David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #3


Here you have a new delivery of the questions that you have sent me via twitter, as we explained in this post.

  1. What should I do to help a loved one in the deprogramming of the mental spheres?

Each person has to take the reins of their own evolutionary path. You cannot force anyone, so to assist other people, you can give them information, share what you know, teach what you have learned, show the way, guide them, but you cannot do the work for anyone because It depends on that “personality” to work with his Higher-Self to be able to assimilate, integrate and understand the processes through which it is happening. Both, the work with the deprogramming we have published, and any other type of evolutionary work involves the person’s awareness of what he / she is doing, happening, living and, therefore, it must be a conscious work so that he / she has effect and the Higher-Self of the person considers that the effort has been made and the path has been traveled so that it can move in its own evolutionary octave. Remember that there is no value judgment associated from those levels of perception, nothing is good, nothing is bad, simply things are as they are without our Higher-Self having to consider that a person who is on one level is better or worse than other person that is in another level.

  1. I want to know why we who are most aware of this awakening are the most attacked by these involutive races.

Precisely because of that, because we are the most uncomfortable for the system. Look at it this way, if you had a group of tomatoes in your charge, which are your food, your resources and above it were something like your slaves and labor, and they started to rebel, not wanting to submit, to know more about the account, etc., you would probably stop the “rebellious” tomatoes, so that those who know the most and are most awake are the ones who get the most hits from the people who control them. Something like this happens with the human race, some races consider us their property because they intervened in our creation, we are a product of their genetic manipulations (the body we use, not the being that we are) and, therefore, they use us as resources, energetic food and other things.

When a human being begins to wake up and realize this, it is categorized as “uncomfortable”, “dangerous” or “very dangerous” and all efforts to block it, limit it, stop it, etc., are launched against that person. The other side of the coin is that as we grow, move forward and awaken, the positive forces that assist us also start up, so if you start working with your Higher-Self, your guides, your “team of work and support” that we all have, will provide much help, protection and support as you receive attacks from the other side. Always protection and care are provided for those who try to get out of this game and manipulation, but it is an arduous process because they always try that you don’t do it and sometimes the attacks that are received are brutal.

  1. Is it possible that the group of people who are not at a zero level of the process (who are perhaps at the highest levels of the 33, speaking frequency-wise), can connect with the temporary line 42?

If you are on the highest levels of line 33, but you have not moved any bodies to line 42, it is not going to be possible for you to jump right now. The analogy would be like being in a building of X floors, on the top floor, so you see the city from the highest of your time line level, but the building you want to go, which is the building line 42, it is more than a kilometer away. To jump from the highest level of building 33 to the lowest level of the building 42 you would have to give an energy-frequency jump that is not within the reach of any human being, it is the equivalent to propel only feet to achieve that kilometric jump. If you already have one of your bodies in the timeline, then it is like having a rope connecting the two buildings, and from the highest level of the 33 you can reach the lowest level of the 42 by moving your “particles” and energy system through that rope that represents the bridge that your highest subtle body has already stretched between the lines.

  1. In a record’s reading my Higher-Self indicated that no subtle body was aligned, but I could achieve it in this incarnation. Is it possible that my Higher-Self considers that a negative response it would loosen effort and loss of evolutionary achievements so that I would not align with the temporary line 42?

In this case, I would say that what you can achieve in this incarnation is the preparation so that in the next you are ready to enter directly on line 42, so that with your Higher-Self you now can complete all the necessary processes and in the “future” life you can start the “new school year.” We must remember that no Higher-Self considers good or bad to be or not be in one line or another, as I said in a previous article, the analysis of the line to which we belong is done by “evaluation” of a person’s state of consciousness, from the level of expansion that your sphere of consciousness has acquired so far, and the content and vibration of the subtle bodies, therefore, from the Higher-Self’s view there may still be some subjects to be studied and you want to prepare yourself in this incarnation to approve all of them and then, after the “vacations at home” (period between lives, in linear time) we return and already we enter the next course in the new reality.

  1. Working punctually in the mental spheres is equal to working in each of the subtle bodies?

No, it has nothing to do, or at least not directly. The mental spheres are six “spherical” structures that make up the different levels of our psyche; therefore, they belong and function as part of the mental body. Each subtle body is like a “suit” that we have, and of these we have nine in total, although in general, the human being only has the lower five developed: the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and causal. Therefore, the work with the mental spheres is the work with the mind, with the psyche, with the cognitive part of the human being where the programs, archetypes, patterns, belief systems, etc. are found. And although the mental state of a person and the level of programming or deprogramming achieved influences the rest of the energy system, if you want to work on the subtle bodies to clean, unblock them, heal them, etc., it has to be done directly on them.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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Hailstones Melt

Love your work, David, as you painstakingly repeat what we need to know so that we “get” it. A lot of this has been laid out in seminal works in various centuries, but hardly anyone has access to each and every mystical thought that has ever been proffered.