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We are now pretty much past the Cancerian full moon energy that brought so much to a head for many people, which was a good thing, as it brought us into the year knowing exactly what we don’t want to repeat this time around, and gave clues as to how to get past our weaknesses and procrastination’s of the previous year.

Saturn in his own sign does not want us to repeat past mistakes, and I have mentioned before that this year is about accountability, so we are being encouraged to make sure that we think twice about going ahead with anything unless we are sure we have done all our homework and know what we are getting into.

Saturn helps us to do it right.

Today with the moon in Libra forming a square with Saturn, we are reminded of this gently but firmly.

We are about 3 weeks away from one of the most powerful full moons of the year which is also a total lunar eclipse, and Perigee as well as being a Blue moon which means two full moons in a calendar month, even though its not in the same sign.

Its a triple whammy so if we have got stuck somewhere along the way, this is when we get a good shove in the right direction.

Tomorrow Mercury, still in Sagittarius, (helping Sagis think clearly and logically, and helping Virgos and Geminis reach for the stars) will conjunct the Galactic centre which is astrologically a source of infinite information, which is always available for downloading into the human body/mind.

This means that we can use our forward thinking abilities, our higher mind to call on inspiration and wisdom from beyond, from other dimensional realities to help us on our journey into 2018.

This also means we have to clear old mental data from our neurological circuits to make space for all that is being downloaded from the other 9/10th of our own consciousness which is in tune with the Universal knowledge that we all have access to, and need to utilise much more for the new world we are entering into,

This new information will be there to call on and benefit from in times ahead for up to a year or so.

It’s time to let go of outmoded beliefs and ideas, and to update our knowledge and wisdom.

The aspects tomorrow are many and powerful, including the Suns conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, which could be intense for some but full of strong resolve for others, as we tap into the core of our being, as this aspect will work with Jupiter in Scorpio to help us work out a plan for the year ahead, and work on only what is of the most value to us and to cast all else aside.

This is especially so for Capricorns, and Scorpios, Leos too, but as it involves the life giving Sun, it’s there for us all, and in fact is a kind of rebirth energy for many, that we need to make the most of for the times ahead.

The Sun also sextiles Jupiter giving us the enthusiasm and optimism to dig deep and go for gold.

This also involves all signs who need that boost of positive energy.

Venus will sextile Jupiter as she is with the Sun tomorrow too, and we are in this energy now, speaking of “going for gold” as this is an excellent aspect for anything relating to finances and property matters, income and security, and all that brings us comfort in life.

It’s a very positive time for Taureans and Librans, as well as Capricorns in the few days ahead but extremely cathartic too. But then its the same for us all. And its very good for emotional security as well – for relationships to be renewed.

Venus also conjuncts Pluto tomorrow, so there will be many in depth feelings to explore, a good few days for deep and meaningful conversations if they are needed to clear the air and begin again. This also means letting go if we need to and beginning again.

And as the Moon will oppose Uranus at some stage in the next 48 hours there could be a twist to it all, as we are in powerful times right now. So unexpected changes of direction are very possible for all of us.

Mercury in trine to Pallas Athene will give us the wisdom and guidance from our own higher self, to take all into consideration and handle all of the above in the best way possible.


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