Chiron Into Aries Today — Astrology Forecast for the 18th of April, 2018


Chiron moves into Aries today for the first time since the late 1960s. This will have a lot of meaning for Arians whether they believe in Chiron’s specific energy or not, as they will become more aware of their feelings and old wounds which is not something that Arians like to generally think about a lot, as they like to get on with their lives, and are very direct about how they go about things, also often impatient or/ and impulsive, so don’t spend too much time exploring the reasons why they actually avoid certain situations or people or what is behind their own or other peoples reactions.

Chiron - Chiron Into Aries Today — Astrology Forecast for the 18th of April, 2018
Chiron and Achilles. Lithograph after J.B. Regnault. Source (CC BY 4.0)

Although once they “get” it they are fairly quick to avoid their triggers too, and also quick to understand other peoples and much more.

As well as this they are courageous people and not afraid to face what is in front of their face or happening inside themselves.

But the point is now they get a chance to face a lot that they haven’t before and work with it.

This is all very timely as in ones months time Uranus will leave their sign bringing them a more relaxed lifestyle and a lot of relief from the dynamic energy that has been around for 7 years now.

Uranus in their sign has made them even more quick to take up a challenge than they naturally are.

It’s brought a lot of unusual people into their lives and sharpened up their own interests in unusual subjects, brought out their best talents and abilities and made them very active in groups and community matters.

They have also achieved a lot that they would have otherwise put off if Uranus was not in their sign, business wise or personally.

But for relationships it’s been really difficult and it definitely has encouraged Arians to always put friendship first- to forget the romance if they want long term and focus on what they have in common with any prospective partner.

Uranus has played havoc with relationships for Arians, and one could say also for Aquarians, but its brought some major breakthroughs too.

Now Aries can relax into love a bit more in May, and with Chiron to help , anything is possible.

Pisces can also begin to enjoy their life a bit more than before as Chiron has been at times a painful presence in our lives. (I am Pisces)

Chiron in Aries will make us all braver and more willing to face those wounds we all have deep down and have put off dealing with.

Today Venus in Taurus is trining Pluto in Capricorn, which will add more depth to love in general just now, more depth to anything we feel strongly about in fact, including property matters, investments, financial matters.

It’s about everything that we value and that affects our security levels.

This aspect is very positive for Taureans, Librans and Scorpios, also Capricorns.

And Saturn is at station so all of the above happening on this day, means we can take a breath and reassess much of our lives and what comes next.

This is a key day for many people to gather their equilibrium before they move onto the next stage of their lives.

With the moon in Taurus today, and Saturn at station – there is an influence of wanting to seek a peaceful more fulfilling life.

In the meantime however we are beginning to see the effects of the Sun/Uranus aspect tomorrow, as it often brings air disasters and there has just been an event in USA that reminds us of that. The unexpected is upon us already.


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