A Summary and Explanation of the Current Situation at a Planetary Level


A Summary and Explanation of the Current Situation at a Planetary Level

Not much is known about the structure of our planet beyond the simple physical configuration that we can get to study in primary school or in an institute. Even if we go to specialized studies in geology or related subjects we are left with the information we know about the composition at the densest physical level, not knowing that even within the physical framework there are levels of vibration that give rise to coatings of everything that are tangible to the senses, and that this “tangible” part is only one of the multiple vibrational levels that coexist in the structures that give rise to the reality in which we move. As we explained, that is what is currently being repaired.

When we explain or say that the planet has to decide what to do with its physical body in its current reality as we said it will happen, or it has to happen according to the events of the planetary octave in about 25 or 30 years, we are talking about something similar to a total “shedding of skin”, like the one executed by many animal species to be reborn with another physical shell that allows them to grow and move forward, having left behind a cluster of scales or inert cells on the skin that was removed. Obviously the analogy is only partial, the Earth does not change skin, or reality to be more concise, but instead “manifests” a new reality that decades ago was already formed in the upper levels and strata of the same terrestrial system and that now it is already at the level that we call the etheric plane, at a single “step” of becoming a “solid” reality, as much as what we perceive now.

This new “reality”, this new substratum, is what the whole world has called the new Earth, the new reality, the next evolutionary level, the change of dimension and other denominations. We call it the 15.6Hz matrix because of its base vibration in frequency that has the new “body” that the planet will possess when it is ready, and when the octave of solidification that is now in its RE note is finished, so still it has practically the entire octave to complete, hence the estimate that he will need about three decades, if all goes well for that.

A change of reality from line 42

The transition from one reality to another will be done by those who are tuned in, or can be, in the time that is left to complete that new vibration, hence the previous work we have done in the previous months to move to line 42, which is the only temporary line that the substrate and energetic current possesses and allows the people tuned with it to increase their vibration-consciousness-energy to make the change of “matrix” from the current one (7.8Hz) to the new (15.6Hz, one octave higher).

The change will be very simple and when we are at that moment, we will explain it, because there are still many years to go.

On the other hand, the question is “what will happen to those who are still on line 33 when that arrives? First, the question is: will there be someone on line 33 when that arrives? If that was left to decide by the races in control and for the human “elites” there would not be a person standing for it.

There is a huge set of interests at a level that the human mind hardly understands and that has to do with certain temporal paradoxes in which, well, to put it easily, the humanity of line 42 in the new reality could intervene in its “Past” to prevent the races in control from manipulating the human being, and to create the lhumanu, precursor of homo sapiens, and thus, roughly to prevent in a parallel temporal line, that all the events that have taken place in our history do so, and everything changes, and they lose everything they have because in some way we reset from our “future” that which is in our past.

I’m not going to wind up here, it’s very difficult to explain why they want to get rid of us, because as we said in previous articles, and you already know, we are still food and source of energy nutrition, labor and resources for them, but we also said that we have become a poisoned and toxic nutritional element due to the huge amount of very low vibration egregores that surround and exist all over the planet. Therefore, the situation is extremely complicated.

The first two circles or levels of power on the planet, those in the positions immediately inferior to the races in control, are aware of this for a long time and have prepared their departure from Earth, they know they cannot jump to line 42 and that they will lose control of line 33 if the planet Kumar rejects this reality in order to move forward (Mother earth / Gaia).

Remember that we had explained this in another article that the planetary shift that Kumar itself carries, with respect to the point of his evolutionary octave, where he should be in order to “accompany” and be in tune with the rest of the systems ruled by the central sun of Alcyone to which it depends from, and that has been delayed due to the burden or ballast of the little global consciousness that we possess, and the weight that the IC of line 33 generates in the fields and mental structures of the Earth.

So, in this way, in these moments, the problem is how to avoid this attempt to get rid of humanity, preserve the planet as long as possible until the new reality is formed, keep the line 42 free, clean, away from the 33 and without interference, and try to facilitate the evolutionary processes of all those still in 33, which make up almost 97% of humanity, because in all these years, to date, only 2.7% of people have been able to anchor themselves to this line 42.

This estimate is not random, invented or intuited, it is the sum of all the Higher Selves that coordinated by a superior hierarchy and united all, as we have already explained, in a conscious quantum field of communication and coordination, have indicated to the forces that they rule Kumar so he can make decisions about how to move forward on his path.

So, imagine that the “planetary soul” asks all HS’s: “how many of you have your incarnated, your “earthly” part, are ready to get on line 42? And only about 137 million HS, of approximately 7500 million, raise their hands. Kumar and the planetary forces count them and then communicate to all the HS’s: “the new reality will have to be managed by only those 137 million people worldwide because we cannot wait any longer and there is no time for anyone else to climb into the car.”

Time is simultaneous and everything happens at the same time

On the other hand, the concept of “there is no time” is deceptive, because in a universe where everything happens simultaneously, is not correct. In fact, precisely, because everything happens simultaneously and past, present and future coexist in an eternal now, Dracos and Anunnakis fear that from a point of that now, in our perceived future, we come back to a point of that now in our past, to derail the plans of control and domination of the Earth.

That potential exists and it is acquired by the human race in an evolutionary moment of line 42 that they know, precisely because of the ability to simultaneously perceive and move between timelines that a part of the most advanced individuals in the Draco race has, while we have knowledge of the same potential that our HS have for it due to not being subject to the temporal space laws for being “dimensionless” and “timeless.”

Maybe at some time I will explain more about it because now it causes much confusion, even the concept that there are races that we want to get out of the way, plus there is the collective unconscious to raise even more confusion on the subject (especially after all that had to be removed to be used as energy to bind both time lines).

Therefore there will be a solution to attend line 33 that is already underway, and perhaps we will explain when we can, but in the meantime there are many events that we cannot control because the plans to sow chaos, conflicts and clashes across the globe continue their march at forced rhythms, and with many smokescreens to make it difficult for us to foresee them, as I explained in the previous post.

Keep working on your evolutionary processes, complete the deprogramming, continue to rise in level and release ballast, because each particle of energy that does not vibrate at a moderately high frequency, is a particle of energy that tunes us to lower levels of the time line that we are.

A hug,

David Topí

This article has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum menbers, over on the Roundtable. Editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, http://emedt.org.

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PG, thank you for continuing my musical education.


LilaThe idea that our futures selves can make changes to our past selves so that certain things 'never happened' (words are so clumsy here!) has been one that has been sneaking up on me for some time. I agree that this might be a helpful concept for some. But to say that "they never happened" denies the experiences–and burying, denying, or not accepting things usually only leads to having to deal with them another time. I think the idea of integrating and healing from the experience tends to be a longer-lasting solution. When one no longer sees an experience as… Read more »


StargazerI agree that this might be a helpful concept for some. But to say that "they never happened" denies the experiences–and burying, denying, or not accepting things usually only leads to having to deal with them another time. I think the idea of integrating and healing from the experience tends to be a longer-lasting solution. When one no longer sees an experience as something "bad" and instead recognizes its value as an experience (or perhaps a lesson), then it can be better accepted and appreciated.

Much better wording.
Thank you<3