How The Collective Unconscious Works To “Read” Data In It


How The Collective Unconscious Works To "Read" Data In It

We will continue closing different points of the explanations that we have given previously in the summary article of the state of the situation with the temporary timelines to finish understanding how we can access all this information. So, in the previous article we said:

When we have been able to dismantle something like what was done a few weeks ago and that we explained in this other article, it was because there was a “fear” so high that something big would happen that many people began to ask for a solution. When everything calmed down, many people thought “bah, it was not so much” and they returned to their previous levels of consciousness instead of taking advantage of the “little step” given forward to take momentum and keep waking up.

How is it possible to obtain this information from our collective unconscious and how is it possible for our Higher Self to have it? The second answer is simple; it does not require too much explanation: each Higher Self is fully aware of the frequency, energetic and mental state of each part of itself at the “earthly” or “physical” level, so each Higher Self constantly perceives anything that happens at the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and soul level of the person. Then, that knowledge is shared without any “taboo” or “restriction” among the Higher Selves, so that to all of us incarnated at the level of the highest part of ourselves can communicate; we have that “Quantum” common ground of information that is supervised by a superior hierarchy that is part of the forces and beings that take care of the good direction of the conscious life on our planet.

Therefore, all the Higher Selves, returning to the question, are always aware of what happens at the humanity level to share among them all the information of their incarnations for the purposes of coordination and joint work for the greater good of evolution of our species. At the moment when you have full awareness and connection with your Higher Self in a clean and clear, deprogrammed way of all the filters, caps, distortion programs and other mental components that block it, you have access to all the knowledge that your Higher Self has about it, of this and any other topic.

An access to almost the same information from the collective unconscious

On the other hand, how do the races in control have the same information and know what to do, what not to do, what to dismantle, what to create, where to manipulate, where to mislead, where to program, etc.? They do it through our collective unconscious, so they get practically the same data as our Higher Self but working from the mental plane of our planet, where this repository of information that we all share is located.

To understand how this is possible, we will explain a little more in detail the functioning of the Collective Unconscious of the human species, and how we raise and lower information to it through the different mechanisms present in the mind.

The mind and the connection to the Collective Unconscious

The mind is an energy field, which has a much defined structure and which is formed by small particles of energy. Simply, these tiny particles, much smaller and constituent in certain levels of the sub-atomic particles that we know thanks to quantum physics, have the capacity to absorb and store mental and energetic processes in them, making them act as repositories and storage of “quantum” data, “bits” of information, that will allow us to insert and record in our minds all kinds of programs, patterns, beliefs, archetypes, etc., some of which we have been working and deprogramming in recent months.

The mind then, has a structure formed by six spheres, which are located energetically speaking in different parts of the head and within the level that belongs to the mental body. These six mental spheres imbue and contain different “software” programs that serve to manage, process and work with all the energy components that allow the human being to be a thinking being and manage their reality, while creating it and decoding it, and it gives us the opportunity to grow and evolve by connecting the mind with the higher layers and levels we have within our multidimensional structure.

Each mental sphere has associated a function determined by its position and the connections it has with the mental body and other parts of the energy system, and from it depends the functioning of a part of our psyche. These mental spheres are coupled in us in each new incarnation when the mental body of the person is also inserted, bringing a pre-programmed series of contents and functions that give us, from the first breath of life, the capacity of use our mind to understand the world that surrounds us and to which we come to experience in each new life.

The pre-conscious mind

One of these spheres is the so-called pre-conscious sphere; because it deals with processing and managing all the mental systems that are below the conscious mind, before this other mental sphere receives any other information or data packets. Thus, this mental sphere is the one that contains all the basic programming that gives rise to the reality of the individual, something that we saw some months ago when we talked about the paradigm, archetypes and programs that compose it. This means that the foundations of each one’s personal reality, and therefore, the common reality, are programmed in this mental sphere.

In order for the preconscious mental sphere to work properly, it has to obtain the data that it has to process directly from the brain from an energy connection present in the cerebellum that connects both components: the “hardware” part that is in that portion of the brain, and the “software” part that is the content of this sphere. This “energetic” connection is the one that unites the preconscious mental sphere with the etheric cerebellum, through a network of filaments that connect all the subtle bodies to each other, in this case, connecting only the mental and the etheric and having no connection with the emotional body that is between them. Then, the impulses registered in the physical cerebellum by the brain activity, are captured by the etheric counterpart of this same part of the body to be forwarded to the mind and vice versa.

First analysis of data coming from the senses

When different types of sensory data reach the brain from the senses, and through the cerebellum, these data are passed to the mind; this is the first area that is launched to analyze them, decides which data are irrelevant and can be discarded, and then decides which data and packages are transferred to the conscious sphere or which data goes to the higher spheres.

