Deconstructing Negative Scenarios on the Mental Plane


Deconstructing Negative Scenarios on the Mental Plane

The holidays have passed and I wish all of you have a great start this year. In this article I assess the impact of the requests made in recent weeks and the situation again at a global and different levels that make up the structure of our planet and our society.

Things have been moving slowly. Time line 42 is around 12 degrees separated from line 33, this means, as we explained in some articles, that if we assign a level of frequency equal to 1 to line 33 , the line 42 at the moment is 12 levels “above” and 12 times higher, which, albeit slowly, we are going apace to separate both realities.

On the other hand, this means that the effort and personal work needs to be done to move online is now 12 times bigger than it was just a few weeks ago when we said that the separation was four degrees or levels.

This process will continue and both lines will separate more and more frequently in the coming months, in a bid to settle. The basis for the start of the etheric separations must begin, possibly sometime year, perhaps midyear, not know — we’ll see.

Complicated scenarios in 33

On the other hand, things on timeline 33 do not look good, despite having destroyed an enormous amount of distribution network energy as we did a lot of work in the previous article, and although thousands of people no longer “stack” for the matrix, and we have canceled millions of contract.

Those in control have the resources to rebuild what was lost, although their plans have been slowed, we should not stop.

This does not mean that we stop closing their doors, as we said, to minimize the tools, techniques and methods that have to manipulate humanity, which, I repeat once again, are looking for us to destroy ourselves.

They have other nurseries and nutrition points elsewhere to supplement what they can lose if we cease to exist. Right now, as we are more a problem than a resource, things have taken a different path. Man can finish himself through adding fuel to the fire in the number of conflict points found throughout the planet.

I am aware that most of you lot are not interested in the news, so manipulated they are, but do not fail to look occasionally at the great geopolitical movements so that you have an idea of where they try to sow the seeds with large-scale conflict.

Right now, and it’s no surprise, either through North Korea, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and elsewhere, “conflict” is trying to find sparks to ignite the flames.

Deconstructing the macro scenario

Well, apart from complicated panorama, we continue doing what we can for these scenarios, now in the process of crystallization on the mental plane, do not end curdling, or do so as late as possible, or do differently.

The process to make something happen on the physical plane we have explained many times, first thing is formed, consolidates and crystallizes on the mental plane, then the whole event, events and happenings, forms with great detail, hence causing within the mental plane many premonitions and dreams where you see things that will happen.

When the stage on the mental plane is crystallized, which it has more weight on them, because there are always multiple alternatives that are both up, down to the etheric plane, ie, is formed in the plane etheric that situation, and then, eventually, if already formed etheric level, ends manifestation in the physical plane.

Here we have several alternatives, as now the predominant mental scenario is the most negative for all of us, where conflicts and armed clashes between various countries detonate and grow exponentially, we can work on this plane before it falls to the etheric, then if not arrived on time, or not dissemble enough, we must do the same in the etheric, because, otherwise, on the physical plane and we cannot stop it.

A risk to keep in mind

This entails a risk, and I think we should not be naive. I have personally suffered what is not written for publishing to the public, and mine, and I accept this responsibility because I consciously chose to.

But there is no one who is not working and helping to “dismantle” this system that is not identified as such, therefore, if one decides to participate in these actions you must be aware that there are millions of beings of different races they can take some kind of retaliation.

This goes in line with what everyone is doing, and try to implement it goes against the structure macro control under which we live, impact the level of responsibility assumed and which is able to move. It is cause and effect.

Protest against a politician or a banking system or any other level of the pyramid or control circles does not cause danger, at least not at this level, try to dismantle the plans of the exo-planetary races who manage the planet, from this point the situation in which we can represent in the form of psychic or energetic attack in the form of mental, emotional or etheric manipulation, as locks of all kinds in reality and life of the person, etc.

We need protection, but always to the level that everyone has “open door” in their energy systems that can be exploited against yourself.

New work request

That said, the next point of action is to dismantle as much as possible, on the mental plane, the stage macro world and nuclear confrontation which we try to bring, again, for now, is only the “mental” event they want us to implement, so, unmount it.

It’s like taking a lego piece from millions of different points of the structure of the mental plane of the planet. What we can say, through our higher self, follows:

I request you remove, delete, transmute and dispel the Source of all components, energy, processes, octaves and maneuvers launched on the mental plane, to crystallize, solidify and materialize in the etheric and physical plane. I request to stop the most negative scenarios of military confrontation on Earth, preventing the structures of these scenarios to be rebuilt easily, completely destroying the pillars, beams and energy carriers that give rise to their foundation. I request the necessary protection so you can run this process under the universal rules of assistance to humanity, and be under the protection of the forces governing the destiny of human beings; I request such forces take care of blocking any attempt to stop, to attack or manipulate and distort my energy structure for being part of this destruction. Thank you.

From here, let’s see what happens. Soon we will report the status of this work as we go running to dismount the macro scenario.

David Topi


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Yes, it is a trick to keep an eye/ear on world events and potential flashpoints without being drawn into the drama.
Thanks for once again bringing my attention to this area.


For those that speak Spanish, David just posted a YouTube video here:

Things are not like books have
Posted on: Sunday 07 January 2018 – 10:26
We begin a new season of collaboration with the DDLA TV program, and here and the first video of the seventh season, exploring the hidden interests control system to deny the true story and historical facts. Enjoy it."

Sometimes they have a translation button on YT but I didn't immediately see it.