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Beyond Qanon

While writing previous articles about Qanon and all the bad stuff that’s happening – leading to the good stuff of the future – I took a break to clean the chimney.

(However, there are some links to recent Qanon articles below, just in case you missed them).

The chimney is a grand construction, built by a craftsman back about 1950.

These days it has a rather modern fireplace insert, but the chimney still needs attention from time to time.

And that’s when I discovered that near the top, inside the bricks, there are a couple of major cracks – obviously caused by an earthquake, although who knows when.

It might have happened when Mt St Helens blew its top back about 1980, or possibly when we had a little M3.0 earthquake a year or so ago that somehow turned our well water a rusty color that now needs constant filtering.

Anyway, one thought led to another, and that resulted in a bit more research this morning on what’s going on with our planet and its global volcanic and earthquake activity, and of course, climate change.

Both are on the increase, with long-dormant volcanoes coming to life, and swarms of earthquakes all over the place.

One site says an average of 10,000 people are killed every year in earthquakes.

About 700 unlucky individuals died in the 1906 San Francisco ‘quake – which didn’t stop Californians from developing a city on a fault line that everybody knows is going to break loose big-time sometime.

While it’s quite natural for those who are aware of Qanon and the winning but dangerous game the president is involved in as he fights for the future life of this country, that’s not the only fight for life that’s going on.

Like a tolerant kid who has put up with their assaults and insults for years but has finally been backed into a corner by a group of bullies, then decides its time to come out fighting for his own survival, the planet itself is doing just that.

And Ramtha has certainly had something to say about it.

Fighting For Survival

Ramtha on Earth changes

Ancient places will come alive.

Ancient volcanoes are like slumbering tigers this moment.

It is not to get rid of you but rather to heal what you have done.

In this effort, the Earth is moving on all of its zippers from now to the end of your century and you will see a radical increase in their activity. – Ramtha, Last Waltz Of The Tyrants, p 78.

Nature In Re-Action


If you believe in symbolism and nothing being a coincidence, that couple could be in for some volcanic activity….

Mt Mayon is in an ongoing state of eruption and thousands have been evacuated from a five-mile danger zone.

For brevity, this image from volcanodiscovery.com shows how many volcanoes are erupting at this time.

So we have changes in the earth itself, but also in the weather, everywhere. We’ll mention only two current ones, from opposite sides of the planet.

Climate Changes

Morocco gateway to the Sahara Desert North Africa has nearly 1 million people in danger from temperatures as low as -7° C and heavy snow 
Heavy snow and unusual, extreme cold weather in January has cut off thousands from major transport routes in Morocco’s High and Middle Atlas regions, raising the risk of food shortages and dangerous living conditions for the affected communities. As food supplies dwindle farmers have reported the loss of livestock, prompting a surge in food prices.

Parts of Australia hit by ‘severe’ heatwave with mercury hitting 42 degrees in Adelaide

LARGE parts of the country are in the grips of yet another heatwave, with experts warning the extreme weather could be fatal.

The current heatwave will see the mercury soar well above the average maximum temperature, with unusually humid conditions compounding the already dangerously hot weather.

Earthquakes 101

This 2-minute video using images from that 1906 San Francisco earthquake does a good job of explain the intensity of earthquakes. The only irony is that it finishes with the statement that engineers have learned from past earthquakes, and so they’re now building high-rise complexes – wait for it – on earthquake fault lines.

Each upward number in the earthquake magnitude scale signifies an intensity that is 30 times greater than the one below. So, to keep it simple, where 1 +2=3 in everyday arithmetic, in earthquake intensity terms,1+2 (where 2 is 30 times greater than 1) 1+2 = 31.

To go up the scale, in arithmetic 1+2+3 = 6, but for earthquakes we have to figure it this way:-

An M1, plus an M2 = 31, then we add an M3, which is 30 times more intense than the M2, so we have to multiply 31 by 30, which comes to 930, which means that the M3 is 930 times more powerful than an M 1.0.

Keep doing that until you get to a Magnitude 9.0 and you have an earthquake like the one that devastated Japan in 2011. It killed almost 20,000 people, and crippled the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant – subsequently killing and maiming an uncountable number of fish and other marine life in the Pacific Ocean.

Plus mutations in animal and plant life ever since – with news about the real effects on humans, and the Pacific ocean, being kept under wraps.

