An Astrological Update By Neptune’s Magic


An Astrological Update By Neptune's Magic

The planets have been settling us down from the drama of eclipses, or trying to as its still a volatile time, but we do have a chance to draw a breath at least before the next excitement arrives whatever form it comes in.

There are several planetary bodies and points in Aquarius just now including the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Juno, with the South node between the Sun and Mercury acting a little like Saturn and keeping it real, making us aware of the karma around globally and other wise just now.

The strong Aquarian energies do tend to help us think more objectively and not react so emotionally to situations or people that tend to stir us up a bit too much at times.
There is a nice community feel to this sign’s influence that is also very fair even if some strong opinions enter into things.

Having said that there is a little mischief around today as Jupiter and Juno, as Gods and Goddesses whom have been very close as the image suggests, are today not feeling so much intimate love, as there is a challenging aspect between them with an effect of almost competition, which may encourage Juno to let loose with some usually well kept family secrets, or nasty snippets of news, and to venture into new territory with her wily ways.

It may all start out as fun such as a family meeting or gathering but could develop into something a little deeper and darker without care, but there is at least the semblance of having a bit of fun to begin with, so the trick is not to get too serious or “Scorpio vindictive” about it all and keep any family reunions or meetings on a lighthearted level, so then it should be OK.

Jupiter wants Juno to reveal deep dark secrets to the world or each other under cover of a group of gathering of people, so we will see what that means for the world or for us individually today, especially, Scorpios, Sagittarians, and Aquarians too, but anyone could find themselves in a situation today if they say the wrong thing or look at someone the wrong way.

Venus is standing by to sooth ruffled feathers with her quintile to Pallas, the peacemaker at present in Taurus, so the grounded Taurus can save the day, or those who approach life in a more steady and practical way.

Ceres in Leo does like to have a good time and encourages social activities and fun. Today she is trining Vesta in Sag, so the Goddess ladies are keeping an eye on things if Jupiter and Juno go a bit too far in their revelling.

So the moral of the day is to enjoy some fun and laughter with family and friends or old lovers, or strangers, but keep a wary eye on the guests, as you never know whom you may meet who knows more about you than you think, and may spread it around to the crowd which could end in a good old fashioned Hollywood style bar room brawl.
Although that could be fun too and allow us to let off a bit of steam.


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Actually, I feel the strong Aquarian energies are now pointing towards the unexpected in many arenas.


JanneA large EQ in Japan

Haven't seen that, only the one in Taiwan. Yes, something is brewing but I'm looking/hoping for the "black swan" type of event.