Twin Flames Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality | May 11, 2018


Deck: Tarot of the Hidden Realm
Spread: External Reading


The tarot reading for twin flames on the way to each other this week will be a sequel to the story we presented the last time. We had the first encounter of a pure Source energy form with a godly figure, and now we will continue with the time shortly after we have our twinned energy fully formed as a soul (together with a few others in a batch).

Once again, we have the Emperor Odin as a central figure because new souls are so important that they have to receive some attention coming from a very high place. He is joined by a very young but very High Priestess who will be given a special task related to the Sun twin souls and the others in the group.

“You asked to see me?” says the High Priestess as she enters the room. She looks at the Emperor bravely into his eye. No fear, just respect and curiosity.

“Yes, thank you for coming so quickly. We have a group of newly formed souls that require a prime mentor.”

“Who were the creator gods involved in the sealing of the energy as souls?” she asks quickly, without even taking the time to consider the assignment.

The Emperor reminds himself how different her energy feels as compared to his. His temperance and stability is contrasted by her liquid fire of emotions and impatience. “Horus and Sekhmet. Horus quite openly recommended you, as an upholder of a high standard of exploration of Source, although he admits it may be because you remind him a bit of his twin soul Sekhmet. Anyway, he thought it would be a valuable experience for you too, teaching you the value of patience.” He chuckles.

“I can’t wait to begin, can I see them already?” The High Priestess jumps in the air, clearly demonstrating none.

“Of course, they are in the other room.” Odin leads her and opens the door for her. The bright light blinds her for a few seconds. Then, she focuses on the soul just in front of her, the one the story is really about.

“Those are twins! It is so good for them to have twin flames as their creator gods,” she exclaims.

“The feminine aspect reacted very strongly to Freya before the soul formation, and so did the male to Sekhmet’s flamboyance. I think they will like you very much.”

“I feel the chemistry already!” exclaims the Priestess.

“You know, I feel they are very lucky to have you as a primal mentor. Sometimes the energy calls for a darker one. But not this one. Those souls will explore darkness, even use its powers against itself. I predict it will be something beautiful to behold.”

But the High Priestess is not really listening to him. She steps forward and puts her hand on the dual Sun soul. Her hand touches it, causing sparks to flow all over the hall. She manages to capture the interest of the soul aspects inside, but she gets an unexpected message by them. “We like you, but please don’t talk to us, we only want to be aware of each other.”

The High Priestess laughs. “These guys are going to give me an easy time for now.”

Then, she proceeds to the next soul.

Love and Blessings,

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“We like you, but please don’t talk to us, we only want to be aware of each other.”

I love it! Many thanks!

Love the story continuation!
Love the story continuation!

Thank you. Does it bring memories of your soul creation?

I have had a sense of "Please do not talk to me I only want to be aware of my vastness"
Could that mean you are a single soul? There is actually nothing wrong with that. I think the widely spread opinion that twins are super special and related to some number (144 000) is wrong.

What I also get is that sometimes souls start their journey as singles but then they decide to "twin" themselves with another soulmate.

Very interesting Out of Time. I think I just want to savour my connection with Source and that is going to happen regardless of whether I am a single soul or twin soul. But the whole concept fascinates me too.