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48 In the “Evolutionary Spiral” you speak of separation of the energetic components in death. Is it possible for a body to remain alive due to the collective unconscious of the family but the person is no longer there?

Upon the death and loss of the physical body, which again disintegrates in its constituent atoms and particles, the soul “comes out” and carries away the etheric, emotional, mental and causal body. The etheric in a few days disintegrates also, then, later, in the same way the emotional and the mental do it, leaving only the causal body as the “suit” that the soul uses in the called (in the linear perception of time) periods between lives. If one of these bodies does not disintegrate and some entity uses it to disguise itself, then we have the concept of seeing a relative who is not such, but an entity that has taken for example the etheric body of a person and uses it as a camouflage, preventing it from decomposing. It is not a process that has to do with the family’s collective unconscious, but something that has made it survive and endure some of the subtle bodies of the person artificially instead of letting them disintegrate following normal processes. On the other hand, what can happen is that, in the family’s collective unconscious, if a loved one dies and there are powerful enough mental forms created by the rest of the family members about that loved one, an egregor can be manifested associated with that person by those who think, feel, suffer their loss, etc., being in this case not a subtle body of the deceased person, but a mental and emotional energetic manifestation by those who have lost someone and unwittingly emit an energetic accumulation that it ends up forming “something” that is associated with the deceased relative and that can have an autonomous semiconscious giving the impression that it is the relative or the beloved person, but not being more than an egregor generated by the family’s collective unconscious. In these cases, its dissolution and disintegration is recommended with a simple request to the Higher-Self of any of the family members.

49 Do the filters, blocks, implants and systems imbued in me at the brain level, which you mention in your last article, have mechanisms for protection and reinstatement?

Some of them do, others do not, because they are replaced by programs that perform a similar function and with almost the same effect, therefore, it was not considered necessary to reconstruct them if they had “backup” programs that could do the same function. To check if a program that you have eliminated has been reconstructed, ask your Higher-Self for some kind of signal in your reality, that if something you had removed is back, that it shows you XX and then you will know that you have to execute the request again and add that what allowed it to be rebuilt is also eliminated. In general, it does not have to happen, our Higher-Self takes care of it up to the level at which it is possible for the evolutionary state of its “earthly” part, so, if it has happened, it is because it could not be reached further and remove these reconstruction mechanisms when the work of deprogramming them was done.

50 The experience and research has led us to realize that all those considered “annoying” by those who govern even the structures of this system, receive 24/7 a disruptive wave coming from an antenna-type transmitter. How can we protect ourselves? And, can we erase the identifications that identify and tune us?

The structure of the surveillance and control system is so complex and reaches so far into the heart of our lives, that few people would believe it if they explain to us that practically everything that is part of the “technological” complex of our society is used against us. From appliances that emit frequencies that we do not perceive but that damage our energy system, to mobile antennas, television, radio, and even streetlights that are equipped with certain “chips” capable of emitting all types of radiation that is not detectable but harmful to society. Many of these systems are under the control of a few groups that can access, with technology that we cannot even imagine, the surveillance and monitoring of each and every one of us, returning again, to give us the impression that science fiction movies have taken over our minds and we have become paranoid. Just to mention it, movies are always based on what exists, what is already implemented or exists somewhere on Earth or the Solar System or the galaxy, there is nothing invented, because due to certain evolutionary “rules”, even the “power” has the obligation to show what exists, even if it is under the mask and presumptions of fiction, but with a great substrate of reality. So, the way to protect ourselves from it is tremendously difficult. You cannot protect yourself from what you do not know and you cannot protect yourself from what you do not believe is a threat or is being used against you. You can elevate and reinforce your energy system to the point that your subtle structure is robust, you can reinforce and maintain in good shape your physical system so that your cells and your chemical body do not get sick easily under electromagnetic radiation and you can ask your Higher-Self for reinforcement of your natural psychic shields, ruled by the etheric pancreas. In this way, your etheric pancreas generates a type of electromagnetic field that overlaps your aura and your subtle bodies, endowing you with natural energetic shields, very weak in most people, because of ignorance, because the physical pancreas is not too well, etc. All this combined; good physical health, good energy health, and increased natural shields, facilitate or minimize the effect of the generic attacks we receive constantly. Then, if the attack is individualized towards a person because of the type of code it has, then it is a matter of preparing defensive measures with your Higher-Self and your “work team”, those “guides” that assist each human being to find the way to counteract it more effectively.

51 The phonetic association of the frequency of the spirit of the Earth could be interpreted as “Kumar”. From that perspective, could each of the ‘Higher Selves’ have a “name”? And maybe we could stop calling our highest part in such “generic” way?

It is correct, Kumar is the name that the spirit and consciousness of the Earth gives itself, and it means “young”, because it is one of the most “young” planetary logos of the entire solar system. Gaia, on the other hand, is a name invented by James Lovecock, the forerunner of the theory that Earth is a conscious being, and then other cultures have given different names to the planetary soul such as Pachamama and so on. In the same way, each Higher-Self has a name, and the only way to know it is for the personality to ask, therefore, in order to obtain the name that the consciousness of your Higher-Self gives itself it is necessary to have a fluid level of “communication” from the personality to the Higher-Self to obtain it and stop calling Higher-Self to that higher part of each one.

52 How can we clean the gold cord or Hara line?

A simple request to the Higher-Self is enough, or a visualization and the intention to do it. The golden cord is born in the Center of Universal Consciousness, located in the center of the ninth chakra, approximately one meter from the head and in the center of the sphere of consciousness, then it has a point of connection in the 8th chakra, it enters through the Seventh, connect with the thymus, with the lower tantian, exits through the first chakra and connects with the energetic core in the center of the planet. If the gold cord is damaged or distorted in any of those points, a visualization is enough, a request to restore it or the order to the Higher-Self to restored it by eliminating the distortions, blockages and energy leaks present in it is sufficient.

53 Could you remind me in which way through the pineal we can accelerate the synchronizations?

Enhancing the emission of “mental” packages that contain the information of what you want to manifest, something like a visualization and conscious intention to emit more strongly, and not unconsciously, what you need to attract synchronistically to your life. If you need an object, element, person, encounter, experience, resource, etc., simply imagine putting “that” in a data package in your mental body, give the order to the pineal to pick it up with “priority” (it is all a question of intention and internal visualization) and “issue it” with all the intensity you can, as if you were throwing a stone away, but with the mind. Read the last article on how to manifest from the causal plane and the previous how to accelerate the octaves and processes of manifestation of reality and you already have all the necessary tools to empower and give you more control over your personal reality.

54 My question is how to manage in the best way the constant energy attacks and different types of entities that are lurking daily as obsessions, psychic attack entities etc. Thank you.

Energetic attacks, manipulations of reality, the dysfunctions that occur in our lives are worked with energy techniques, psychic self-defense or healing when the damage is already done. The question is to learn why they come, from where, what access doors they have in us, what “pending lessons” and what motives are there for those possible attacks, manipulations and disruptions. Everything serves to learn something, everything brings a certain type of knowledge and experience and it is important to know why we are going through a type of situation as an attack to be able to understand what lessons are associated to our Higher-Self. Then, once you understand the “why” of something, simply with the experience “collected”, it is relatively straightforward to learn to block, defend or cancel the attack with the help of your Higher-Self and your guides.

A hug,

David Topí

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