Deconstructing the Trigger for a Bad End — David Topi

An important update by David Topi discussing possible upcoming false flag events and how we can help to stop them, as well as an update on recent events in relation to North Korea — all in connection to us improving our consciousness to shift into the highest resonating timeline appropriate for us.


One of the most complicated things to make this work, through trying to help with my articles, and through other means, is the frustration of always being one step behind. I think you may have already noticed that we are at the back, always dismounting or deprogramming what has been done — what they have created and cast into the global consciousness.


It is difficult for the human personality; we see several steps behind at all times regarding plans. If we enter into the nonphysical planes to dismantle something, it’s because it is already nearing completion and about to start to materialize. If we go to deprogram something or make requests to our beings and higher self to block something, it is because we are almost at the limit before “it” begins to run.

We are having no choice but to act in a reactive mode, and that somehow, we have to start changing, and start working proactively and start preventing events, attacks or manipulations, before they take place, and then having to deconstruct them.

So I hope things will change from now on because I intend to try to make more of a difference, with the help of those who assist us and the whole “support team” that each and every one of us is always in on the plans in higher dimensions, who try ad plot to stop things from occurring.

This planet is our board for learning and evolution, or has to be, and we are entitled to co-exist on her as a free race of a system — invisible and powerful — but fragile also like a house of cards. Humanity can be responsible and try to take control of their destiny.

Only a few thousand start with these requests. We put side by side with our higher selves to take things apart, but the critical mass is not measured by the number of people collaborating, but by the amount of energy-intent that we make, therefore, we have done much in the past simply because of those involved as they did so with conviction and intention that things will change.

We’ve removed some things

In the previous article on “how a scenario is removed on the mental plane,” the work was dismantled in the same plane, the scene at the time of its publication was more likely to detonate or be the spark for a fire resulting in a global conflict, which passed through North Korea.

To dismantle the mental plane, then we erase the etheric plane and if you follow the news right now after the Olympic Games in South Korea there are signs of “calm” between the two Koreas and between North Korea and the US. That war scenario now no longer exists, so thanks to everyone’s work, and the work of our higher selves who erased control systems and to stop the start of the next trigger within the same scenario from functioning.

So, now we will try to eliminate that second event that can trigger a catastrophe in the medium term.

When you enter the mental plane of our planet, with the assistance of your higher self (because there is everything there, energetically speaking) are looking for scenarios that are active as future potential for humanity on time line 33, you can see like a movie different events are coexisting in the now and then “fall” energy, the etheric plane.

We have already explained how this works previously in other articles. All these “scenes” that exist, one always has more strength and more “power” for which ends manifesting in the physical plane. The first mind “scene” passed by a North Korean attack on USA and they responded with another, then starting a chain involving other countries put aside to either side.

That’s gone, it’s gone.

The second “scene” most likely is the manifestation of an attack false flag where the same powers in control execute an action, blame a third, and then create a rivalry and a conflict between two actors, powers, countries , etc. That is what has been used in recent decades to generate all kinds of conflicts, since the creation of Al-Qaeda as an excuse to go invading and attacking different parts of the world, such as the creation of Somali pirates to control the Gulf waters Yemen due to the dimensional portals that are in the area, etc.

Well, well, the next catalyst having prepared “mentally” (as plan), and is already in the etheric plane, ie, is close to manifesting, is the killing of a senior American official, the president, and throw the blames Russia.

As you know, right now, for some time, is preparing the world population throwing Russia blame almost everything, so that egregores necessary to have the energy that will launch accusative plans are created. Hence, mental and etheric scenario goes through the beginning of a series of riff-rafes between the two countries, detonates a small conflict, grows in magnitude, and in a year or so it starts to be countries that become part of a side and countries that become part of the other. All this just to time line 33, as mentioned in the previous article, but since 42 is still close enough to be heard and the consequences will be, but not we don’t have to live them.

(Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people.)

So what we’re going to do is to dismantle this. Exactly this. Let’s try to disassemble the etheric plane in an event that has not happened yet, they plan to happen in a few months and hopefully never happen.

What if we succeed? This article will without any material evidence that is true, maybe it is just me making it all and never know if that was real or not plan. What if we do not succeed? Then we will see the consequences, and the “film” on the mental plane itself is now under way in the etheric plane is what you live in a few months.

With this action, we will dismantle all this future conflict?

No, because then look for another trigger, then another, then another. We’re just delaying. But we have no weapon or another way to work right now because literally or awaken the consciousness of 97-98% of all humanity which is on line 33, or come a point where we can no longer delay anything and then line 33 will be on your luck and the manifestation of those events that cause and effect, and general unawareness of our race, have a right or wrong become manifest on the physical plane.

