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A free edition of the North Star Newsletter — March 9 2018:- Earth Changes Review. The Great Conveyor Belt. Weather in Europe – And the US. Flooding (US – Farmers In Trouble; Crop Losses). Massive Earthquakes. Ring Of Fire Heats Up. Seven Supervolcanoes. New Zealand M8.0 Simulation. The Advice Of A Master – Ramtha.


Michael Knight - North StayWhile there is good reason to stay abreast of the “Q” memos (see them here) that point to major changes occurring on an almost daily basis (such as North Korea now being willing to discuss giving up its nuclear ambitions, and the likely release of a video that will be extremely damaging to the Clintons and the Deep State) recent news headlines from around the world indicate that the Earth itself is continuing to change in quite dramatic ways.

This article is therefore focused on those changes, and includes a number of short videos that provide some visual references in relation to what Ramtha has said.

All of these changes were forecast by Ramtha a long time ago.

Ramtha :– “The melting of the polar caps, the hole in the stratum, and the warming up in the next four years will be much quicker than your scientists will tell you.

The melting of the great caps of snow is already occurring, which will raise the water level to two hundred feet.” – Ramtha, November 14, 1987. Excerpt from: Ramtha, Update on Changes — Seattle, and Ramtha, Last Waltz of the Tyrants. The Prophecy Revisited. JZK Publishing, 2009.

Almost no-one could have believed that prophecy back then ago – that water levels around the world could rise by as much as 200 feet.

Perhaps because there was no real time frame associated with that prophecy, it was easy enough to dismiss it as something that could take hundreds of years, rather than happening overnight.

But it is happening – along with other events that are occurring with unprecedented frequency, as the following news headlines and articles confirm.

There are too many to go into detail on, but each has a link that you can follow if you choose.

Sea Level Rise Will Rapidly Worsen Coastal Flooding in Coming Decades, NOAA Warns

InsideClimate News – “Even under the more moderate scenarios, however, flooding could still be worse than NOAA projects in some places. Land is sinking across many coastal areas, and while broader regional rates are generally well known and incorporated into sea level rise estimates—it’s part of why the Northeast is …”

Subsidence combined with sea level rise around San Francisco Bay doubles flood-risk area

Science Daily :– Hazard maps use estimated sea level rise due to climate change to determine flooding risk for today’s shoreline, but don’t take into account that some land is sinking. A precise study of subsidence around San Francisco Bay shows that for conservative estimates of sea level rise, twice the area is in …

Risk of Coastal Flooding Badly Underestimated Because Models Forgot Sinking Cities – Haaretz

Sinking ground in San Francisco Bay will worsen flooding from rising sea levels – Arizona State University

Today’s storm surge is tomorrow’s high tide, new report predicts

CNN: “That rise has been measured by NOAA’s array of tide gauges that line every coast of the US mainland and territories including Alaska, Hawaii, and Pacific and Caribbean islands. Examples of this storm-free flooding happening now include the “King-tide” floods in Miami and Charleston, which clog …”

The Great Conveyor Belt

Ramtha also spoke of the Atlantic current – that great conveyor belt that has been responsible for the relatively mild climate in much of Europe – saying that it was in the process of slowing down.

He even said that scientists were aware that it was down to half of its usual capacity.

Ramtha on European weather changes due to rapid ice melt
– “It is no coincidence being in London in the very place that will soon be covered with ice — not a lot of ice but enough to say this is a knock on your door — that after I left [September, 2010] , scientists make this breakthrough explanation that the current belt that brings that warm water up to the Far North of Europe and to the Atlantic seaboard is less now than half of its ability.
“More cold water from the melting of Greenland is sloughing off in the North Sea, and the winds from the North that are cooling down everything could stop this current conveyor belt.

And do you know what happens when it stops? You have winter in the most severe ways. That is already under way.
“To all of Europe — including right down to the ankle of Italy — an ice is coming, a warning is coming.

That nasty little environment will start to show itself only slightly this winter, so look for strange ice storms in Europe and the American north, and even look for them around the equator.
“So what we have is an introduction to the violence of nature, a calling card.

2011 will be all about calling cards all over the world.” – Ramtha, Afternoon Live Stream from Yelm, October 9, 2010.

Weather In Europe

( … “right down to the ankle of Italy” …)

Snow falls in Rome for the first time in 26 YEARS as -36c temperatures across eastern Europe send death toll to 150

  • Capital of Italy usually has moderate temperatures but Colosseum is closed over ice fears
  • Military on alert in the UK as temperatures drop and heavy snow fall is predicted
  • Over 11,000 villagers in Serbia remain trapped by heavy snow and blizzards
  • Temperatures across eastern Europe plummet to -30c amid fears of more deaths
  • Death toll in Ukraine now stands at 101, with 38 people being killed by cold last night

Flooding amid rain and melting snow

BBC News:- “Persistent rain and melting snow have caused flooding across the country, as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) issued multiple alerts. Police have warned that there is severe flooding on the A92 between Dundee and Montrose. Two flood warnings and eight flood alerts have been …”

A tale of two Britains:

Daily Mail UK:- “Snow blankets the North as ‘Pest from the West’ brings thunder and gales this weekend but it’ll be spring in the South and even hotter than the French Riviera …”

[The Daily Mail has some beautiful pictures for these stories by the way – MK].
Through the winter, throughout Europe and into Russia, there have been extremely severe storms and record cold spells that have killed many people.

