Uranus Into Taurus, Part 2



Happy New moon Taureans and what a new moon AND new beginning it is with all that is happening in your sign just now.

For Taureans and also the rest of us, and in a more general sense – this is the best new moon to take care of business, as in actual business, or property matters, or anything that pertains to our security zones.

This is the money and values new moon.

For Taureans, their values and their lifestyles will be undergoing some major readjustments in the weeks, months and years to come, depending on where in the sign you were born.

This automatically effects all the other fixed signs too, Scorpios, Leos and Aquarians with more focus on Aquarians, and with Scorpios, they are still under the protection for the most part of the feisty and fun loving Jupiter, which is also bringing a certain independence and restlessness to that sign. Jupiter is bringing “more” of everything to Scorpios and most of it is a good thing.

But Uranus entering Taurus tomorrow will bring in the long term, change to them too, especially in relationships and in their future path.

Taureans themselves, as with most of the fixed signs do tend to resist change if they can as they prefer a stable and comfortable life. But change can be good and for the better.

Wherever Taurus falls in our natal or solar charts is where we all begin to feel some stirrings of rebellion and change in the next few days, and it is definitely new beginning in those areas of our lives, no matter what part of a sign we are born in.

For an example- for me this is my fifth house of children, social life and romance so maybe I will have a few shakeups there or hear of the same for my children in the coming months/years.

In my solar chart, which is what sunsign astrologers use- this would be my communication/education sector as I am Pisces so this means more technology and being on media more perhaps, having to get used to new systems of communication and having unexpected news. Travel too could also crop up now and again. More air travel is a given in fact.

Taureans will be starting to get used to the unexpected too in the times ahead, and moving more into the modern world of the future, and will be trying to keep up with technology and science a bit more for sure.

Moving more into the modern world will also affect another Taurean area, that of farmers in a general sense, more so market gardeners and orchardists which would also cover vineyards, where there will be many developments too, scientifically and otherwise.
What we grow will have more meaning than before.

There will be new food preparation technology including robots and possibly more synthetic foods, more modern advice on nutrition too and how it can help with our health. (About time)

Radical changes in the type of food we eat and how it is packaged and sold will occur in the times ahead, with new scientific evidence providing the catalyst.

It’s already been announced that body parts are being printed out to aid Doctors and students in operations, and fairly soon it will be the same for printed body parts being used much more that at present to actually preserve life.

Taurus IS about clothes and fashion and how we look so we can expect some very different clothing in the coming years- some fashionable and some not- different jewelry to before, and also I am sure there will be more body art, on our actual skin even, in whatever form, perhaps permanent or perhaps not.

Our personal values are going to change quite radically either through personal choice or through circumstances that develop in the coming years.
Lifestyles will have a different focus socially.

New technology involving our senses- our sight especially is not far away now as Taurus has a lot to do with our eyes, what we see and how we see it so Virtual reality technology, holograms and more will reach us in our own homes before too long moreso even than now.

And Eye health will be so much better than before.

Climate change will escalate as sea temperatures rise around the world. We already have more rainfall or heavier rainfall, storms and cyclones coming to various parts of the world in a new cycle happening more often and in new locations.

As Taurus is about the earth itself there are going to be more volcano explosions, more sink holes and more EQs, some in new locations.

As always these will be triggered by lunations, eclipses, Perigee and Apogee moons.

Other areas I have thought about is how art, sculpture in particular which will be used in new ways to signpost different cultures around the world in ways to make them better understood.

Art could be more random also which brings to mind crop circles appearing more and more as this is a very “Uranus in Taurus” energy.

More signs on the actual earth of Aliens are more than likely, and I would like to predict that in this next 7 years we will actually get to meet in person actual people from other planets as I know they are here already.

From what I understand of energies there should be a freer or more widely spread and healthier attitude towards sexual expression.

Also towards gender equality with equal pay for men and women no matter what career it is.

I have mentioned the world economy a few times as that is going to undergo massive changes as well – as banking becomes more electronic.

So these are some of the changes to happen in the times ahead and I am sure I will think of more possibilities as we get more into the energy of this change.

At present we are seeing the results of new political moves by certain world powers which will also continue to come to a head in the times ahead as they are at this new moon, as Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are also part of this scenario in an earth sign, so Uranus in Taurus long term will join with and support their efforts to help sort out long term issues between different cultures of the world and different beliefs which is really all about struggles for land and power where the poorer minority groups suffer and feel oppressed although that is a simplistic view of the very complex dynamic that exists on our planet at present.


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Sounds like we are entering into some interesting times. I just read about lab grown meat & how cattle ranchers want it labeled as fake meat.
Those are some good tips; thank you.
I have been preoccupied with my son’s 4th birthday & traveling. He is a Taurus. How would my 4 year old be influenced by this? He has been more stubborn than usual lately.
The last time Uranus moved into Taurus was in 1941. WOW! Think about all that happened in 1941.
Glenda Ann

Janne said You are so right with this Anaeika and this sort of thing has been happening for a while but will be moreso now. And good to hear from you on here by the way! In fact we all need to take notice of what we hear on the news when a powerful outer planet changes signs as it is bound to be connected to the sign or planet in energy, such as, there is lately a lot on our media, TV news etc, about neck and spine injuries caused by electronic devices as kids now are always looking… Read more »

Glenda Ann

I had an inner sort of breakdown of some old stuff that was clearly affecting me. A lot of purging. Agh it’s hard work sometimes moving on up! In hindsight i see It was very Uranus In Taurus. Nothing happened on the exterior but a lot on the inner. On the outer, I noticed there has been a consciousness change in other countries, Germany, UK etc in NOT following the US’s agressions for once wrt Iran and in condemning the Israeli situation more strongly. The usual backers of US agressive machinations failed to show up for once. Maybe related to… Read more »

Anaeika. It was 1934 in fact that the last 7 year cycle of Uranus began in Taurus and covered the fascist years of Hitler. I wrote about it in another post a week or so back, not sure if it was posted on here or not.
On the matter of your son maybe you could email me.

Thanks you. Different astrologers provide different dates, but I trust you are accurate as you do it all by hand.