Transfer of mental scenarios to the etheric plane


Transfer of mental scenarios to the etheric plane

We had left the situation of the mental plane explaining that it was close to creating a common macro scenario for the entire planet, and in the final moments of its octave, to “lower” and begin to create in the etheric plane.

Well, that has already started to happen. In these moments, as we said in the last article that the etheric realities of line 33 and line 42 have already begun subtly and gradually to separate, also two mental scenarios, one for line 42 and another for line 33 have begun to manifest in the etheric plane and, at some time, we will see them manifested in the physical plane. These two scenarios are different, similar in substratum, but different enough so that those who are connected to a line, and attuning to their predominant reality, perceive and live a series of events and, those tuned to the other, live slightly different ones, aligned with the frequency and vibration of the line to which they correspond.

In these moments, at a macro level there is not much we can do anymore. We can not dismantle these scenarios because they have a lot of power and there is not a critical mass of humanity that is working with enough constancy to continuously dismantle what the races and those in control are creating. There is still a huge part of the population, almost total, incredulous before these processes of how to create the reality that we all share, and that means that you do not want to take responsibility for participating in reversing it.

But everything is according to the situation of each one and everything is according to the evolutionary level of each person, so there is no value judgment associated with this situation, but rather understand that we have much work to do to be able to control and be able to manifest the “destiny” that we would like among all.

In any case, at the individual level things are radically different. Each person is responsible for what they live and experience, so at the individual level each person can move between the different realities present in the physical-etheric-mental levels at this time and go out and escape those that are more negative and harmful, something that you already have explained in the articles of the last months, and that I am conscious that is giving good results for many of you, at least for the received feedback. Thus, as we progressively climb into higher levels within a time line or another, we release part of the programs, blocks and charges that tune and bind us with denser frequencies and realities,

So we enter a phase where the etheric plane begins to crystallize two macro scenarios superimposed on the same reality and the same physical plane, which will begin to have its “tangible” manifestation in the coming months, once it has completed this consolidation of the etheric structures and the events to come.

This article has been automatically translated from Spanish to English using Google’s translation system, with editorial changes made by Laron (which can be rather time consuming and challening!). David has given direct permission to share his articles in English.

VIADavid Topi
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