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New delivery of the questions that you have sent me through twitter.

24 I would like to know the difference that exists between soul and spirit, I do not have it very clear.

The structure of the human being is based on a superposition of different “layers” or bodies that endow us with different capacities and functions to interact with each of the Earth’s planes. Of these bodies, called subtle bodies, we have nine and acting as “coordinators” of the whole we have two bodies that we call them soul and spirit in our terminology. The soul is the “coordinator” and liaison body between the Higher-Self and the personality, so that, the soul, for most people, is the “conscious” part of us that is formed in the first incarnation we have in this planet and that it has under its control, or should have, the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and causal bodies. In general, this is the structure that the human being owns since the structure of superior level is not developed practically in any of us. However, we have said that we had nine potential bodies, so another “higher” coordinator is necessary, which is another body that acts as a link between the Higher-Self and the soul, and which we call “spirit”. This body, if it is present and crystallized, because again, few people have it, it would coordinate the soul plus the lower bodies, and in addition it would have to its charge, if the person has them, the remaining bodies that form us: the emotional superior or buddhic, the intellectual superior or atmic, the spiritual superior or adic and the solar body. Since these last bodies do not exist and the spirit does not exist in the vast majority of human beings, the Higher-Self connects directly with the soul and personality through the sphere of consciousness and through the Higher-Self-soul channels that we have by default. In any case, the only problem is the terminology, because each book, belief system or philosophy uses these two terms for different things, so, in one place soul means one thing and spirit another, and in the next place they change the concepts for the same names. Keep then the knowledge of the structure we have and how to coordinate its operation and know what I mean in the blog when I use soul and spirit to designate this part of the human being.

25 In your book “The Evolutionary Spiral” the creator god of humanity, and benefactor of it, is Enki which equates to Lucifer. Enlil would be equivalent to Yahweh, and his desire is to use and subdue humanity. Could you give more details? There is not much documentation about it.

The Anunnaki are a complicated and complex race to understand, when they came and arrived to our planet more than 30 million years ago there was nothing on Earth, no kind of conscious life (the planet was terraformed and there were only the kingdoms of nature) so they themselves were creating and giving shape through many types of genetic experiments to successive “models” of “homos” to serve their purposes and needs. But, with time, also the different races, clans and groups that are part of this race, whose real name is another, since the name we know is the one that was given to them by the Sumerians, they started the disputes between them about what do and what not to do with the lhumanu, which is what they called the first “homos” that were born from their genetic experiments. From one of the clans or groups that had the responsibility to create a species according to the needs of the Annu race, one of its “leaders”, which the Sumerians called Enki, decided to give them more freedom, free will, self-managed power, etc. Of another group that opposed this, another of its leaders, Enlil, who was also Enki’s brother, decided to do the opposite, enslave us more, submit more, take away the power and potential that Enki wanted to imbue in a part of the lhumanus, etc. This led to enormous power struggles between different clans, groups and members of our genetic “creators”, reaching the point of annihilating us several times as a species, re-creating improved models, etc. (each “homo” is a new experiment). From here, with the development of the management systems of humanity, it was necessary to introduce belief models that could serve to manage the psyche of the increasingly numerous homo sapiens, as the result of the last and definitive “model” for the human being, so that Enlil, wanting all the power over humanity, became the supreme god under the name of Yahweh. From here, religious systems were developed in their archetypal base, changing them according to the area of the planet where they were to be implanted, thus, Christianity, Islam and Judaism start from the same base and they only changed the models so that the human beings of that zone could have a religious system according to the needs. With the so-called Eastern religions they simply took the philosophical systems that were there and endowed them with mechanisms of control so that they formed part of the belief system spread all over the planet.

Over time, Enki desisted from directly helping humanity because the power of Enlil’s house and group was total, so he worked “behind the scenes” providing knowledge to the different peoples that later became part of the cultures that have rebelled always against the system, such as the native American and aboriginal cultures, the Mayans, the Incas, etc. These peoples received help and knowledge to be able to grow and evolve as a human species outside the control of Anunnaki, Draco and the rest of the species that were arriving, while the rest of the planet was used to kill them, exterminate them and the rest. The Spanish conquest, the expansion of the British Empire, colonization, etc., etc., were part of Enlil’s plans to subdue all the peoples and cultures that Enki had helped. Over time, Enki and Enlil left Earth, returned to their lives in their places of origin and left their representatives in charge, so we continue to worship a Yahweh who continues to receive the energy of millions of people in every Catholic religious act, Muslim or Jewish because all the systems of collection and channeling in the etheric plane of the planet carry the energy of all these prayers, Masses and others to a repository that goes directly to the control system on the planet.

26 Is the timeline change gradual or in an instant? You realize it? How?

The timeline change is gradual, and you can hardly notice it, because you start moving your causal body which is a body of a vibration too high to notice, increasing the frequency of resonance of each of its particles and adjusting it to the vibration frequency corresponding to the level of line 42 that you have to go to. Then the same is done with the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. In these last two, you may notice something; depending on how sensitive we are energetically, since you may feel as if you were vibrating a bit, gradually, until you stabilize at the new frequency level of the corresponding line 42. In general, you do not usually notice anything, but if you watch and feel yourself constantly, you may be able to notice the process.

27 In the use of the pendulum as a communication tool with our Higher-Self, can manipulation of some external negative entity be presented, that is interested in sabotaging the communication by altering the answers; is it necessary to use some kind of energy protection in its use?

The communication through the pendulum with the Higher-Self uses the communication channel that we call the line of the Hara or the golden cord, while the communication of the pendulum with the subconscious uses the channel of communication towards the mental body and the subconscious mental sphere as well, which are two slightly different channels to download information using the same method. When you download information from your Higher-Self, even if there is an entity or an implant, or a blockage in the channel, your Higher-Self tries to force the pass of the data packet and even if the response is slightly diminished or the pendulum does not move as much as when there is no obstacles, you usually receive the answer in the right way. When the communication is not with the Higher-Self but with the subconscious of the person, and there is an external entity coupled, manipulating or interfering, the answer can be anything, nonsense, saying Yes now and saying No tomorrow, etc. To avoid this, obviously you have to work consciously with the Higher-Self, making the questions and programming of the pendulum from this part of us, with the intention that it is our Higher-Self who controls the whole process. In the end, it is a process of learning how to communicate with your Higher-Self in an appropriate and clear way, learning to discern when something is meaningless, inconsistent or manipulated, and little by little to clean the golden cord or line of the Hara so that the data packets that go up and down from the mind to the Higher-Self come as clean and fluid as possible.

A hug,

David Topí

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