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Questions and answers about changing the timeline (III)

We continue with the last round of the most common questions that usually appear on the issues of changing time lines, which we have been talking about in recent weeks.

How does a family’s collective unconscious influence timelines?

When we said that the level crossing timeline marks the status of the collective unconscious of the family to which we belong, we refer to the “mental” core now has influence on our lives and evolutionary paths.

This means that within the concept of “carnal” family and “earthly ties,” there will be people who have no energy or mental about what we do or do not do influence, and therefore their level of expansion of consciousness and vibrational and evolutionary level has no influence on our own, while others yes it will.

There is no universal rule to define this, as everyone probably knows who depends right now for your day to day to its current evolutionary path, with whom he shares life and a way, and does not have to be someone direct ties blood. However, the collective unconscious interaction is formed from the mental plane of the mental bodies of people who are influenced, detonate and catalyze life experiences together, so as normal, usually, and again is not a rule generally, people who have closer to you at this time in your life and you share it.

To determine in each case that members are part of the collective unconscious that is now important for tuning the line 42, is a question to ask the higher self, with methods, tools or techniques that everyone has to do, and already we have given some indications in the first articles in the series on mental deprogramming.

Is it only the deprogramming we have published enough for a person, anyone is ready for change timeline?

This series of programs and mental burdens we have explained enough for those who are at a level close to the minimum required to pass timeline by our higher self.

If we are at a point in our evolutionary path where we are beyond the understanding, or have a lack of knowledge of this subject, single deprogramming will not be enough. While this may be done, the person won’t understand with which you are connecting to or asking about. They will need to do much more work around evolutionary growth and go deeper along into this incarnation.

Ultimately after all it is the same person but at another level of vibration and consciousness, to pass into a higher timeline in a next incarnation.

It seems that we are here blaming something externally to us, so we say it’s impossible or we can’t do this. We do not realize the fact that the timeline changes or the fact that change takes place on an evolutionary level and is something that only comes when you have done all the work, a lot of work, to help us reach the level required by the destination to which we want to go.

And no matter how long it takes to get there, because if we have not have achieved these evolutionary “requirements” needed in these timelines when we have had to intervene in emergency, as explained in the compilation of previous questions, it is only a matter of continuing to work to move in the direction of that growth and be ready for the next opportunity for change in a future incarnation.

Do you notice something in the “day” among people who are tuned to a mental # 42 reality, and people who are attuned to mental # 33 reality? For example, in an office, with many people in an “extended” family when they meet for any reason, a group of friends — there are profiles of all types?

At first as we have said only they are separating the realities mentally, so only you will notice in the individual circumstances of each person where they are tuned to the line 42 will experience a form of “living”. It will be smoother and simpler than those connected with # 33.

So the bar conversations between friends of different “levels of consciousness” may be like “Hey, you look like everything seems to get worse in the world, everything is going bad  for you, just like it is for me,” or: “no, it seems to me that everything is getting better because this has turned out better than before, because now it seems that life is more fluid, etc. “.

That perception, which now has as someone more optimistic or more pessimistic, at the end will have a real basis of “facts” in the individual reality of the people will increase greatly in the daily life of everyone. So for someone at # 42, gradually improving, in one case, and you can see a “tangible” level in your life, and on the other, at 33, as usual or may worsen, and you will notice a more tangible level — this being the normal manifestation that will occur initially but will go in crescendo, the more the two lines separate.

Now what happens when two people are no longer in tune with the same “ordinary” energy that manage different levels of reality? It happens that, over time, these people and their realities will go away, and those friends and will be less, or not find comfortable being so close together that their personal realities, resonance, they attract to other events, people and situations and are more in line with the timeline in which they find themselves.

Thus, when a meeting is forced by the power of will of the members of a group, there will be greater dissonance the greater the separation of the lines on the mental plane, where are moving apart now.

As we have said, in some years, they will begin to separate the etheric and physical realities, and then, then yes, it is possible that these people are not back together anymore because all levels of reality that unite them are already different “vibrations” to complete.

Hence it has been decided, the forces that manage the steps timeline, that no family be separated. It makes no sense that etheric-physique of those living realities to separate and depend on each other to detonate and complete their evolutionary path.

Does the concept evolve at #33, or evolution in #42, what is the difference?

If you remember any of the diagrams we have published in previous articles, the line 42 goes to the level of reality we have called the matrix 15, 6Hz, denoting the base frequency resonance that will have the reality to which we turn, prelude to a future, but still a very very far leap from “evolutionary course, density, dimension” or as each call that dimensional change of status of humanity.

So the “evolve” in the 42’s the concept of going to a level where a total cleaning of the subtle bodies occurs, complete, activate and work other lessons and learning that are related to the control of personal reality, with care of the planet without any external interference, to be responsible for what we consciously co-create, etc.

