The Future of Hangs in the Balance — Please Donate


There’s only been three donations made over the past two months. Based on my calculations, the cost of hosting the site and forum, including all the addons and plugins, is roughly US $700 annually.

Because of what’s occurred in my life over the past 18 months, which involved waiting 7 months for a visa in the US and being unable to work until I received one, and my situation right now, as I used up most of my savings waiting last year, making my options very limited for moving ahead, I honestly can’t afford to pay much towards this. I wish I could!

Considering the time I put in here managing the site, forum and social media promoting everything, the exchange of energy is basically not something I can realistically continue to work with, unless something changes.

If your’re wondering, the advertisements on the site would be contributing roughly $40-50 a month. (I’ve placed them in locations that don’t get a lot of notice, as I can’t stand advertisements, but I could probably do better putting them in more noticeable places to help increase the amount of revenue, including one floating banner on mobile devices, it’s just I never wanted to have to do this for visitors. I may have to include advertisement on our community forum as well, as there have never been ads on there.)

I spent US $50 promoting (boosting) a link on Facebook to an important article (consciousness expanding) on transients a couple of weeks ago. Over the course of a week, 23 thousand people saw the link, and only 320, out of those 23 thousand, clicked on it. That’s about 1.3% of people. I very rarely bother spending money to promote, as it’s just not worth it; this is probably the third or fourth time ever that I have.

When a post is not promoted, Facebook only allows about 7% of people that “like’ the page for transients, (which is around 3,500 people) to see the posts leading to transients, on average. (So maybe 100-150 out of the three and a half thousand) Now, out of those 7%, a very low number will actually click on the post/link anyway. (If you haven’t figured it out, this is why people promote posts, because Facebook controls how many people view what you post)

On top of the recent Facebook scandal, it’s a real worry how they run their platform and treat people!

Yesterday, Mailchimp — the platform I use to send out daily emails to those subscribing to new articles — said I had reached the monthly limit of emails being sent for a free account, and for me to continue sending the automatic emails out, I have to pay a monthly fee.

The future of the site hangs in the balance, so if you can afford to help support the site, please do so. As a reminder, the donation page is accessible in the menu, or just click here. Thank you everyone! <3

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Next week bro….


This is really important!


That’s good news! 🙂 You are almost at your goal.
Thank you to everyone for your support.