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Ramtha:- “There was a great and glorious time when the aristocrats lived in a place called Pompeii. They took their summer vacations there, irrespective of where they were living.

It didn’t really make any difference because their holidays were more important than the possibility of this brewing tiger.

This volcano was alive and smoking and rumbling for the longest time.

It didn’t stop their sojourn to their holidays”. – Ramtha, Last Waltz Of The Tyrants, P 132

The neighboring city has since been excavated, revealing some of the bodies of those who perished.

Ramtha:- Why should it be such a terrible thing that so many perished in the eruption at Pompeii, because it is not as if they didn’t know. They did. So it is by choice, always has been.

There are very few of you in this country that are not aware of where you live and what you are living on, to be precise. There are not very many of you who don’t realize that the violent changes in nature will always affect the feeble, screaming, crying, unfortunate man, but he has not been betrayed by nature.

He has been betrayed by his own arrogance, his altered ego, and his image by simply refusing to change.” – Last Waltz Of The Tyrants, p 132.

Kilauea Eruptions – Earthquakes

These days, more than one volcano is coming to life again, or at least warning that a major eruption could be imminent.

In Hawaii, the Kilauea volcano has become more active than usual, accompanied by earthquakes that have measured up to M6.9 (initially said to be a M7.0, but then downgraded by the USGS).

Early reports said 10,000 people had been ordered to evacuate, but that figure, according to mainstream sources, is now around 1500 – most from the Leilani suburb where lava has erupted through new fissures, threatening to engulf a number of homes.

Quoting Erik Klemetti, a volcanologist at Denison University, says “Right now, the U.S. Geological Survey is still trying to understand the new fissure. If the lava flow stabilizes, residents could return to unharmed homes in a week or two. But if the new fissure follows a pattern set by other fissures on Kilauea, then the evacuation could ‘last for a prolonged period of time,’”

Ramtha:- “Nature, being a forward-thrust motion called life, has taken upon itself in so many ways the necessary elements to do something about its own physical misery.

“The last time I spoke and addressed change, the days to come, I spoke of many things that would happen in the environment. All but two of those things have come to pass.

“The weather is changing. You have seen that now in hindsight. The Earth is moving. The stratosphere has to heal itself or all of its lifeforms upon this Earth will not be able to tolerate the radiation.


“The Earth is in the throes of great change, more profound than it has been since the convulsions of its birthing.

“It has to make changes in order for it to continue to live.” – Ramtha, Last Waltz Of The Tyrants, p 76.

The Dutchsinse Channel

Dutchsinse is a man who often questions the official version of events, saying the mainstream media is inclined to downplay what’s happening while the USGS is given to reducing initial reports of the magnitude of an earthquake.

He has a YouTube channel where he often presents a live commentary on what is happening by way of earthquakes and volcanic activity around the world. He sees the tectonic plates as being interconnected, so that a disturbance in one place transfers a shock effect elsewhere.

Without saying it is anything like a forecast, he has noted that there are some similarities between events that preceded the M9.0 ‘quake that devastated Japan’s Fukushima area in 2011, and what is transpiring in Hawaii.

He is concerned that the M7.0 earthquake, in such close proximity to the Kilauea eruption which has caused its crater walls to collapse substantially while the magma drains and flows through new fissures underground, could be a forerunner to a M9.0 earthquake in the nearby pacific.

Live Earthquake Monitor

If you’re interested in keeping an eye on earthquakes as they happen – and where they happen – you can download a free version of the software Dutchsinse uses.

I have it running on my desktop to keep an eye on the current activity at the Kilauea volcano, where, as you can see from the long white spike, literally hundreds of M2.0 and above earthquakes are currently happening within days, hours and sometimes minutes of each other.

Of note too is the oddly mirrored series to the east on exactly the same latitude, but in the Atlantic ocean.

These screen-capture images are a little blurry, but zooming in and also using Google Earth (right image) they reveal that the recorded Atlantic earthquakes have been happening over the past several days in the vicinity of Puerto Rico. There are some deep trenches and tectonic plate junctions nearby, and a number of underwater volcanoes as well. You can download the 3D Earthquake software here.