This makes the processing capacity of this part of the mind one of the largest of all the spheres that compose it, because by making it the gateway to everything we capture from external reality, it is necessary to have the programs and routines suitable for it. Furthermore, it is the part of the mind that connects us with the collective unconscious of humanity, so that it not only processes what enters through the physical senses, but also processes and connects with the conscious energy field that unites us to all human beings in the mental plane of the structure of our planet.

Connection and reception of data from the collective unconscious

As we have said, the connection with the collective unconscious of the human race is realized energetically through this mental sphere. The programs that it owns, a part of them, are responsible for uploading to this raft and repository that unites all of us to everything that comes to it, as if it made a backup of the data and stimuli that it receives. This allows humanity to keep at the level of the mental plane, for each of the different realities of the planet, a copy of the bubbles and mental processes that human beings generate constantly and makes everything we think, dream and generate mentally, and store completely in our collective unconscious. In this way, both our “elites” and the races in control have access through the appropriate technology for this, to all the knowledge and mental forms generated by all human beings that accumulate as if in a huge data library.

On the other hand, in the opposite direction works in the same way, that is, to download data from the Collective Unconscious to the mind of the person, with the difference that there is a filter that limits what the preconscious mind will collect from the collective unconscious, because we individually do not have the capacity to store all the content of it, nor is it necessary to keep the mental bubbles generated by other billions of people. Thus, in the channel of “downloading” of data, everything that is not intended for personal use is filtered and that it already comes with a different coding which indicates what the preconscious filter should let or not let pass for the inside of the sphere.

Data encoded with different codes

This process of encoding the information from the collective unconscious is done automatically by the mechanisms inserted by the control system and the races in power and management of it, so that, to all the data that we humans constantly upload at random and that do not have a specific importance, it is assigned a type of code, while, to all the data present in the Collective Unconscious that are of general interest, because they are part of the common structures that sustain reality on the planet, or because they are part of the programming that is to be inserted in the preconscious mind of all human beings, they are assigned a different one that is codified to be accepted by the filter, identical, that we all have in this sphere as you can see in the following diagram:

Diagram - How The Collective Unconscious Works To "Read" Data In It

This process is automatic, since it is designed to keep all humans updated with all other human beings at a preconscious level, at least which was the intention initially, when the protocol for updating the mental information of the human being was created before the first genetic manipulations.

However, later, those races and groups that took the initiative to manipulate the first “versions” of today Homo sapiens saw the possibility, through this mechanism, of also inserting into the psyche all kinds of knowledge, ideas, programs of control and belief systems appropriate to their needs and that will facilitate the control and management of the species. Thus, because the mechanism of “backup” and “updating” present in the preconscious sphere works automatically and constantly, imbuing certain programs and any type of information in the collective unconscious, they automatically assigned codes (by technological means of manipulation of the energy of the Collective Unconscious) to the information that was “lowered” and that was recorded and stored in the mental body of the person once collected and processed by the preconscious mental sphere.

A way to know the state of humanity as a whole

It is in this way, and thanks to these mechanisms, that it is possible to know when there is fear, confusion, chaos, or any other type of energy predominant in the Collective Unconscious, as huge rafts of mental forms appear that are joined by vibrational similarity and give us an idea of what different people emit, so we said:

The main problem of line 33 is that millions of people do not want to, literally and consciously, do not want to “wake up”, do not want to realize the “real” reality, do not want to make changes, do not want to take charge of their lives, they do not want to have the responsibility of creating the world in which they live, etc.

This information is literal, that is what is codified and stored in huge proportions in the Collective Unconscious of 33, and hence our Higher Selves use this information to determine what action plans to take or not to take regarding the situation in that line.

The current state of the scenarios with more power in the 33

Thus, there are currently three macro scenarios on line 33 that can trigger things to get worse, but we do not know which one will explode or materialize first, so we can only describe them as if they were three scenes of three films that stand out from the others.

  • The first scenario is a conflict between Israel and Iran, following the Palestinian protests, which grows and grows in potential to become direct conflict between the two countries.
  • The second scenario is a false flag attempt in the meeting, if it finally takes place, between the USA and North Korea, attacking either president, blaming the country which has not been attacked, and provoking a military response, either from Korea to the USA or from the USA to Korea.
  • The third scenario involves provoking Russia with small military maneuvers at its borders, seeking excuses to make NATO intervene, creating a micro-conflict and then making it escalate over time.

Three “films” with potential, three scenarios that seek to materialize, and a lot of work to be done to avoid them. The races and groups that assist us are looking for some kind of solution for this, but first, there has to be some kind of demonstration of humanity on line 33 that they take the situation seriously, that they want to avoid these events, that they want to take charge of what happens to them in their reality. And from here, if that answer is given, well, we’ll see how the situation evolves.

A hug,

David Topí

This article has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Editorial changes made by Laron, including and the diagram conversion from Spanish to English. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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