Teamwork in the upper worlds

In order to disassemble this, all the Superiors, I will have to work with in chain and simultaneously. We said that there is a kind of superior rank to all our higher selves that “unite” and connect in a huge “quantum” field of information and coordination — when a few of the higher selves initiate an action of this magnitude, it’s communicated to all higher selves of all human beings incarnating on the planet.

Those who wish to join, without violating any rules of free wills or things like that, they will, because we are not working on the personalities in our energy systems, but we are doing so in the structure of the Earth. So there is no problem that someone has no idea or knowledge of any of this, as if your higher self considers this appropriate to intervene, will intervene, to preserve a little board game where you are incarnating, and if considered not appropriate, will not without any value judgments associated with it.

Therefore, the affirmation is this:

“I request disassembly in the plane the etheric trigger and catalyst most likely being prepared to enable all kinds of conflicts, struggles and wars on the physical plane, dismounting, deleting and deactivating possible false flag attacks that are being developed to cause a confrontation between world powers that allow them to activate other events of greater magnitude. Higher self, ask me to intervene if it deems appropriate without prejudice or harm to me, the part incarnate, protecting me from any consequences for it as long as evolutionary and cosmic rules allow. Thank you.”

We will win in time and we’ll see how they react. Thank you for your participation and hopefully we’ll get lucky and successful. Those you can. Look, by backing this up {connecting} with your higer self, will give you confidence to understand what is being done.

David Topi


This article has been automatically translated from Spanish to English using Google’s translation system, with editorial and lost in translation changes made by Laron (which can be rather time consuming and challenging!). David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

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LaronTo me, Trump is destabilizing the system that the cabal have carefully built up over a very long time. Two points here. First, in my humble opinion the system can't figure out Trump because he thinks and acts like the CEO of a company (he was trained that way). Politicians/the system are used to a different "modus operandi" having had leaders coming basically from their own ranks for more than a century. Having personally been exposed to business Directors, VPs, CFOs, CEOs, etc. I can't stop smiling sometimes when he does or says something and then I watch/listen to the… Read more »


StargazerHeck, with so much vitriole, threats, and calls for violence coming from shattered Clinton supporters and ANTIFA, I'm rather surprised we haven't seen more attempts at his life. I don't doubt that. Many want him dead. Some antifa/Dems/leftists/liberals hate him and they cannot even really state a reason. He's just 'the enemy'. They are just told to hate by the media and so they hate. They are programmed software. Zombies. They are certainly people who want him assassinated. That's my point: Putin/Russia isn't. That's why I do not believe that "anybody" would believe those who try to spin it like… Read more »


SineraOkay, in this thread this was my last attempt to be understood. Now I give up and let go. ;):cool: I get you, Sinera I don't think they'll be able to touch Trump, as I do feel he's protected at a much higher level than 3D. I DO however, feel that the "Deep State" and it's stooges (and I mean that in the most loving way possible) are severely broken at this point. They'll continue to blame everything on the Russians–and you're right, no one will fall for it. It'll just backfire on them instead. It reminds me of the… Read more »


StargazerAnother very interesting part of the book was an account from one of Jeanne's friends. Apparently the friend and Jeanne were quietly praying in church one afternoon and the friend looked over to see that Jeanne had disappeared for just a moment. In her place was a glowing, transparent rainbow. From the account, it appears that Jeanne "slipped" out of the physical and into her "rainbow body". That one passage always amazed me. Here’s the book cover and the page about Jeane disappearing. I mis-spoke about the rainbow though—she was just a light. Still pretty cool though! View attachment 3895… Read more »


Laron , you are right that evolution leads to a point where people no longer want to be warriors. Often times those are the ones who value life even more than others. I have the feeling that the laws of karma on earth are different from the ones in other parts of the universe. What I get is that here the emphasis is on punishment while outside our realm it is more of a responsibility to heal. I doubt karma here has anything to do with justice. It was part of the system of enslavement and it is now being… Read more »


SineraDo you or Carl really understand what I meant or was trying to say? Certainly, what you say makes sense. It may be one of their last efforts (failed) to implement based on desperation. Looking into possible futures can be very hit and miss, and then you have those in power who may have advises doing exactly the same thing, using software like the webbot, or multiple intuitives to gain information for security reasons, and they can already be aware of these things. But for change to take place, it has to be seen first as a possibility, otherwise nothing… Read more »


StargazerIt reminds me of the old 70's Brady Bunch show where middle sister Jan always complaining about her older sister Marcia. She'd say, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" whenever she felt ignored and unloved. Only with this bunch, it's "Russia, Russia, Russia!"

🙂 :)) 😀

In fact, I just found this funny clip on Youtube (Warning: There are a couple of mild cuss words in part of the clip):

A few days ago I saw that one which made me laugh too: