Manifestation From The Causal Plane


Manifestation From The Causal Plane

As we had seen in our “curriculum for the preparation of evolutionary change” from line 42, explanations about the rules that dictate how reality works and is structured are going to have an enormous weight in these first explanations that we are giving and publishing in the blog, well, let’s start to give some touches on new topics that we had pointed out as important in the face of that energetic preparation, mental and the rest of our configuration, necessary to understand the path that lies ahead. We begin then the deprogramming of another part of the mental configuration of the human being that, from its beginnings, has remained as part of the scaffolding that supports the deceit and the illusion that everything is as they have told us it is, being practically everything contrary to how actually “it is.”

Complicated structure of planes and frequency levels

We already know that our planet has a series of planes or frequency levels that interpenetrate each other, we see the physical plane as the solid substrate where our life takes place, then there is an etheric plane such as the “scaffolding” and structures behind the scenes of the “tangible” reality to the physical senses, then there is a mental plane as a “conceptual” origin of all those structures and, all of this, is sustained in an astral “field” that amalgamates the whole mental-etheric-solid framework as if it were an energetic mass that facilitates the work, communication and modification of the processes that occur between planes.

As many of you already know, besides, above in frequency of the mental plane there are other higher order structures and levels, but since they do not have so much direct effect on the reality of the human being, they are not so important when used by the de facto powers to insert, change or modify something that affects us all. When starting, the control system, any change that they want to execute in society in our collective unconscious from the mental plane, they insert in our mind and psyche the content of what they want to manipulate in people, and use our “inside” projector, the pineal, as emitter of the “waves” that give rise to reality, they have with those three levels of work all the necessary elements for the control and practically total management of all the areas of life on the planet.

The causal or spiritual plane

However, there is a higher level of play that is not contemplated by this control system or by the races that created us, because it was believed that no human being would ever be able to act from it and, therefore, they did not endowed it with structures of management and manipulation so rigid or permanent, thus allowing the “positive” forces to take control of those other planes since, not even the most advanced races that controlled us from the beginning of our creation as homo sapiens thought that they were going to need them. Thus, this higher level of play is found in the so-called causal plane, or spiritual plane, depending on the metaphysical line or school one can read or study, and it is the energy-dimensional-vibrational level located immediately above the mental plane.

This causal plane, for the human being, is a space where the archetypes and abstract and complex energetic forms are formed before falling towards the mental plane where they are endowed with the details, configurations and concrete structures, to then be built at the level etheric and finally appear as events, situations, and events at the physical level.

If we can work from the causal plane to execute changes in our reality, inserting higher and more abstract scenarios at the individual and planetary level, our lower bodies (mental, emotional, etheric and physical) will do the same job of reducing and lowering the necessary steps so that we can see the result in the “solid” plane, simply starting in a higher stratum, but less manipulated and distorted, the manifestation of them.

Easier to manifest events and less distorted

Since with the exercises of the previous article we have accelerated the processes of manifestation of the octaves that we emit, now it will be easier to execute the necessary changes in our reality, even working and starting everything from a plane above the mental plane from where we usually work normally, but much less manipulated and blocked, and from our causal body (much higher in frequency), with the assurance that we can sow the seeds of them in a more fertile environment by having a higher vibration, and be further from the scope and the automatic monitoring mechanisms of the mental plane and the collective unconscious.

This is so because due to the programming of the mental spheres, which constantly compare all the data, octaves, processes and other energy packages that enter our mental body through the senses and the collective unconscious, to make sure that they are in accordance with the limited parameters of the control system, everything that comes from the causal body directly to the etheric, skipping these controls, something that we will see now, can enter much cleaner and less manipulated in the processes of projection through our pineal gland. That is, we are going to change the location of the initial processes of what it is necessary to manifest, concretize or attract towards us asking our Higher-Self to insert them in the causal plane and redirect them towards the etheric plane, skipping the mental plane so that the automatic mechanisms that distort them in origin cannot do it.

This only serves for the processes that we have pre-programmed in our sacred plot, in our road map, that which corresponds to our mission of life, to our purpose, to that which we have chosen, selected, pre-planned before each incarnation and, therefore, we already have “designed” in other parts of us, and that are the scenarios and experiences, lessons and experiences that our Higher-Self is activating as those processes are being needed. In general, everything that is being implemented at a particular level by our Higher-Self is deposited as a data package in the part of the mental plane that corresponds to the individual reality of each one, and that is when they fall towards our “day to day” once these data packages are already at the physical level, giving us situations that, sometimes, surprise us because of their synchronicity, importance, and opportunity.

Identical process but from a higher level

Since the causal plane has the same capacity as the mental to manage this, but has no control mechanisms to filter these packages, what we will do is to start manifesting them from this level, skipping the mental (the causal is a “superior” mental plane), and downloading them to the etheric and the physical following the standard protocols and having removed part, we hope, of the filters and programs that slow down their manifestation, we will find them easier and faster in our tangible reality.

Therefore, for this, the request to our Higher-Self is as follows:

I request that all the processes present in my sacred plot, aligned with my mission of life, purpose, service, evolutionary experiences and that are part of my “evolutionary curriculum” for this incarnation, be moved to the causal plane, reconstructing and reorganizing the manifestation processes of the octaves of these events skipping the energetic lanes of the mental plane and lowering them directly to the etheric plane to continue with its crystallization towards the physical. I request that the programs be reconfigured in my mental spheres that manage the manifestation of these processes so that they monitor and coordinate the passage of the octaves that I issue from the causal to the physical plane. Thank you.

Again, this is a job of several days or even weeks, making the request several times and controlling the % of it that has been completed with your Higher-Self, until it indicates that 100% of it has already been completed and that all the processes of your sacred plot have been moved to the part of the causal plane that corresponds to your particular reality and that the programs in the mental spheres that manage them have been corrected and updated to be able to track them. Do not stop working with your Higher-Self to adjust all this to your particular needs and thus be able to refine the details and ways in which everything that is necessary for your growth arrives in the fastest and least distorted way possible.

 A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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