In line 33 this is still far away, in fact does not occur, but all the lessons, learning, situations and events that then allow occur, as before, that individually each of us complete the lessons that have outstanding close karmic processes that are still active, sane energy to heal dysfunctions that are preventing it from moving forward, etc.

In the end, School 33 remains the preparatory course for School 42, so you have to pass a minimum of requirements in 33 to ourselves, at the level of YS, whether we pass to matricularnos in the next course. And again, no one is judging anyone, no one label or brand who happens or who does not pass, there is no one external to say about whether or not others, but ourselves, yourself, from your own higher self, is look inward and says: “I still have much work to do” or, “I’m ready to move on.” That’s all, and no one will ask your higher self if correct the decision taken or if you really think your incarnation is ready or not for change. That change, we are deciding each and every one of us right now at other levels of ourselves.

What does it mean that “will allow humanity, naturally, as you manage the reality of line # 33, under conditions where it is now?”

Means no external interference, unless strictly necessary, by those who assist us to correct, stop or limit what the human race choose to do with their own destiny on that line.

This means that if people decide to go unconscious, eyes and attention put into everything that this control system offered with the decision to keep things as they are doing nothing to change to themselves what that ultimately leads to change the consensus reality, which manifest among all those in the 33 is what you live without that nothing prevents literally we end up self-destructing or end up changing the world for the better.

But there will be no intervention, unless danger of destruction for the planet as a living, because even both lines share physical reality, so the physical game board will be protected, safeguarded and care.

Then what humanity manifests will be exclusively what humanity decide to do, at the macro level, with the reality that you co-create, given that neither will prevent races in control continue to maintain power and that the same control as the efforts of those who are “out there” helping, focuses on allowing the line 42 follow your way back to restore the energy balance between all planetary systems affected by the situation on our planet within the macro -system star Alcyone we belong.

What does it mean about #42 no longer reaching races and those who handle the control system on the planet?

I have not gone into detail around the structure of the line 42, as that can be confusing, but in short, the timeline 42 is formed by three levels, as it were, three octaves of seven sub-levels each.

This means that in total, there are 21 sub-realities within the line 42 in which one can be tuned from each subtle body. These levels, from sublevel number 5, are impenetrable by the forces, races and groups in power right now, so that you may be able to view, like a baffle that automatically rejects all being, strength, energy, entity or human being who does not have the level, frequency and level of consciousness necessary to move to the area of “no danger.”

This means that, right now, we’re all jumping from 33 to sublevel 1, 2 or 3, the lowest, line 42, and well, that already indicates that we are on that line, but even at these levels, technology can reach races in control.

Hence, I put the example of getting on the ship’s hold until we sail and we can do energy work and healing and expansion of consciousness to climb to the deck, starting with No. sublevel 5 of line 21.

In any case, this is now irrelevant, the question is to try to make the timeline change with all our subtle bodies, and stay until both lines sufficiently separate from each other, disappear every step beacons, and then it starts, or start the process of moving people from the lower levels to the sub-levels 5 or higher, so that there is no longer any possibility that any of the races or powers in control can reach us .

The first thing that comes into a level is always the spirit of the person, and if not, enters the soul with the first subtle body, causal, hence, once the causal body is seated and firmly attuned to some level of line 42, moves the mental, then the emotional, then the etheric. When the spirit, causal body and mental body of a person are above the sublevel no. 5 from line 42, that person can no longer be practically manipulated in any way mentally, because most of the manipulation that we suffer is run by mental plane, which no longer have access to us.

(Note that this automatically translated article by David was more difficult to understand than usual for editing, and because of the lack of time I decided to just get it published anyway. I’m sure you will see what I mean above. — Laron)

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This one, with the sublevels and the idea that some of the timeline 42 sublevels can still be accessed for interference (ie can have a beautiful reality messed with) but others (that we work toward) not accessible to interference settles some ideas into place for me.


This describes an experience yesterday. I needed to go to a particular store, which is in a high-end retail and residential development. The place is all concrete. After I parked, I decided to make observations. I saw a lot of people who were not smiling and there were few children. There was one mom with her daughter that seemed to be in the same place as me. In the store, I felt I made a connection with one person but not any others. The sales person helping me looked so confused, as if he did not know how to help… Read more »


Interesting Linda, I know how you feel. I wonder if part of what happened there is the beginning of the shift where each are moving to their destiny (for lack of a better word) and can't relate to others anymore.


such a strong thing i had not had until now, but i also like very much beeing in what i am forming as my reality

Hailstones Melt

A TV movie that I would normally think of as “a bit of fluff”, Thirty Something, actually has the subtext of changing timelines. It is perhaps one of the early or first written for public consumption that broaches how it might occur or happen, and what the consequences can be. It came out in 2004, so I wonder who the target audience was? It was interesting that the character who, among other things, was advocating “Fashion Suicide” went seamlessly down the negative timeline, while the primary character who was more “connected” was able to navigate to a timeline that ultimately… Read more »