others it will be a process over a period of hours even days here as we are finding it. This is what is coming here.

But not to say that The Event, as you’re saying, the solar flash, it will be preceded by many mini events as we have said before. Maybe even many mini solar flashes even. We cannot say directly how this is going to be though yet but it is going to be.

That is what you need to know. It is going to happen. It is a definite experience that is going to be had by all across the planet at once but it will be based on the individual’s particular journey within, at that time that they are experiencing it.

Broder Bilal


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