How Uranus into Taurus Will Affect Aquarians And More


As we assimilate the brand new energies permeating throughout our solar system and rocketing down to our planet to permeate through us, there is still more to assimilate as the New moon acts as a trigger for any aspects personally or globally at a given time, so the effects stretch out around the new moon for several days either side of the event.


Today the Sun which is about world leaders is conjunct Sedna, a planet named after the Inuit Goddess of sea and marine animals, also known as the Mother of the Sea or Mistress of the Sea.

Sedna was tragically betrayed by her father in the myth but carried on to provide her people with food and is one of the caretakers of humanity and this planet. The myth includes some cruelty and great storms, but the basis is about betrayal or victimisation by a patriarchal power

Individually it’s about a great need to lurch out of a rut.

This is happening round 26 degrees Taurus so the Sun or planets there, could mean a person needs to look at areas where they have been a victim and work on that and stand up for themselves and others too if they have to for the good of all concerned.

It could also involve a feeling of being betrayed for certain Taurean types, and needing to do something about it. This would apply to Taurean ascending signs too.
But others of us could feel this as its global.

But I am thinking in term of world leaders there has been a certain arrangement, a certain promise made that could be reneged on which involves two world leaders, as already there are hints of the same, so this speaks of betrayal which could have dire consequences.

But let’s hope not.

Venus opposes the Galactic centre today from Gemini.

The GC is always a point of interest, as whenever this centre is activated it IS important to stay well grounded, focusing on our base chakra to anchor the input and ourselves as best we can, as this is powerful stuff, stirring up our electrical nervous systems of the body, which are very “Uranian”, and also as far as the grounding is concerned, very Taurean.

So good luck to Geminis, Taureans and Librans with this, and Sagittarians too, and all of us in fact.

As if we don’t have enough going on already and especially the above signs!

We are all being driven to look at the bigger picture at present and assimilate a lot of changes in our own personas and values, as well as stay grounded in our bodies.

This is not so easy when we are fragile human beings with emotions and limited brain power.

The 3 dimensional world is very difficult to exist in at times so we have to call on other more hidden aspects of self to cope, and of course our good old Higher self, even though s/he can only do “hir” best to keep us sane and centred, as the line of communication between that higher aspect of self and us is not always easy to access and requires a heap of trust and readjusting of our own neurological circuits. ( also ruled by Uranus)

Which brings me to Aquarians and Aquarian ascending signs.

Your planet has just changed signs and you also have Mars in your sign so you are getting a double whammy of electric energy lately.

Be prepared to rebel against just about everything that has been annoying you lately as you are being pushed to change the status quo and this could have some consequences at least but the end results will be good.

In fact you will get a second chance on many things from the 26th May when Mars retrogrades until the 27th August and will stay in your sign until Nov.

The focus is almost more on your sign than Taurus at present especially if you have Aries connections or Mars strong in your chart such as on your MC or Ascending sign.

With your planet now in an earth sign you will find that everything you have been trying to achieve will become easier over time as Taurus brings you more focus on the more grounding and security orientated areas of your life, also on your lifestyle, diet, creative abilities and more.

You become a little more “Taurean” yourself in fact.

So you are looking at new opportunities, new support systems, opportunities to be part of new teams or groups too, and to be able to enjoy life in different ways and feel more satisfaction than you have for some time without the constant competition of more dominant types of people to deal with OR such a busy routine.

Take some time for this energy to settle and then go for Gold Aquarians ! (And Aquarian “types”)


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This Aquarian thanks you for that stellar insight (and my Taurean husband & son would too!)