You’re Crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Eternity: Latest Channels for Ascension and the New Earth


Channels of The New Wave February-March 2018

Happy Equinox!

I thought of posting in one article the latest channels I have been receiving during the last month and the first weeks of March 2018.

This was a period of a great change for many and we are still bathing in this energy as a huge shift has begun and was intensifying with the moon cycles.

I also had the privilege to draw the new earth splitting off of the old one with an amazing Vespa Pisces which relates to Euclide’s mathematical theory.

But this time the shape was more complex as in the original one.

New earth is complex because of the crystalline energy it is made of. Crystalline energy is made of light key codes that change shapes and in intensity and frequency. As it is sent in little amounts to build up the new matrix from the new crystalline map grid I have also drew few times ago at the end of 2017.

So here are the channels and my two drawing. It is my gift to for the new equinox.

The Crystal Tree of the Golden Gate to Atlantis - You're Crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Eternity - Latest Channels for Ascension and the New Earth
The Crystal Tree and The Golden gate to Atlantis
New Earth - You're Crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Eternity - Latest Channels for Ascension and the New Earth
The new earth splitting off of the old one

The secret of these messages are revealed in everyone in different ways. Take your time to tap into them and understand the message they have for you.

You are Flying Over a Bridge of Golden Waters

February 18, 2018

In taking few steps further as you run and fly, you are emerging from old waters. You may see yourself changing as you immerse your body in the new light of the New Earth.

This is what is happening to you today, dear ones !

You can manifest whatever you want, life is not a burden, life is beauty, life is love and Magic is there too.

Watch the energy of abundance flowing around and entering you as you are a divine creature who came here for a beautiful and greater purpose than you may think.
You are not alone !

As you fly over the Bridge of Golden Waters, you heal from old blockages and pains. Karma dissolving by itself as you can feel it.
The Bridge of Golden Waters is a place you can clear yourself in by only crossing it !

You just need to walk along that parallel realm as you see it and as you see yourself invited to be there. What you may feel or see are perceptions for more and more spiritual awareness.

As you walk there, your energy is amplified. Some of you may feel these downloads of burning fire from time to time in your whole body and it may leave you intrigued.

There is so much going on on the heart, the chess, the throat and base areas of you energetic center.

These are the places to heal and upgrade during this shift.
All that you have been silent about will be obviously known as your throat is reminding you of your mission ! Speak your truth and let go of old habits, old energies, old beliefs…

The Bridge of Golden Waters is now reminding you that you are a pure child of love.

Unleashing your light for Ascension

March 7, 2018

What you are doing is bringing light onto the New Earth as the old one is leaving your current plane. Many of you are feeling this process.

What you are given is the gift of healing and allowing a DNA upgrade in all those who feel drawn to you and come for help and guidance.

You are the Light of The World !

What you are seeing now are columns of light pure light emerging from the core of the new Gaia, as you are lightening the heart of all living beings. Stand on your powers and bring it all in you and in others.
Pure columns of iridescent crystalline light codes, sent directly in you, recharging you so that you can upgrade as a consciousness with love and gratitude !

These light codes are soft and pure. Their intense energy is felt in all your bodies. So let it just be. It is increasing your awareness and helping you at a soul and heart levels.

What you are doing is Realigning strings and strands. You are connecting the souls to their home, you are a channel of a sacred energy bringing back those you heal to their first nature : beings of pure light and love.
They feel it as much as they keep going on that unleashed light to ascension. You are healing their souls and bringing them back to their mission.

Ascension is a very tricky process and some may choose to take some paths that may lead them to more darkness. This is because they are unable yet to see the light they have been given and allowed to see !

Darkness is a phase and a learning process to more light. The more you see it and the more you are guided to rise from it to the divine light being you are. As you focus upon your heart and connect to your soul, you see that light ans it burns you, it heart you and makes you feel the new you are. Let that fire come in you.

The Rise of The Phoenix March 10, 2018

There is a sacred fire clearing your path to the light. You know what it is doing in your whole being. Awakening your kundalini and rising your entire bodies to more enlightenment. It may burn out the last ashes of your past that have been kept hidden in a place of you.

Some places are kept hidden for this purpose. Let it burn all that needs to transmute to light, now that your new light is immersing through the sacred fire and the process of rejuvenation.

This fire is sacred and intense when entering and invading you.

You may feel overwhelmed starting with little downloads that become more and more frequent and intense. You are receiving the holy light of Source, coming through you and cleansing your bodies.

The Phoenix energy is now rising as you are heading to a new path and a new you.
You instinctively know where to go and who you are.

Your kundalini re-activation is now on and you may find yourself in a huge flame rising from the dust, but anyway fire is your home and element; fire is your frequency and who you are. Trust your instinct and and let it do the needed work to help you in this shift as it is your way to more light, more inspiration.
Let this be.

This is the starting point of the new wave of light coming from a higher frequency and dimension. It is a 9th dimension energy to upgrade your DNA. You can feel its energy working on you, healing you, spreading love, light and compassion in your entire being; erasing your darkness or a part of it, as you see it, you are meant to see it being cleared out, and turning to Light.

There are billions of crystalline light photons like a burning fire in your being and so you are !
Fire is life and death, death and life !

The crystalline light codes you are receiving are the fire of the new Grid and the crystalline grid of new earth too.
The old is giving birth to the new.
That is the work many benevolent beings have been doing now for years and eons, since the fall of the old city of Atlantis.

