Canceling Permits By The Collective Unconscious Races In Control


Earth (Tierra) — Unconscious Collective

We said in the last article that since everything is based on energy, there were two factors needed to remove in order to decrease the chances that they manifest in the physical plane — the military and geopolitical those governing the system of human control intentions. So, stop being batteries for the system and eliminate the distribution networks of this energy. Most of these plans, still in the making mental and etheric level, have been delayed, not canceled, and diminished in potential.

Everything happens for a reason, and when it is perceived that at least a part of the human race takes the reins and action to implement something that goes against your highest good, others listen, and others get involved and help because action is by, albeit tiny part of humanity, to want to reverse, get out, and remove something that is, obviously, a huge network of understanding complicated and confusing as few for those who are inside.

This makes these two previous actions, thousands of people who have been executed, has earned some time, and that gives us room to continue running other things that hopefully give us even longer, and thus more likely to reverse the current path line 33 ahead.

As we said, the line 33 remains as an evolutionary school needed to be the prelude to the line 42 , and therefore, can not and should not suffer greater damage than those that the same human race, without manipulation, could reach cocreate therein. That means it would be a line, a reality where things will go, or would go, like humans connected to it want it to be, but now can hardly be given this situation, because almost everything that happens in the 33 is conditioned by the forces negative exoplanet they manage .

Thus, the next point that will attempt to repair is the ability of self – regeneration which have by themselves the processes we eliminate, since most of these networks can be rebuilt by energy collection equipment “engineers” races Draco and Anunnaki, and can also collect energy processes of people get started again by reconnecting mechanisms thereof. To cut again and again this work loop disconnect, it does not take us anywhere, we have to cancel several things that allow them to return to anchor ourselves to them.

Old Permissions Given

The whole human race is under a huge contract that was made thousands of years ago by those first elites in power, they subject themselves and subjected all mankind from those early beginnings, from generation to generation through the collective unconscious, we have given several permits to regenerate anything that keeps them in our control can return to exist. Remember we talked a few months ago how “the gods of antiquity cling to our collective unconscious” and now it’s time to cut off these anchors and permissions forever.

How can we reverse a such a thing, subjected to all mankind for thousands of generations? Entering the same game and using the same procedure that they used, but in reverse. We will dismantle it in us and we will ask them to break this chain with all those who, consciously or unconsciously, at the level of soul, spirit and higher self, want to. That is, the fact that a person delete it himself through his higher self, and higher self informs the next higher self what he has done and see if you also want to do it, and then that higher self communicates it beyond.

This produces a ripple effect that can delete, in minutes, helping all mankind with these intentions.

The reason why this is allowed now, violating the apparent free will of those who have no knowledge of the subject, wishing not disconnected from the system or simply do not believe in these things, it is given by the immediate superior to all hierarchy our higher self, which includes something like a concept of “universal cosmic field” through which to communicate higher self information system in which embody life.

This unified consciousness field can produce the effect of critical mass, as in humans mentally, if a sufficient number of higher selves run a request for your ingrown parts, the rest do or look doomed to do, like when a sufficient number of people performs an action that influences the collective unconscious of humanity, and all of us are influenced by it because the critical mass of energy required for this is exceeded.

Thus, by executing the following request that I put then at the time when a minimum number of higher selves execute it automatically, does the rest automatically for all mankind (or almost all, because there are people who look human but are not, but are part of the races in mimicked and present among us) control will cancel this.

The only precaution necessary is that if a personality does not wish to engage, ie do not want your personal contract of submission removed, so one must give instruction to his higher self. ie:

I ask my higher self to not delete, reverse or remove my contracts present in my psyche as part of the human race by those who created therm.

Thus allowing the free will of each person remains intact, and higher self executes the order of his incarnated part, not come by “critical mass” of other higher self. Everything always has to be in balance and follow the rules of the game for us, much as the “other side” does not.

Eliminating permits to nurture energy

The permissions that are going to eliminate all who keep us as batteries for this system, and all that allow us to connect to networks that have removed previously, and are these:

I request all permits, contracts and agreements to be reversed, cancelled, and completely eliminated, those made by different races, beings and groups, manipulated or part of the management system of human beings to use me as food energy, as  a supply system and as a means to collect the energy they need. I ask that all permissions given from the first incarnation in which I was subjected to, over space and time, be cancelled and that everything is erased which allows them, without violating my free will, to connect to networks and energy collection systems for the purpose of using my energy for reasons not aligned with my highest good, and express my human potential events, situations, processes and octaves that are not commensurate with the greater good of humanity to which I belong.

Why would I say this, if you are saying that the other sides do not take into account, and do not care about violating our free will to anchor us again and again to their networks absorption and energy accumulation?

Because before they could do this without violating any law, since in our collective unconscious and the unconscious mind of each of us had an open door, and gave permission for us to return to reconnect again and again many times, but now no longer have that permission, will not have it when you say this, and thereafter be subject to the cosmic laws of cause and effect.

We’ll see what effect it has on them, because I am seeing that they are reluctant to become directly involved in our handling or actual destruction, and pretend that we do it ourselves. If we’re closing doors to cut off their control, then they may become involved more directly and then violate a host of cosmic laws, and suffer the consequences, or they start to think twice. Let’s see what happens.

David Topi



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