The partial Sun eclipse (new moon) happens in three days in Aquarius, which is a brand new beginning for Aquarian sunsigns.

For Leos it’s a new start in how they relate to others as well as for their relationships.

Being an eclipse it will have a bit of a twist no doubt which many are feeling already.

This applies also to people with Leo or Aquarius ascending, and for those with the signs on their Midheaven or IC where there could be some big changes happening in career and in their homes.

The same applies to a degree at least for Aquarius moon, or having planets on the same degree as the eclipse, which is 27 degrees and 7 minutes.

I am happy that this is trine to my Jupiter and my North node, so will be buying a lotto ticket in the next day or so. Aquarius is my money sign.

As it’s also the beginning of the Chinese new year it’s always a an important new moon at this time of year with many new energies coming in for all of us.

So make the most of this one as it approaches, and make your new affirmations for the year ahead when it’s a bit closer, as they are every bit as powerful as the ones we make on the 31st December. Write them down to give them more power and light a candle near them on the day. (Try not to burn the house down!)

The aspects around the eclipse are not too dramatic but being an eclipse, it acts a bit like an aspect of Uranus to the sun would, with its sudden events and twists and turns.

Eclipses naturally bring world events politically as they affect world leaders, and also they always bring extreme weather. Currently there is a cyclone devastating Pacific Islands, Tonga especially right now.

There have also been some major air disasters as this eclipse is about aviation and I do not travel by air myself if I can help it, on or near any eclipse.

Whatever it brings us in areas of shocks or separations this is still a new beginning, and carries some powerful energies for us all, so wherever it falls in your birth chart – that is where you will feel it the most.

For me it is my money zone but I am not sure how it will play out.

It’s also about my own self image and I did change my hair colour already for the first time in years.

Today Vesta in Sag is conjunct the Great Attractor which is out in the general direction of Centaurus, a massive galactic anomaly that no one really understands, but it is a dynamic and huge influence on our lives.

It is not a black hole, and is an anomaly that is retreating from us at enormous velocity. At the same time it exudes an extreme ultraviolet energy coming from the other end of the light spectrum, giving it an appearance of approaching rather than retreating.

Vesta in contact with this phenomena is warning us today to keep our emotional and mental boundaries strong and resist anything or anyone that is trying to draw us into something that doesn’t feel right. This might mean a relationship, a new belief system or anything at all, so we need to keep our own power intact and not be drawn into something that could take us over in an obsessive way.

There is a reminder that anything we do – we should do due to our own free will only, and if there is a temptation then we have the power to discriminate between what to believe in and follow up on and what to reject.

Neptune also squares Vesta today with the same message, so it’s a very prominent factor in the lives of Sagittarians and Pisces in particular today.

It’s a time to strengthen our spiritual boundaries and psychic shields against unknown forces , and trust in our intuition and gut instincts more than usual.

Having said that sometimes things are taken out of our hands by eclipses and in that case we do the best we can and accept those things we cannot change, such as an act of God !

Tomorrow Mercury in Aquarius will square Jupiter in Scorpio encouraging us to stretch our brains, expand our thinking and look at the bigger picture in ways that allow us much more scope in the way we communicate, and what we are willing to learn.

Jupiter in Scorpio is encouraging us to dig deep and find the hidden places in our psyches that we haven’t explored for a while, and Mercury is encouraging us to use our knowledge for the good of humanity, or within our community, or in groups or causes if we can.

Geminis and Virgos, Aquarians and Scorpios will benefit from this aspect, also Sagis.

This is a time for speaking our truths and not holding back if we have been bottling up a few feelings or holding back on our ideas or opinions

But we should make sure that we are willing to be responsible for the consequences of what we expound on.

There could be a lot of family secrets or old stuff coming up tomorrow with the Sun conjunct Juno, skeletons leaping out of cupboards for many of us, but some may be friendly at least.

But it is a time to explore unusual possibilities and use a different approach to usual for all of us at this time, as if we do what we always do, we get what we always get.

It’s time for a different approach, as if we change the way we react to the things that usually push our buttons with loved ones, then they also are forced to change also. This of course takes some effort and is not as easy as we think, but Aquarius is all about fairness and change and equality, and with this eclipse coming, there’s a chance that if we don’t make the changes needed in any area of life, then our own higher self could conjure up an eclipse situation that will do it for us.

So its best to be ready. This is the message coming in loud and clear from the heavens right now.


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You can find astrological discussions over on transients’ community forum, The Roundtable

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