Ramtha in 2006 on upper Atlantic issues
“Now your world is in trouble.

Your icecaps are melting.

The North Pole’s icecaps are melting and when all that cold water enters Greenland in the upper Atlantic, the flow of warm water will cease in Atlatia and in a short time you are going to have catastrophic conditions in the world.” – Ramtha, November 20, 2006. Excerpt from: Ramtha in Mexico.

Weather In America

This is a report from March 3 – just six days ago.

“A powerful storm will pound the Northeast with drenching rain, howling winds and surging waves for a second day Saturday. The nor’easter has already killed at least five people, prompted the cancellation of more than 3,300 flights, snarled ground traffic and knocked out power to 900,000 customers – with more than 400,000 of them in Massachusetts. Twenty-two million people were under a coastal flooding warning as of Friday.”

The following screen-capture makes two points, the first being that much of the northern US east coast continues to be ravaged by late winter storms.

The second point, as an aside, is that the mainstream media outlets work in lockstep with each other so they’re all on the same (very same) page with whatever the narrative of the day might be.

We’ll pick the CNN link because they surely can’t do fake news on a subject like this.

(CNN):- A nor’easter that left at least one person dead in the Northeast has mostly passed but hundreds of thousands of homes remain without electricity Friday.

“More than 530,000 customers are without power along the East Coast from Virginia to Maine after the region’s second major storm in a week whipped the area with heavy snow and stiff winds, downing power lines and leaving precarious road conditions.

“While the Northeast digs out of this latest mess, forecasters are looking for signs that another coastal storm could form in days.”

[The associated short videos are actually worth watching because they do illustrate exactly how severe the weather is in that part of the world. – MK].

This Satellite View of the Snowstorm Battering Northeastern US Is Just Mesmerizing :– “Check out these convective clouds: NOAA’s #GOESEast satellite got a nice close-up of today’s #noreaster bringing heavy snow (and #thundersnow) to the Northeast U.S.,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wrote in a Twitter post. NOAA oversees the GOES-East satellite .

Strange – A Look at the Record Setting Temperatures of Last Month in the East

Weather Nation : High temperatures across the United States on February 21, 2018 according to data from NOAA’s Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA). Summer-like temperatures were observed across the eastern United States, while the western half of the country observed below-average temperatures. NOAA ..


As the spring melt arrives in those parts of the US blanketed by snow, flooding can be expected – but to what degree of severity has yet to be known.

Crop losses have occurred in the past, and are likely to happen this year as well, which means further rising food prices.

But it could also mean the end of the road for some farmers, considering the fact that disaster relief loans are exactly that – a loan that has to be repaid, which may be impossible for those who are already up to their eyeballs in debt.

USDA Announces a Near-Record Year for Farm Loans

WASHINGTON, Jan. 19, 2018 – “The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) today announced another year of high activity in its farm loan programs. Hard-working farm families across the country accessed nearly $6 billion in new credit, either directly or guaranteed through commercial lenders in 2017. At year end, FSA was assisting more than 120,000 family farmers with loans totaling just over $25 billion.”

Support for Indiana customers affected by recent flooding

Grange Insurance :- Due to severe weather in Indiana, the Indiana Department of Insurance (DOI) has issued Bulletin No. 241, requesting insurance carriers to give policyholders who were directly impacted by recent flooding — occurring during the period of February 15, 2018 to February 25, 2018 — up to 60 days to pay

Massachusetts town hit with coastal flooding after winter storm “Houses were evacuated and roads were closed in Hull, Massachusetts, after a nor’easter, called Winter Storm Riley, flooded the coastal area on March 6. In the video, a crew attempts to unblock a headwall to drain the area before the next storm arrives
and increases the flooding. “The flooding is so bad …” :– Your home or business might’ve been flooded with feces without the Mill Creek Barrier Dam and the 10 people who successfully kept it running during the 2018 flood. “It is without a doubt one of the city’s most critical pieces of infrastructure,” said Eric Saylor, City of Cincinnati’s Stormwater Management

Outside America.

Congo: Heavy rain and flooding March 3-7

GardaWorld : “Significant flooding and infrastructure damage has been reported in parts of Congo since Saturday, March 3, due to recent heavy rains. On a separate note, while Congo remains relatively safe, certain Western governments advise against nonessential travel to Pool department as well as within 50 km (30 mi) of the Central African Republic border, where separatist groups and criminal organizations are active.”

Flooding affecting supply of water to northern Trinidad

cnc3 :– The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is advising customers in North, Central and South Trinidad served by the Caroni Water Treatment Plant, who are currently experiencing low water pressures or in some cases no water that, this is due to reduced production at the plant, caused by flooding at the ..

