Entering the Wave of Light — The Wave of Renaissance | January 7, 2018


The Event

Last night I closed my eyes and saw many stars. I was transported to another dimension and felt myself flying, being taken away from my bed. Then all was white.

It was so white that I could barely see anything. Then I fell in a deep out of body experience that I could not know where I was. It was as if I was completely disconnected from my higher self and all my bodies. It was very unusual. I was taken away at a soul level.

When I was sent back slowly in my physical I began noticing the energy that was running in me.

I began feeling that energy shift in me few days ago coming in little amounts and waves.

From time to time it was intense but not like this morning.

So this morning it was a rush of a burning crystalline energy in my whole body, my hands, arms, legs and all my chakras. It was buzzing and as if I was wired up entirely. My lower back was suddenly hurting yesterday evening and I was feeling very tired.

When the energy rushed in on me from below to my upper body, I felt like a fire running in me. It was a kundalini  re-activation like I never had before.  Then another one came few minutes after the first one.

I could not move from my bed. My whole body was burning and I took some of my crystals that were beside me to recharge them with the energy which helped me so much.

I understood that it is a new shift as I was hearing messages in my body. The light I received was filled with information about this first wave of January, first wave of this year. It actually began coming since December 25, 2017, but that was a preparation for what is coming now.

And YES, the wave is here !

I have been transported in Sirius and the Pleiades during the last night and all I remember from that teleportation was the white bright light. The energy that runs in me today is partly from that out of body experience.

The Channeled Message

A new wave of light is surrounding you now and you are feeling it in different ways. This is the energy of Renaissance for all Light workers, those who have already awakened to their soul mission, and it is a confirmation of their alignement to Alcyon, from where all the waves are sent. 

Source is there.

You are now more than ever part of its Light as its energy flows in a very deep and strong way.

Your bodies are feeling it.

You did not have such energy uploads for so long though you noticed few of them, as the previous ones were different phases in which the energy have been working on you to prepare you to a higher level of consciousness.

You are feeling this new shift in all your chakras because they have been re-activated

So many of you may experience a kundalini activation or Re-Activation now with huge bursts of burning energy flowing from the core of Gaia to your energetic system, opening more your energetic centers and clearing, cleansing all that no more serve your life purpose.

Old Souls, you are here to spread the Light and Love you really are!

The energy flow is exciting, burning and painful in some ways and areas of your bodies.

When the flow is on your base chakra is like fire cleansing you, cleansing and clearing your connection to the crystalline core of Gaia, you will feel ecstasy as your 5th dimensional template is now purer the ever before.

You are being fully activated and you are guided by your iridicent higher self.

Source is in you, you are Source and you are walking on your divine Path of Love.


Give and Receive

Receive and Give

Let these words flow in you as it is the current rhythm and mantra helping you in bringing more balance, more harmony and abundance in your life.

This current wave is taking you on a New Journey. So follow your gut as you are inspired and guided.

The sacred fire sent from the crystalline core of Gaia is now running in your entire being and system. There are tiny particles of crystalline lights coming from higher dimensions and amongst all from  Sirius and the Pleiades.

Before this surprising wave, there was a preparation that lasted for weeks. It was that phase of cleansing that emerged in your bodies at many levels : physical, emotional, and energetic.

You may have felt some of them or most of them, your darkest side were showing up in you, that was the moment you were sent to see the Light within.

Everyone is now feeling this current wave at different levels, in different ways as it si related to your personal awakening.

Being conscious of the process is like being conscious of yourselves, to your bodies and your connection to That Which Is.

The first wave is carrying the New You Are ! Your new hopes and dreams !

So Jump into it, if you see or feel it. Accept it if it is sent in you, and embrace it, because Love is its divine energy.

This kundalini Re-activation you may have experienced is a new wave of unconditional love,

It is now flowing in you and you are feeling it in your healing.

As much as you share it, you will experience more, as it is spread in all those who come and connect to you.

As healers, guides and teachers, you are guided to more insights to help around you !

As you help others, you help yourselves

When you have this energy shift in you, take your time to adjust with it because this wave would awake some old wounds, let them go, and let go of them.

You are navigating the Wave of Renaissance

Grab it and Fly … ” — By The Sirian and Pleiadian New Council of The Light

I met last night during this out of body experience.

Much Love and many blessings to you all.

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