An era of peace is coming, your fire is your light. Bring it to your heart, bring it to the world.

Connecting To The New Matrix

March 12, 2018

New Light Codes From Atlantis

As you are downloading the new light codes from New Atlantis you are feeling a rush of a deep vibrational energy cleansing all your bodies from the old ways you have been behaving for a long while now.

You can take your time to let it adjust to your body. This phase can be so hard for you to bear sometime, but it is cleansing your bodies at all levels and all layers. You are becoming crystalline too.

Be in peace with those you love and trust, clear your third eye to be sure you are making the good choices for yourself and in your life without harming others. You can be a teacher, a healer and a friend even though some of your friends choose to go their own ways.
Your third eye is a gate to your multidimensionality.

The new light codes you are now receiving are from higher realms than you would think. They hold the frequency of Alcyon, the Center Sun and New Atlantis. You are guided if you take your time to listen. Be there centered on yourself as your old energy is being cleared out. You may feel heaviness, dizziness, heavy tingling in your hands and all your bodies.

Let this process embrace you ! Embrace it with joy and enchantement.

You are riding this wave of light now. It is digging deeper and deeper in you, clearing your hearts, your blood, your crystalline bodies. An upgrade is taking place in you, and you are feeling it with grace in your heart.

Those who are seeing darkness in all things, in and around them are releasing their own darkness, their path is clearing from old energies too, the old matrix is vanishing in the shadows of many lives, many times ago, through the fears nothing can be held !

You are accepting your inner light because you see it clearly now. Let it Be your part to ascension.

The new crystalline earth is helping everyone with this process.

Your soul is your guide as you walk on this new bridge of golden lights. You may feel as if you are walking in an imaginary world. Your dreams lead you to your inner truth because your soul is your guide. Soul’s energy and messages are very subtle and may sound tricky like the time you had to understand a coded message.

This is because the soul speaks another language that is different from the one you speak in your physical shape. Souls speak with colors, sceneries, stories, symbols.

The path to understanding your true self is challenging but also inspiring. Learning from the soul’s language is your challenge now to bring more light in you.

Peace Be You
As New Earth Comes Up

Golden Crystalline is the Energy of New Gaia

You are all able to feel the energy of Gaia and its vibration. It is unfolding from an infinite field of love coming from higher vibrational beings and planes.

The heart chakra is cleansing too. You can feel it in different ways. 

The base chakra has also been activated again with kundalini energy flowing from the earth star elementals and some of you have actually felt it.  

Blue pink green colors. Power, love, healing that allow all living beings to come out to reach the light of Source and align more with its energy.

You are aligning with all its gifts and benefits and you are receiving its precious light codes! 
Let them flow in you like a blessed water as they are healing you deeply and strongly.

Crystalline energy is now more and more liquid making columns of light you may be able to see around. 

The crystalline Gaia is emerging from the crystalline core of the multiverse, bringing deep inside the new you are. Many of you are now experiencing ups and downs. Do not worry as everything comes at the right timing.

Sacred geometry shapes are complex and hold the energy of the new earth and you are learning more and more about them : the way they interact with your energetic field, how they connect to you.
Come down on earth and connect to it’d frequency of light and information

New Earth is Deep blue like the New Atlantis. A world we aimed to create, but it created itself from within the challenges of our past.

The Crystal Tree and The Golden Gate to Atlantis

The Message of the Tree

When rising from your old life you experience the joy of transmutation, your light is shining in all the places you are standing now, and it is your shield and energy. An inner light is flowing from within the core of your heart as Gaia is in you. 

The crystal tree has light codes to unveil for us. As crystals are not only used for healing like many humans would think. Crystals are open gates to multiple realties and energies; they hold in their core, each one, a secret life that human kind will one day reach when working more with their spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. 

The Golden Gate to Atlantis holds a huge spine including sacred geometry knowledge and DNA keys but in different ways and levels. It is your soul’s evolution to more light and spiritual growth that would lead you to more and more information. It may seem like a secret to discover,  but it is not !

It is there ! And you see it, you also download the information but it takes some time to be uncovered and to adjust to your system, as you are in  earth physical shapes.

This knowledge has all to do with spirituality and nothing with physicality.

Shapes, colors, frequency, energy, mathematical and sacred geometry key codes are one. This is what all living beings are made of.

Once you connect to this tree, you hold its knowledge, crystals are not objects but are the resonance of information created by itself, at its highest speed.

In integrating it you become whole, unity, one with yourself, one with all that is.

This is the golden gate to Atlantis opening now.

Channeled from the Tree itself.


The channels are brought by benevolent beings of light from Atlantis and from those who are helping bring more and more light key codes from other star systems like Sirius and Orion; form many archangels like Michael (electric blue flame), Raphael (Golden emerald flame) and Gabriel (pure white flame) who are very close to us these days.

When tapping in their energy you may feel a rush of burning fire in all your body flowing from on high in your stellar gate chakra and then your crown.

This is the sign that the energy is from higher benevolent beings who are healers and teachers.

In sending this wave of love in all of us, they are helping us improve our way to channel the energy we use to heal each other and ourselves.

I personally have been downloading loads of burning energy that same way and healing came with it instantly after letting go and accepting it in my body.

This shift is meant to guide us more and more through new paths and higher dimensions as the earth is already preparing her shift to the 6th D. New time lines and space lines are opening to us. Be prepared in conscience to this incredible time !

I wish you all a very Happy and Abundant Equinoxe whenever you are !


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