Water Shortages

Durban  (2016) – Supplies of water to Durban will be reduced as authorities attempt to reduce water consumption amid a drought that has seen the province’s dams drop to precariously low levels.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — (January 9 2018) –  Surrounded by beautiful stretches of ocean, it’s hard to believe Cape Town could become the first major city in the world to run out of water.
Ominously named “day zero,” April 21 – 92 days from today – is when the taps will be turned off.

Massive Earthquakes

Ramtha:- “Ancient places will come alive.

Ancient volcanoes are like slumbering tigers this moment.

It is not to get rid of you but rather to heal what you have done.

In this effort, the Earth is moving on all of its zippers from now to the end of your century and you will see a radical increase in their activity.” – Ramtha, Last Waltz Of The Tyrants, p 78.

The frequency and severity of earthquakes in the upper magnitudes has clearly continued to increase since the end of the 20th century as this chart of just one day’s events in the region of Papua New Guinea clearly illustrates.

Taron, Papua New Guinea

Mar 08 17:39


Taron, Papua New Guinea

Mar 08 17:39


New Ireland Region,

Mar 08 17:39


New Ireland Region, P.n.g.

Mar 08 17:39



The Ring Of Fire

First, a personal expectation – which is not exactly a prediction – before we proceed.

The propaganda mainstream media is on its last legs, and Internet sites such as Infowars, which already has millions of viewers, will be the next major information source – outside the control of the Deep State and its allied corporations such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

A petition for an Internet Bill of Rights to be enacted by Congress and which would guarantee free speech and privacy and regulate the corporations is right now seeking signatures on the White House website. You can sign it here.

That said – the following Infowars video about the Ring of Fire, though it might have been recorded some years ago, is a timely example of what we might expect from Mother Nature as these Earth Changes continue to ramp up.

It opens with the words “The Big One is lurking out there in the Pacific. And it has given plenty of warning. A flurry of increased activity and intensity has awakened the Ring of Fire.” (Click To View – Dur 5:25)

After that, you might like to take a few minutes to check out what would happen in a M9.0 – or in the case of New Zealand, a M8.0 – earthquake, and ask yourself whether it’s worth doing something to be prepared for such an eventuality (or should that be, “inevitability,” which I considered to be the case before leaving that country – MK).

Click to Watch – Dur 3:41

Seven Super-volcanoes

The Yellowstone Super Volcano in the United States gets a lot of attention because of ongoing earthquake swarms, and is therefore considered by many to be the one major caldera most likely to blow next.

Although Yellowstone is not mentioned specifically in Ramtha’s book, UFOs And The Nature Of Reality, one might hope that the below images indicate a degree of benevolent interest in that huge caldera.

The following video takes a tour of the world’s seven super-volcanoes, with the Long Valley Caldera in California coming in at number two, just behind Yellowstone. If it was a horse race, I suppose you could say they’re neck and neck, and if Long Valley comes in first, which it could very well do, it would certainly be the finish line for millions in California.

Seven Super-volcanoes Video

The Advice of a Master, Ramtha

One should not live in the cities.  One should not live in the cities, for in the days to come not only are the plagues to run rampant, and not only shall it be in their water system, but when that which is called a drought comes forth, there will be murderers on the street who will rob your cupboards and slay you nigh for only a sliver of bread, for they are dangerous places indeed.

So if can you not move to the western sphere, it is imperative, I urge you, to move out of your cities and seek you a place that has high land.  And if the land is only large enough to support an elaborate lawn and flowers, dig it up and plant food.”

To wherever you live I advise you in that area with great wisdom and understanding to be prudent, to find your water source and test it. Do not take for granted anything. Become sovereign.  Know your own progress. Know what you are doing.”

The grandest of places to live is that which is called the northwestern sphere, for I have sent many people there, for even in the drought there shall come the rains.  And there, because of the temperatures of the current that flows into that area, they will be pure.

There is no poison that has fallen to rot away that which is called the forever green, and the fishes still climb wildly up the streams, and the bushes and brambles still produce their delicious, succulent berries, and the woods are wild and free with unlimited game for food source.  There you can drink the water out of the ground, put your head to a stream and wash it, and it is the purest water there is.”
— Ramtha, May 1986. (Excerpt from: Change — The Days to Come, May 17-18, 1986. Ramtha Dialogues®. Copyright © 2005 JZ Knight)


copyright 2018 North Star Publishing Inc

About the Author
Michael Knight (no relation to Ramtha’s channel, JZ Knight) started his international journalism career in New Zealand in 1960. He has been a student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) since 1988 and now lives in Washington state. USA. He is president of North Star Publishing Inc, and Editor of the weekly subscription-based North Star Newsletter. Michael Knight is also author of the new book, President Trump And The New World Order: The Ramtha Trump Prophecy (Kindle Edition Print Edition).

Reprinted with permission. Some of the contents of this article are based on Ramtha Dialogues®, a series of magnetic recordings registered with the United States Copyright Office, and books published by JZK Inc, used by the author with permission from JZ Knight and JZK, Inc. For more information about Ramtha’s teachings contact: Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, PO Box 1210, Yelm, WA 98597, USA.

For further earth change discussion, head on over to transients’ community forum, The Roundtable.

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I think this was a helpful post to get updated on the current times with the earth changes.


I found it intriguing to play with the ideas and compare them to other forecasts.