The Darkest Hour & Manifestation


I saw an important movie yesterday, The Darkest Hour, starring Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill when he took over the prime ministership of Britain at the beginning of WWII.

The reason I say the movie is important, is because it shows in this case the way “V for Victory” as an attitude was projected and manifested in the public mind so that Britons resisted the onslaught of German invasion, and found resolve within themselves not to accept an unacceptable outcome.

Winston Churchill was the unlikely person who brought this into being by being able to stand against strong capitulation from within his own political party. According to the film, the King of England at the time (known as “Bertie” but titled King George VI) actually supported his stance against the down-playing and voiced opposition of almost everyone else.

It just struck me that to get the future you want, it is first kindled on the mental plane, then starts manifesting on the etheric plane, then makes its way in physicality to our plane of existence. Things really do “coalesce” before they arrive fully imported through all the channels of manifestation – mood, emotions, weather, blood and bones.

David Topi’s recent article posted on transients talks about exactly this. Now is the time as many of us that can must grasp this concept so that we understand how we really do co-create with our own thinking and projections.

Perhaps get along to the movie if you can — a superb performance by an underrated actor.

Some of us, in the run-up to 2012 and the 5 years since then have experienced what it is like to co-create and manifest aspects of our individual reality, and have seen it when the levers flip, and the outcome lies fully created and existing as reality in our lives. We may not be able to consciously do this all the time, but there is an element of relaxing into it, allowing, and also knowing unwaveringly what would be the highest outcome and good. Not to say that challenge doesn’t follow, and sometimes we co-create a seemingly “good” situation, only to have a “bad” one follow, but taking a step back, we have to learn to see what the essence of the kernel of learning is, in each situation.

Part of this process is the trust in the unknown (the unknown potential of the situation) and that bigger forces than our wee individual walking selves have a hand in arranging the warp and weft of the fabric of existence in the mental and etheric planes, before we see the resulting forms and function in this place. It’s also a matter of imagination – being able to imagine how something could be, even in the face of seemingly heavily weighted oppositional odds.

Being an observer in life, meaning doing everything possible to maintain life to keep body and soul together, but still observing with detachment if possible, allows one to also observe the process of manifestation, how it seemingly just “pops” up into place, but actually was formulating on a plane unseen and unfelt by us for possibly a long time. I have heard that people’s whole living rooms have been envisioned and created in the etheric, before they become manifest in the real bricks and mortar home.

As this way of living happens more and more in the individual life, those moments of hilarious reaction to amazing synchronicities take on an aspect of quiet knowing. No need to react to something which is undoubtedly fulfilling itself the way it needs to, given the circumstances and the intention. Being aware of the synchronicity just shows that you are aware of the process as it is being enabled, formulated and projected.

I am fairly certain there are numerous people reading this who know exactly what I mean.

Here’s all the best to you, and happy days in co-creating what you need and must be/have/do/love. As we relax into this flow and magnificence of creation, I’m pretty sure we are co-creating the path that countless others will follow, into the same dimensions of detached knowing, and sentient creation and compassion for all their fellows.


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That is quite something to get from a movie! I love it<3 especially since it's such a solid historical example that one can bring up in just about any conversation.

Once one gets to that place of when "those moments of hilarious reaction to amazing synchronicities take on an aspect of quiet knowing." the next step would be, in my imagination at least, to learn how to see, feel and hear a person attempting to manifest so as to be able to prompt them with a word or image that enables things to 'pop' back into their place for that individual, and from there allowing the ability to spread more easily.
Imagination and manifestation then ripple out from there. We start to use words and concepts that are either new or used in new ways to talk about how we get things moving, how we get unstuck, how we fine tune the process. There has been quite a few threads on this forum on this topic:cool:

Hailstones MeltI don't think someone can manifest for another. I think that each is empowered to do it, perhaps by example, but mainly by experience and seeing how it works. I agree that it feels like one can only manifest for oneself although we each have our part to play for manifesting for the whole, so both seem true in their own way. Empowering and encouraging folks to get playful enough to try is what I love most. Kids are, as usual, easiest:-D Well, old folks too and anyone who is in that 'what the heck' place due to being displaced from their 'normal' mindset/role/routine/whatever by anything from illness to unexpected time off work. When a big event happens to a society as a whole (watching a rare solar eclipse, a disaster (or potential disaster/warning of potential disaster) of any kind, or what he insurance companies used to like to call 'Acts of God' seem like opportunities to displace mindsets of large groups so that the opportunity to do something entirely new or in a new way. This feels like it might be related to what folks are calling the Event. One of the things that can 'fall into place'… Read more »

I tend to agree that we can manifest for ourselves individually, however, we can too assist others into manifesting as long as we have their consent. An example is healing (manifestation of healthier bodies if the other party has specifically requested assistance -as the healers in this forum can attest to). And yes, there is a backdoor to accomplish opposite effects (using black magic) but I won't discuss the mechanism for obvious reasons. Btw, since the use of that backdoor is not commonly known is an important reason why many politicians, bankers or some public figures for example are still alive nowadays, specially when energies in general are a fever pitch now.

LilaThis feels like it might be related to what folks are calling the Event.

Agree as well. The reason why "The Event" has not been produced yet (even though we may be getting close too) is because the necessary percentage of the world population requesting such drastic/transformative event, consciously or subconsciously, has not reached "critical mass" yet (that is the equivalent to the party requesting assistance of my example above) allowing the ones working towards that outcome (equivalent to the healers) to assist bringing it into manifestation.