Urgent Repairs On The Planet | A Timeline Update By David Topi


We continue monitoring the state of the situation in the different realities, structures and planes of the planet, waiting for the manifestation of different events from either side; on one hand the separation, protection and help to line 42, and the people connected to it; and on the other, the plans to sow chaos, even more if possible, on line 33.

Urgent Repairs On The Planet | David Topi

Multiple simultaneous scenarios

As you can see, and as we said in the latest articles, Soviet phobia is being taken to the limit with the case of the Russian spy, and we will see if they use it as a trigger for future events or not. It is in the air, because they are using different “tactics” so that no scenario in the mental plane can have more weight than the others, as it happened previously, since it was the way in which we could identify which was “the plan” that they intended to materialize at etheric and physical levels and, as you know, it was dismantled.

Since now the scenarios raise and fall in position and potential it is possible that they could try to activate two or three simultaneously, and then light up the final spark in the physical plane for one of them, because in a certain way by not doing so they would be in the same situation as few weeks ago and our Higher Selves could dismantle it as easily as before.

With this tactic right now it is difficult to know what will be the trigger that they will try to materialize for line 33, although it is certain that in the coming weeks we will begin to see clear movements in this regard, since any of the scenarios in the mental plane have already their etheric counterparts also formed. It is something like having at your disposal in those tales of “choose your own story”, which were popular for children, different endings written in advance for the same tale and depending on the decisions made you read one of them or another at the end. I hope you understand the analogy.

Intervention to repair and strengthen the planet

In another order of things it is important to know that at the physical-etheric level the planet is being “repaired”, let’s say that it is because its structures do not support, at this time, the pressure and the speed of the energy change that is taking place. A part of the atmospheric situation and the chaotic and anomalous tectonic activity has its origin in the processes of separation of two realities that were previously united, and in the process of providing “physicality”, that is, of materiality at a solid level to the 15.6Hz matrix, as we have called that new level of reality that coexists with the current reality in which we are all immersed.

By having to physically lower a reality that already exists at the etheric level, and that it will be the “base field” for those on line 42 within a few decades, and by separating the two temporal lines within the current reality and creating two mental realities and two etheric for this matrix 7.8Hz, the planet is suffering huge imbalances that have required the intervention of the different hierarchies and beings that take care of it, of Kumar, of the Earth, of the conscious life in it.

For now, the list of actions that have been launched is as follows:

– Elimination of all internal pressure bags in the layers immediately below the earth’s crust that are about to cause tidal waves, earthquakes, landslides, holes, sinkholes and displacement, breakages and explosions through the faults and tectonic plates, through volcanic eruptions and through other natural phenomena as a measure of relief of the energy pressure of the crust and inner layers of the planet.

– Elimination of all structures, elements, implants and devices inserted in the Earth, in different layers of its surface and crust, as well as in its inner layers, to cause energetic and physical destabilization of the processes and structures that sustain the planet. It has been launched the restoration of both the energy and physical beams, the closure of faults created by human manipulation, the capping of holes, conduits, tunnels and communicators inserted and excavated inside the planet for the manipulation of the same and for the control of the races hostile to life in it.

– Elimination, closing and filling of all the tunnels and communication channels existing underground, all over the planet, flooding or burying them for closure and total disabling, so that they cannot be used by human “elites” and races in control to move inside of it from one point of the planet to another.

– Elimination of all energy supply routes to these tunnels and communication systems so that they are completely closed forever.

– Restoration in the entire atmosphere of the protective layers and levels of atmospheric safety eliminating the chemtrails and nanotechnology dispersed throughout the planet.

– Energy cleanup of all the seas, rivers, waters and oceans of the planet.

– Dispersion of storms, rains, gales and other atmospheric phenomena that are not in accordance with the greater good of the conscious life present in the different parts of the terrestrial globe.

As can you see, these projects that those beings who care for the planet are starting up, are initially projects at the energy level, not even acting on the physical plane, since restoring and correcting all the damage is a huge task and first you have to work on non-physical levels so that the “solid” levels can at some point be repaired and readjusted.

This operation is of such magnitude that there is not a single elemental on Earth that does not have a mini task within it, and there are no forces of nature that have not been set in motion to be able to assist. Let’s hope that everything is strengthened enough so that we can soon see a more stable situation at the meteorological, physical and energy level throughout the Earth.

A hug,

David Topí


This article has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum menbers, over on the Roundtable. Editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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