Time to Empty the Mind Clutter | Astrology Forecast, June 7th 2018


Mercury is extra busy while in Gemini, and almost every day s/he is off on a new adventure searching out various corners of the solar system, even beyond, and today is no exception as s/he joins with the Sun, and together they square Neptune.

This is heady stuff, the stuff that dreams are made of in fact, or for some total delusion.

Neptune brings a calming watery solace to the “air” of Mercury/Gemini and the fire of the sun, quietening down the psyche long enough to plumb the depths of our intuition and listen to our higher selves, although there’s choices there too as Gemini is a dual sign so we can take a quick escape route from all the talk and hype around, or we can use our intuition and call on our innermost wisdom from our higher self to answer any multilevel dilemmas or difficult questions.

It’s definitely time to take a moment for many of us, simply to avoid confusion, and for others it’s time to clear the mind and get rid of clutter as there’s been far too much of it lately.

Pisces, Leos, Virgos and Geminis will feel this the most but because it involves the Sun, it’s an aspect we can all enjoy and make use of.

It’s excellent for spiritual matters, creativity and all other Piscean pursuits.

For those of the addictive or escapist personality, you have choices!

The last quarter moon phase begins today which is always a time for readjustment and/or review that has developed through the extremely active Gemini time of multitasking, which for some has caused a crisis in consciousness, although I blame it on Uranus in Taurus, as it seems to have driven some of us a bit crazy, me included, so time out is good!

So let’s take time to reap the rewards of whatever we have put most effort towards lately , also if we need to, to close a project or plan.

This is not a time to start something new but focus on finishing what we already started, as if we begin something it won”t be taken too much notice of by others as all we will get is criticism or disinterest.

A word about the next two days as tomorrow Mars will be conjunct the south node in Aquarius.

The south node acts a bit like Saturn and is a kind of karmic point, so it causes a block, a stuck place or obstacle to overcome – especially for Aries and Aquarians, but a good thing is that while you are hanging around waiting, you may meet someone who can show you the way, but perhaps a different path to what you had thought, and there maybe a strange recognition or attraction there.

Maybe at the least you will learn something.

If you were born near the end of January or around the 27th at least – this could be more so, or maybe even the end of July.

As the moon will also be in Aries tomorrow, the obstacle or person in your path could make you feel impatient or annoyed or both, but soak up the lessons as there are bound to be some, especially for any of us who are rushing towards our future far too quickly.

Just take a moment, see what arises.


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Enjoy the couple of days time out, and I’m sending you some love.

Mind clutter – I did not think I had so much until these last couple of days. Feels like the stuff in the back of the closet was moved out. At the same time, I met someone who’s given me a sense of renewed direction. Weird times to say the least.
At the same time, I met someone who’s given me a sense of renewed direction.

It’s great when this happens.