Welcome to 2018!

And today is the big full moon.

I am never sure whether to wish people a happy Full moon or not, as sometimes they are happy, but sometimes they definitely are not but they always bring everything to a definite and cathartic peak, so we can see what has been lurking, whether its an emotional matter or physical, as health issues do seem to come out more at a full moon for many people, especially those that have the sun/moon signs strong in their life pattern such as in this case Capricorns and Cancerians, and with this one it’s mainly all about parents, especially mothers, families, children and females relations, but also about the general public as Cancer rules the people.

So this is why I was a bit careful about where I spent new year and who I was with this year.

Issues could arise within families or concerning any of the above, and human error is also a factor at powerful full moons such as this Perigee full moon happening now, but by today the build up of energy should be abating and normal, rational reactions to outside stimuli should in theory not be so intense or as reactive as before.

I have heard of some accidents during new year, and certain people’s words or actions being quite over the top, including specific world leaders, but that is to be expected around this time.

I am sure there have been some wonderful family gatherings and exciting events that have been enjoyable also.

And in checking the Iris world Earthquake monitor, so far things are fairly quiet, but it’s still a few hours to go until Perigee and I live in the country known as the shaky isles myself so I will soon know about it if the earth decides to move during this full moon.

The moon is opposite to 4 bodies in Capricorn today including the Sun of course, and the powerful Saturn, as well as Venus and Pluto, so there are a lot of undercurrents of emotion around and power struggles likely, some very deep and intense feelings being stirred up in relationships and family matters as people fight to keep their security zones intact.

Uranus is about to station in Aries tomorrow, which is sign that is often challenging for Capricorns and Cancerians, and this full moon draws that energy towards it , meaning its in effect already.

So something major is coming to a head for matters in relation to both Government matters, rules and laws, but also for a lot of individuals on how they integrate the past with the present- the old patriarchal rules, with the more liberated new age concepts.

These matters will be revisited during next months eclipses in Aquarius and Leo, which are all about personal needs and wants versus the collective.

But after tomorrow there will be a releasing of tensions for many of us as we shrug off all that has gone before, and held us back from being our true selves, and help to release burdens we have been carrying for too many months now- perhaps since August of 2017.

This prograde motion of Uranus will be welcomed by Arians and Aquarians especially, but also by Capricorns and Cancerians as it happens near their full moon.

It can only be a positive and progressive influence from tomorrow until the new moon in Capricorn, when major decisions can best be made to add structure to our year ahead .

This is all a general influence for us to use the present energies to get rid of what we don’t need, and focus on what is really important for times to come.

Some of we astrologers have mentioned a new world order coming in, and tomorrow is the real beginning of that, for Uranus will be working with Saturn in Capricorn in the months ahead to move to the next stage of the above, preparing to enter a new sign in May which is part of a 7 year cycle for us all..

Today Neptune is in a pleasant, flexible, adaptable, creative and intuitive sextile to the Sun, so this is extremely helpful for us all to see the bigger picture – to look past the full moon foibles and into a new dimensional reality for the times to come.

Pisces and Capricorns, Leos too should feel this most strongly and be able to blend the past with the present in ways that are best suited for their spiritual evolution.
All the other signs can follow suit, as when the Sun is involved in any aspect it’s for all of us to draw on.

The year 2018 is an 11, which is a master number, being an extreme of 2 ,so this means that we can see unity within and put our best effort towards, doing out bit for the planet as well.

It’s a time of blending one aspect of our lives with another, but being an 11 year we can expect some extremes now and again and some challenges, as well as some major breakthroughs and triumphs.

Enjoy the ride people !


You can find additional free astrological based forecasts from Janne via her Neptune’s Magic Facebook page here. Janne also conducts detailed personal readings.

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Thanks for the reading – very uplifting. I've been trying to verbalize how I feel – as if there is a wonderful surprise party, but no else knows about it, yet.


I have not fully decided how I feel about full moons, as some seem to be crazy, others not at all. Still, I am a bit more careful of feelings and decisions around that time.
And, yes, despite lots of craziness around, my feeling continues to be uplifted, and increasingly grounded (which is a relief!)


LilaI have not fully decided how I feel about full moons, as some seem to be crazy, others not at all. Still, I am a bit more careful of feelings and decisions around that time. And, yes, despite lots of craziness around, my feeling continues to be uplifted, and increasingly grounded (which is a relief!) My understanding is that they impact each of us based on our astrological makeup — when and where we were born. Some will be stronger, some won't be. Somewhere someone will have a strong one, somewhere else another person won't. And as to the details… Read more »