Alternatively, Dutchsinse has his YouTube channel running 24/7. He’s not always on live personally, but this image shows that you can go full-screen in a new tab or window and watch the globe rotate while the list on the right scrolls up and reveals each new earthquake as it happens. This is his channel – Earthquake 3D Live Seismic Stream – LIVE EARTHQUAKES 24/7

Massive NZ Sinkhole

Further evidence of the way the Earth is under stress and changing minute by minute….At the other end of the Pacific, a huge sinkhole has opened up overnight in the volcanic soil of New Zealand’s geothermal Rotorua region.

As much as 70 ft deep, it has revealed strata going back 60,000 years, including ash deposited from one of the world’s biggest caldera eruptions.

Using a camera-mounted drone, some quite spectacular footage has been captured by New Zealand’s 1NewsNow. (Video Link)

That fissure opened up after a night of extremely heavy rain – but it must have been edging toward cracking apart for a very long time.

Ramtha – Volcanic Activity and Plate Tectonics

“The Ring of Fire happens to be a very big zipper that goes all the way around the world, and it is the dynamics of a process called plate tectonics.

“The activity of the plates or the zippers is what allows the Earth the continuum of evolutionary progression, for as the plates move into the compressed outward surface of the Earth, they are changed and transformed and come up again renewed, reinvigorated.

“At the present moment every continent on the face of your Earth is in movement.

“They are all moving more rapidly than has ever been recorded before because the landmasses are floating according to the movement of the zippers, and they are all activated”.- Ramtha, Last Waltz Of The Tyurants, pp 76/77.


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About the Author
Michael Knight (no relation to Ramtha’s channel, JZ Knight) started his international journalism career in New Zealand in 1960. He has been a student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) since 1988 and now lives in Washington state. USA. He is president of North Star Publishing Inc, and Editor of the weekly subscription-based North Star Newsletter. Michael Knight is also author of the new book, President Trump And The New World Order: The Ramtha Trump Prophecy (Kindle Edition Print Edition).

Reprinted with permission. Some of the contents of this article are based on Ramtha Dialogues®, a series of magnetic recordings registered with the United States Copyright Office, and books published by JZK Inc, used by the author with permission from JZ Knight and JZK, Inc. For more information about Ramtha’s teachings contact: Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, PO Box 1210, Yelm, WA 98597, USA.

For further earth change discussion, head on over to transients’ community forum, The Roundtable.

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She’s gonna blow! USGS raises warning to its highest level and says ‘major eruption’ of Kilauea volcano is imminent as huge ash plume billows 12,000 FEET into the sky…RED-ALERT-major-eruption-Kilauea-volcano.html

View attachment 4487

I checked US news outlets, and this time the info has gone national.

The juxtaposition of the photos is amusing – nothing is going to slow down that golfing trip.

Here in the UK, the Daily Mail leaves a lot to be desired, it’s almost as bad as the Daily Express. Perhaps i’d better switch to The Guardian, but then I’d be labelled a lefty, rather that a righty, and I’m not either.
well that person who masteres to film that at the blow up has an oscar, those things show over and over again that we can’t control nature
It blew this morning – ash cloud 30,000 feet and shooting out rocks and boulders. People who did not evacuate are told to shelter in place.…explosively-summit-sending-huge-plume-ash-sky

The juxtaposition of the photos is amusing – nothing is going to slow down that golfing trip.

These guys probably figure if that thar thang blows they might as be golfing when it happens. Either way their toast until they leave the area. Speaking if that looks like it time to pack up the game and leave the island. Is the big K voting them off the island?

One side effect could mean very colorful sunsets/sunrises one this ash reaches the continent.
Here in the UK, the Daily Mail leaves a lot to be desired,

I use it for the photography and dramatic headlines. :-D Very entertaining.

My wife likes Saturdays edition for the weekly TV schedules. I just do the sudokus, kakuros and codewords (I wish they would include killer sudokus, at least you have to think about those).
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