Message Sticks — Used by the Indigenous Worldwide


I asked a question of myself yesterday: “What didn’t the aboriginal peoples know?”, for the simple reason that they seemed to have been in tune with cosmic harmonies that we in our cluttered and noise-producing world are struggling to identify, let alone enjoy.

And that reminded me, that I own this pair of message sticks. I originally got them during my first marriage, because our little nuclear family of Mum, Dad and Child could never sit back and let the other person speak. Someone was always interrupting, or asserting their own opinion. It got to be a cacophony, and not only that, I realised that a certain person’s mind was closed, which meant that he couldn’t let anything fresh or new in. It was almost like a veil of protective clothing that he wore. Listening wasn’t real listening. And we both did this: listening in that scenario was waiting for a chance to impose yourself. Our child was picking up bad habits.

Message Sticks

So I hit on the idea of getting the message sticks. When we sat around the table together (and it was suggested that we do so, even for a mere conversation), the person speaking would hold the message stick, and everyone else would take a mental step back, and listen.

Well, the method was supposed to work, and it didn’t, because there wasn’t enough grace, love or determination in that combination of people to let it work. However, if we had really wanted to save our marriage, I think we could have done so, trying this.

Not only aboriginal peoples in Australia, but indigenous peoples all over the world have used this idea of holding the message stick, to ensure communication in the tribe really got to the point of being meaningful.

These sticks can also be used to create rhythmic tapping, to keep a beat, as part of a percussion group.

Now people have their phones in their hands, but is that really communication?

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For some reason this makes me think of a wizard's staff… which can, in popular culture, be used for so many things; from a walking stick to a weapon to a seat of power, etc., often facilitating communication of who a person was by sight before a word was spoken. Much was said by the condition, artwork, additions, etc of the stick that would help a person 'size up' the bearer even from a distance.

I've always loved sticks<3


I thought of them as helping the speaker hone their spoken words, or maybe help channel guidance for what needs to be said. They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


Interesting in how all are pictured in pairs.