Multilevel Programming-Eliminating Mental Reprogramming Routines


Multilevel programming-eliminating mental reprogramming routines

In one of the last articles we said:

There is still a huge part of the population, almost total, incredulous before these processes of how the reality we all share is created, and that means that you do not want to take responsibility for participating in reversing it. But everything is according to the situation of each one and everything is according to the evolutionary level of each person, so there is no value judgment associated with this situation, but rather the verification that we have much work to do, no matter what the level of humanity is at, to be able to control and be able to manifest the “destiny” that we would like among all.

The deprogramming that we have done so far, in the previous months, and that you have already, I hope, completed, has eliminated a small part of all these protection systems that prevent us from accessing the potential and knowledge that we have within us, which prevent us from modifying at will certain patterns and programs that govern what we “emit”, and that continue to keep us confused, lethargic and unbelieving.

Since this first layer of deprogramming is not enough to recover that potential and latent capacities that allow us to understand what we have explained about the situation of macro scenarios and time lines, we will try to go to a lower level, or deeper, to deprogram other “level 2” routines that can give us a little more freedom and control over our mind and psyche.

Multilevel programming

Both the mental spheres and the mental body have multiple levels of programs that have been built on the original basis of the mind possessed by those pre-homo sapiens.This means that, simply by going about deprogramming and removing “software” from the psyche, what we do is to recover the original structure we had before the genetic manipulations suffered, with their corresponding energetic and mental manipulations.

In this way, a person who had deprogrammed 100% of those levels of programs, patterns and archetypes of his mind, which we will now explain, would come closer and closer to managing reality, both the creation and the decoding of it, to how our psyche worked before the manipulation suffered, because simply Anunnakis and the rest of the races that participated in it built on the energetic and mental basis that we already had the rest of the programming to manipulate and submit.

The elimination and total deprogramming would make the interaction with the natural and energetic environment on the planet more direct, as well as the connection with our Higher Self and deeper parts of each one of us, because what there are are ceilings, archetypes, protections and programs over the natural connections and original structures that we possess, buried under thousands of programs, hundreds of them with the purpose of protecting our psyche from unauthorized manipulations, some of them, even, made with artificial intelligence and, therefore, conscious, or self-conscious.

In any case, all are subordinated to the ego program and, with this, they also have limited power and potential for action.

Thus, the human mind, the mental spheres, have more than 50 levels of programming, and the routines that we have eliminated, those that you have done these months ago, belong to the first three levels of it. Now let’s dig a little deeper and we will continue to remove junk programs that only obstruct the vision of reality, the understanding of it, and obfuscate the personality to continue as asleep and stunned as possible throughout his life.

Routine reprogramming and recovery of lost programs

The first thing that we are going to remove, whoever wishes it, following the guidelines and rhythms of their Higher Self, is a routine that recomposes after a certain time part of what we have removed. How is this? Has not everything that I have eliminated served? No, it has served much, but we have programs that try to replace what is detected that is missing, joining other pieces of mental software for it.

Thus, if a few months ago we eliminated, for example, the program that creates confusion in the mind, reprogramming routines seek to make up for its lack by executing in its place other programs that do similar things, not the same, but with similar effects. For example, the distracted I is activated more often, activating overwhelming programs when it can not be activated, because it is no longer there, the confusion program, activates the program of disbelief or doubt before a knowledge or action when it can no longer be activated. confusion about this knowledge, etc. This means that, without being able to recompose the routine that we have eliminated, similar things can be activated that will cause us more or less equal sensations and with a more or less similar effect.

To eliminate these routines, which belong to level 1, 2 and 3 of the belief system of the human being (there are similar routines in the lower levels but we can not eliminate them now because we have to work layer by layer), we will use the following request, in successive passes, until our higher self confirms the total elimination of them:

I request that all reprogramming and recovery routines of eliminated programs of levels 1, 2 and 3 of my mental spheres be deleted and deprogrammed, completely erasing the programs of these levels that block them and protect them. I request to deactivate the archetypes and programs of level 1, 2 and 3 that work in the recovery and reprogramming of what I eliminate, preventing that similar routines can be executed again to make up for their lack. Thank you.

With this, what we remove, for now, can no longer be replaced with similar things.

Routine of disbelief and doubt programs

Due to the scientific and religious archetypes that predominate in almost all people, a large part of the population only believes and accepts in its belief system that which is dictated by matter, science and what is “measurable”, and other part accepts only what is associated with religions and belief systems, from the oldest to the most “new era”, and a mixture of both at the same time according to the subject in question. This means that, if not on the one hand, on the other hand, we practically reject everything that could go against what was established by one of the two sides or by a mixture of them. The good thing is that both archetypes execute the same routines and programs when they do not want something that goes against their programming and acceptable parameters to enter the belief system,the world is only what can be touched or measured “as” the world is only what the god or teacher on duty says “, they will have it a little more complicated (their programming) to generate blockages that hinder the awakening and activation of the part more “natural”, elevated, internal and original of each and every one of us.

Routines of disbelief and doubt also belong to several levels of the psyche, so now we will be able to eliminate only those of levels 1, 2 and 3, which are the ones we are working on and for which we have to start. They are programmed in the mental spheres, in the behavioral pattern, in the artificial consciousness (surface of the sphere of consciousness) and in different sub-layers of the mental body. So you have to remove enough things to eliminate them completely, using this:

“I request that the routines of disbelief and doubt present in my mental spheres, in my mental body, in my sphere of consciousness, in my artificial consciousness, in my behavioral pattern and in every point of my psychic structure be erased, eliminated and deprogrammed, and energetic where they are present, programmed and connected. I request that the Yos (not sure what this word is — Laron) and subpersonalities associated with disbelief and doubt be erased, erasing from the egoic center the parameters that allow them to be reconstructed and erasing the programs that facilitate their new appearance “.

I hope that we can take one more step, there are still many, to cleanse the psyche a bit more and let us get closer, even if only in small increments, to the understanding that the destiny of our world is in our hands, that nothing nor will any external person take responsibility for us, that we are at a critical point, especially in timeline 33, and that we must continue working so as not to lose hope and the possibility of reversing what others pretend to materialize against our greater good common.

This article has been automatically translated from Spanish to English using Google’s translation system, with editorial changes made by Laron (which can be rather time consuming and challening!). David has given direct permission to share his articles in English.

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Hailstones Melt

Thanks, David Topi, but also a big thanks to Laron. These articles are one of my favourites on Transients that I look forward to.


This was a very emotional article for me.


Hailstones MeltThanks, David Topi, but also a big thanks to Laron. These articles are one of my favourites on Transients that I look forward to.

It's good to see David putting these our more frequently. He's had some large gaps of time where nothing has been posted.

He's also started using YouTube, but it's in Spanish of course.