Technically speaking, thanks to Wikipedia, “each unit represents a ten-fold difference in the amplitude of the ground shaking, and a 32-fold difference in energy.”

The below image shows we have had 11 M6.0 and greater earthquakes in the last four weeks. There have been literally hundreds, if not thousands of lesser magnitude since the start of the year.

Afterthought – Saving Whales

In contemplating Ramtha’s “Last Word” (below) while compiling this short newsletter, I realized there is a big difference between thinking that to “save the world” you have to do something to “save” its people. That’s an imprint from a religious background in which one is taught to think that Jesus is still (somehow) here, and will “save” us from….whatever… Which, frankly, is a logical inconsistency. If I have free will and make my own choices in life, both good and bad, sinful or saintly, why do I need “saving”?

The realization is that saving the world, is not about saving other people. It’s about saving the planet itself by thinking about one’s contribution to the pollution it is suffering from … and then doing what one can to change those habits.

For instance, Judith and I do our best to remember to take our own reusable shopping bags into the store, and then when they offer us plastic bags I like to decline and say “no, I’d rather save a whale.”

Last Word

“You are not here to save the world, no, because you have been given an opportunity every single day of your life to do that.

“This is going to sting but I want you to hear it. Listen to me.

“Every time you turn on your automobile, you are killing the Earth.

“Every time that you purchase from your marketplace those things in plastic, you are killing the Earth.

“Every time you flush your toilets, you are killing the Earth. Every time you throw away your disposables, you are killing the Earth.

“Does that sting? Is that bringing you home? And you are saying, ‘But what am I to do? This is the way of life.’

Change it, because every day of your life you have an opportunity to change it. –Ramtha, UFOs And The Nature Of Reality, pp 68/69.


National Geographic EQ Video Dur 2:38

Self-Updating World Earthquakes Map

>M6.0 EQs January 2018

Wikipedia re Earthquakes

Volcanic Wedding


Qanon Links – recent articles






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Hailstones Melt

The one about use of plastic bags at the supermarket or smaller delis for packaging up your purchases has always irked me (for at least 40 years) and back in 1989 when living in Germany we carried small fabric shopping bags that folded up into wallet size and had a zip to contain their insides from falling out. The Germans are very innovative! At the same time they were very diligent recyclers, with different containers for green, brown or clear glass. However, I heard their processing centres at that time couldn't keep up with the German Hausfrau's diligent work of… Read more »


Things do seem to be being shaken up! Last week there was a group of skiers who were injured + 1 killed in an avalanche as the volcano they were skiing on erupted: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-23/avalanche-at-japanese-ski-resort-after-volcano-erupts/9353556 Link courtesy Bernie's unspun. Thanks, Bernie<3 This is a book I read years ago: "A Paradise Built in Hell" by Rebecca Solint. It looks at various disasters throughout history (with an American bent) and examines their impact, socially and otherwise. The author brings up the resilience that a disaster can, and often does, bring forward in people and in society. Things that were riddled in beauracracy… Read more »


My family wonders about me because I neither eat, nor buy seafood from the Gulf of Mexico or the North Pacific, which pretty much is all there is around here. Like your daughter, I do miss a good tuna salad sandwich. Recycling, composting, reusable shopping bags – all big issues in our city that wants to move as close to zero waste as possible. Several years ago, the city enacted an ordinance against single use plastic bags. There was a lot of grumbling at first, but everyone pretty much settled into it, and companies started giving away or selling the… Read more »

Hailstones Melt

Our local government (3 levels of government – federal, state, local) brought in differently-sized wheelie bins last year. All residents in this locale now have to manage a colour-coded bin regime – small liter red bin – for general waste – goes out once every week for front verge waste collection. Much bigger liter yellow bin goes out once a fortnight with recycled materials. On the alternate week, a bin as big as the yellow one but with a green lid goes out with green waste. Similar to you, Linda, when this was brought in, I purchased a tall round… Read more »


Hailstones MeltI find that by having my recycling option right at the point where the plastic packaging is being shed (in the kitchen) my general waste has decreased by more than half, and more than this if veg matter goes into the compost. I have found this to be a must for 'buy in' from the family, so we have 3 kitchen garbage bins + responsible parties for each sot that they go outside when full. Our area allows different sized bins for garbage, but you pay more for larger ones as added incentive. Also, recycling + compost get picked… Read more »