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A couple of days ago Ben Davidson, known for his YouTube channel Suspicious0bservers and as one of the more reliable self-taught experts on space weather, released a one hour video discussing an upcoming pole shift, posing the question if it is imminent.

With his introduction Ben references an article from Berkeley University in California, dated October 2014, which states that scientists believe the reversal could happen within our lifetime.

The fields around the Earth are weakening. We’re also exciting the magnetic dust cloud. Our three primary shields against space energies are disappearing and this increases our venerability to space weather from not only the Sun, but many other sources. This is partly why the weather is changing and more earth changes, such as an increase in volcanic eruptions and large earthquakes, is occurring.

Ben has the ability to present the facts on space weather and earth changes, without letting his personal opinions get in the way, and he’s been doing this for a long time via his YouTube channel, lectures and talks around the USA, as well as interviews and his websites where he presents further data.

In December 2012 I wrote an article about Charles Hapgood’s book, Path of the PoleAlbert Einstein forwarded and supported the scientific theory by Professor Charles Hapgood which showed how earth’s poles have flipped positions multiple times before, including the prediction of future shifts on Earth. The two of them had around two hundred pages of correspondence when Hapgood was putting his book together. You can find my article about the book here.

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Laronscientists believe the reversal could happen within our lifetime.

From what I read at other forums many people confuse magnetic pole reversal with a physical pole reversal. While a magnetic pole reversal like the one scientists are describing would create many disruptions and adjustments, we would recover and move forward. A physical reversal -much fear mongering from some arguing this point- would be most likely a civilization ending scenario.