Twin Flames Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality | April 14, 2018


In Pleiadian numerology, Six stands for Problem. Not counting the one-card readings for the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, this is the 6th edition of the tarot reading for twin flames on their way to each other, and this is why we see arguably the most fearsome cards in tarot. Are you ready to face them? I bet you are. You were even before the incarnations you are having right now.

Deck: Tarot of the Hidden Realm
Spread: “What is hidden?” Spread

Twin Flames Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality | April 14, 2018

What is hidden (the lower middle card)  – Shadowdance

The Shadowdancer is the Devil of the Hidden Realm, and since it is a much more benevolent world, he only stands for lust and deception.

Twin flames paths can vary, but often times they involve a romantic relationship in the plans. Then, you can expect unholy amounts of lust, irresistible temptations and quite frankly – sin. We see that as a side effect of trying to run energies native to 5d through 3d bodies. The code doesn’t necessarily translates very well, but always leads to unforgettable experiences, as the Shadowdancer would conclude with a sly smile on his handsome face.

Deception is another dark issue related to the concept of twin flames. As virtually every positive concept that started on this planet, this also has been used for the creation of dogmas, forcing people to believe that running and chasing are natural phenomena, and making people regard karmic illusions as their true divine partners.

The Gift (the upper middle card)  – The Blasted Beech

In traditional tarot, this is the Tower card. We live in times of change and often times that requires the destruction of the old in a sudden sweep of events. Shackles will fall, relationships based on karmic debt will be destroyed to make way to what is real on the other side. Those are turbulent times and the fact that you are here makes it very likely that you are a brave soul. Connect to that and transform who you are into who you want to be.

The Challenge (the left card) – Death

With all due respect, we have the Lady of Death. Have you heard the expression “annihilation of self”? Some believe that it is prerequisite of change.

Morigan has little to tell us now that we have seen the previous card and would only whisper that what we are going through doesn’t always have to be as dramatic as the Blasted Beech suggests. It can be gradual and natural… as Death.

The Reward (the right card) – Ace of Pentacles

This little hedgehog is the symbol of Primal Earth. Yes, after overcoming all the deceptions, sudden thunder strikes and even death, the earth will finally be able to experience people having the highest vibrations of love. One thing will lead to another and it won’t be long until divine relationships become pretty much the norm.

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It has certainly been a week of explosive energy for me. The deeper something is hidden the more emotional energy is required to shift it.

Thanks for this reading, very illuminating and spot on!


I don't know, at this point I am starting to reconsider the idea of doing readings because there hasn't really been a whole lot of interest regarding the personalized readings that I was trying to promote (other than a very friendly soul who really gave me a lot of hope).


Way more people read the posts than comment on them. If you feel that they are important and helpful, then continue on. Replies are not the only measure of interest.